Pixel 6 vibration intensity

Greetings, Fellow Enthusiasts! AJ (Isamu) at Your Service!

2023.06.08 14:47 Isamu0G Greetings, Fellow Enthusiasts! AJ (Isamu) at Your Service!

Hello, everyone!
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is AJ, but you can also call me Isamu. I'm a passionate 25-year-old individual who finds absolute joy and excitement in the realms of gaming, anime, and manga. It's a pleasure to join this vibrant community of like-minded enthusiasts!
Gaming has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. From the classic console days to the cutting-edge technology of today, I've indulged in a myriad of gaming experiences across various genres. Whether it's immersing myself in epic RPG sagas, challenging my reflexes in fast-paced action games, or unraveling the mysteries of intricate puzzle adventures, I've traversed countless virtual worlds and forged unforgettable memories along the way. The thrill of exploring new landscapes, the excitement of overcoming difficult challenges, and the camaraderie forged through multiplayer adventures have shaped my love for gaming.
My passion for gaming naturally led me to the captivating universe of anime and manga. I find solace and inspiration in the unique artistry and storytelling that these mediums offer. From the emotionally charged narratives to the vibrant characters, there's something truly magical about witnessing these animated worlds come to life. My tastes span across a wide range of genres, allowing me to appreciate the beauty of heartwarming slice-of-life tales, the intensity of action-packed shounen epics, and the depth of complex psychological dramas. Sharing discussions, exploring fan theories, and discovering hidden gems within the anime and manga community has become an integral part of my fandom journey.
Beyond the pixels and pages, I also enjoy exploring the intersections of gaming and anime. From video game adaptations and crossovers to the influence of gaming culture on anime storytelling, the synergy between these two worlds never ceases to fascinate me. Exploring the connections, sharing insights, and engaging in conversations with fellow enthusiasts has become a source of endless inspiration.
As I embark on this new chapter within the community, I am eager to connect with all of you, exchange recommendations, and dive deep into the fascinating realms of gaming, anime, and manga. I look forward to immersing myself in discussions, sharing my thoughts, and being a part of this incredible community.
Thank you for welcoming me into your midst, and let's embark on this exciting journey together!
Warm regards,
AJ (Isamu)
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2023.06.08 14:28 NamillaDK Intense bursts of pain in my head

Female, 40 years old, 5,6", non-smoker, non-drinker. For a few years I've struggled with these intense head aches. They only last 5-30 seconds. It's usually when standing up. Sometimes they're mild and I can continue a conversation, other times I need to sit down and it's very obvious from my facial expression that I'm in pain. Often my head will "bob" in the rhythm of my heartbeat while it lasts (I'm not in control of that) My gp didn't know and referred me to a neurologist. He didn't know and referred me to an mri. It came back clear (of anything that would cause the pain at least). But they are getting worse, sometimes I feel near to fainting. I fear getting one while driving and on days where I have a lot, I don't drive. They are also l happening more frequently. Some days not at all, other days it's 30 times a day.
The scan should have calmed me, but it didn't. I don't know what it is, and I'm scared.
I live in a country with free healthcare, but that also stops me from pursuing an explanation. The gp is gatekeeper and he says "you've had a scan, it didn't show an explanation". I
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2023.06.08 14:24 AnthonySimms How To Use OpenAI’s ChatGPT API In NodeJS

Chatbots have made it possible for us to communicate with machines in ways that our forefathers could never have imagined. They represent one of the best instances of how far artificial intelligence has progressed and has completely changed the way we interact with technology.
What is OpenAI’s ChatGPT?
The large-scale language model ChatGPT was developed by the renowned AI research company OpenAI. On a sizable amount of both structured and unstructured data, it was developed and taught utilizing an unsupervised learning methodology. The creation of a chatbot that can better understand and respond to customers' natural language questions is the main objective of this research and development.
What is NodeJS?
Developers may use JavaScript to create server-side programming thanks to NodeJS. This framework is based on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine, which was created in C++ for lightning-fast performance. Additionally, it has an IO model that is event-driven and non-blocking and is appropriate for real-time and data-intensive applications.
Why Use NodeJS?
  1. Superfast Execution
  2. Real-time Performance
  3. Memory Efficient
  4. Single Language in Frontend and Backend
  5. Node Package Manager
Building a Chatbot in NodeJS with ChatGPT API
  1. Starting with the Imports
  2. Creating an Async Wrapper
  3. Creating the Configuration and API Setup
  4. Setting Chat History
  5. Creating the Chat Loop
  6. Getting User Input
  7. Creating Chat History
  8. Initializing the AI Model
  9. Getting Model’s Response and Adding to History
  10. Ask for Conversation Continuation
Using the OpenAI API, a straightforward chatbot may be created in NodeJS. To make the chatbot even more user-friendly, a frontend can be created using any frontend framework. Hope this is useful! If you run across any problems when building the chatbot, let us know in the comments section below. this is an in-depth article that will help you in getting complete information related to using OpenAI’s ChatGPT API In NodeJS.
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2023.06.08 14:20 thumbfanwe Asking Chat GPT about the repercussions of leaked UFO evidence

I'm presenting to you a fictional scenario. "The US government have just released some information that they have retrieved 12 individual aerial craft, not of human engineering. Some of the craft were found empty, and some were found with non-human bodies. The US has been harbouring this information for the last 100 years and has only just released it due to several whistleblowers going public about the previously secret information. The information proves the existence of intelligent non-human beings either visiting and/or living on planet Earth alongside us." Please can you list the likely repercussions of this information being leaked to the people on Earth?
If such information were to be leaked to the people on Earth, it would likely have several significant repercussions:
  1. Shock and disbelief: The revelation of intelligent non-human beings living or visiting Earth would likely cause a great deal of shock and disbelief among the general population. It would challenge long-held beliefs about the uniqueness of human life and our place in the universe.
  2. Scientific and technological advancements: The knowledge of non-human aerial craft and beings would spur intense scientific research and technological advancements. Scientists would be eager to study these craft and bodies to understand their origins, capabilities, and potential technologies, leading to breakthroughs in various fields.
  3. Social and cultural impact: The discovery of intelligent non-human beings would have profound social and cultural implications. It would force humanity to reevaluate its place in the universe and potentially reshape religious, philosophical, and cultural beliefs. Questions about the nature of life, consciousness, and our relationship with other beings would arise.
  4. Global cooperation and conflict: The revelation could either bring about increased global cooperation as nations come together to understand and respond to this new reality, or it could lead to heightened tensions and conflicts as countries vie for control over the advanced technologies and resources associated with these beings.
  5. Ethical and moral dilemmas: The existence of non-human beings would raise ethical and moral questions. How should we treat them? Should they have the same rights as humans? These dilemmas would require careful consideration and discussion on a global scale.
  6. Economic implications: The discovery could have profound economic implications. New industries and markets would emerge around the study and exploitation of alien technologies. Existing industries, such as aerospace, defense, and tourism, could be transformed.
  7. Psychological and emotional impact: Individuals may experience fear, anxiety, or excitement due to the newfound knowledge. The idea of sharing the planet with intelligent non-human beings could challenge our sense of security and raise concerns about our own survival and the potential impact on our daily lives.
Overall, the release of such information would have far-reaching consequences across scientific, social, cultural, economic, and ethical domains, transforming our understanding of the world and our place within it.
Interested to start a discussion on what people think will be the repercussions of this (potentially) fictional outcome?
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2023.06.08 14:19 Ok_Animator_4570 My story finally being told.

This is the first time I (30 F ) have ever posted to reddit. Buckle up this is going to be rough. As long as I can remember I was afraid of lets call him A for asshole, A has had issues most of his life, as an adult now I see very clearly. He is an abusive narcissist, I am the middle child/black sheep of this trash family. My older sister and younger brother were also victims so was my mother, but she also was an enabler, physically abusive occasionally and neglectful for sure. One night when I was 16 a physical altercation broke out between my parents my mother picked up a knife and held it in front of her to protect her self after he hit her a few times. I was in the room at the time and quickly put myself between the knife and him( even with a weapon in her hand she was not a threat to me at this point ) he looked into my soul with those narc eyes ill never forget the rage I saw and stared right back not breaking eye contact, I yelled and got confrontational with him until he backed down. It was the first time a sharp weapon was in the mix, honestly surprised he didn't try to hit me at this point but I am about as tall as him and would put up a good fight(I am athletic and have previously played travel hockey and rugby..probably saved my life back then tbh needed to vent my anger ). This night single handedly kicked off a series of events that changed my life forever. The next day I called the cops from school, I was broken my friend literally carried me to the guidance office I was so distraught. The abuse had been going on so long I hit breaking point. He was arrested and was not allowed within a certain distance of my mother my sister and I, he never physically(yes just physical) abused my brother so he was allowed contact by the courts. He was forced to move back to his father's house while this restraining order was in place. That spring/summer my mother's only priority was bringing him back. She resented me and became more neglectful, I got the stomach flu during this time my little brother took care of me as I vomited my face off and other unholy things. She walked right by me and said nothing, my brother was only 13 at the time, he has a learning disability which I think is important to note. So the courts granted him the ability to go home after maybe 3 to 4 months and required therapy, a joke imo but another adult would need to be present in the room if I was around. They had no intentions of making that happen, at 16 years old I had to leave my home and for 2 years I couch serfed and was taken in by a few families for short periods of times. I tried living with my sister but she was also one of my abusers and it would fall apart quickly she had no interest in actually caring for me, I was a tool for money and at one point she wanted me to commit fraud, when I didnt comply she abandoned me without a word, I got home and everything but my bed and a few things in my room was gone. She also told the landlord we were moving so I had no where to live by the end of that month. This is also the sister who tortured me as a child, manipulation and blackmail with the threat of A's abuse, strangling, standing on my throat while pouring water on my face. Shes the reason at 8 years old I jumped from a 2 storey window, after that I was in said bathroom I jumped from, mentally shell shocked by being basically waterboarded by my sister and falling from the height, when A got home he hit me so hard I flew into the bathtub my mom had to fight him off to get him away from me and she locked us in the bathroom crying. Their constant abuse has broken me. My second attempt at 16 was also because of the whole situation I tried to OD and was unsuccessful. I am now 30 and dealing with the effects of my life and I'm not going to lie living is difficult, I think because unaliving was always in the back of my head as an out of that hell hole it now is programmed to self distruct and I'm trying to reprogram with intensive therapy. I feel like my brain is split the real me and the traumatized me and I just try my best to reason with the traumatized side and ignore the dark thoughts, they didn't stop on medication in fact got worse at a few points, hence the second unaliving attempt. The problem was just being masked by meds never actually being worked through. I've made more progress in controlling my thoughts in trauma therapy and being medicated properly for adhd, I've had less episodes(these entail screaming thoughts of unaliving, going mute, dissociation, hyperventilation, severe anxiety, loss of mobility for short period of time, numbness, its a full freeze response my limbs feel physically heavy) I have a team of doctors looking after me, high levels of cortisol long term, I ended up with a significant autoimmune disorder and a laundry list of mental issues. I went NC with my sister at one point, her coming back into my life pregnant with my niece kick-started another mental decline that lasted 2 months roughly put myself in therapy again and was able to return back to my hardly functioning self. Now fast forward to 2022 I am diagnosed with the laundry list, I am still in therapy and I go to have a discussion with my parents about needing support and the challenges I'm facing. My mother's priority was to rid herself of guilt, she was only focused on why I thought she abandoned me...pretty obvious you chose him over your child and had the audacity to blame us when you have a, often unemployed man child hitting us if we breathed wrong while you worked and neglected us emotionally. A on the other hand couldn't handle having someone else talk about them selves and it not involve him or his opinion, I told him to stop offering his opinion many times because I don't need or want it, he literally had a melt down then told me to unalive myself. I havnt talked about his violence much, but it got to the point I was being harmed daily mentally or physically. Shoes thrown at my face, he has kicked my so hard I caught air hit a wall and peed my pants(I was around 7 years old at the time) I watched him ruthlessly attack my sister she got it the worst from him imo and she took it all out on me. He insulted our intelligence everyday and I would get in trouble for doing chores, he would want things done his way and using the wrong temperature to rinse dishes could set him off (loading the dishwasher dropped a fork and he came in flying screaming at me) I was blamed if I was in the vicinity and he made a mistake. Walking on eggshells feels like an understatement. I distinctly remember him saying he was going to have child services come take me away around 9, I yelled do it I dont want to live here anyway.(literally go little me I did not give af🤣) I was very vocal all these years about the abuse, we all discolosed to an adult at one point they did nothing, I discolsed to my vice principal at 15 before everything happened she didnt do anything, all the adults in our lives neighbours ect failed us. I was asking my mom to divorce him at 6 years old thats how long Ive lived in fear of him. He eventually said he knew about that and how hurt he was, I looked at him and said yeah I meant it idc if that upsets you and id get you arrested again without a second thought, I dont regret my actions as much as he tried to make me feel guilty. I was always diffusing or ending altercations, Im just trying to get by day by day, sometimes I dont know if ill make it but I'm trying my hardest. I've been no contact a year in September other than the one conversation in December when he told me to unalive that sealed the deal. I will never speak to them again. This has been something I wanted to air out maybe one day I'll write a book, but I'm moving on with my life, to end on a positive note despite all the wreckage of my life, I am in a long term 12 year relationship married for almost 8, we are about to buy our first home and I am starting my own business shortly after my second round in post secondary education. My husband,my cat(13) and I are living well. To anyone out there in a similar situation, I know it feels so dark and alone but it won't be like this forever, do what you can find supports and if you can leave do it, if you can't start preparing to. I had to go to food banks to eat, teachers were my greatest support they found me a bed after not having one for at least a year, one teacher also took me grocery shopping so I could eat. There are people in this world who can help, I pray they cross your path as they did mine, I wouldn't be here today without them.
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2023.06.08 14:02 giligarden How to Grow Strawberries From Seed

Growing strawberries from seed can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Here are 15 tips to help you successfully grow strawberries from seed:
Choose the right strawberry variety: Select a strawberry variety that is suitable for growing from seed. Some common choices include Alpine strawberries or wild strawberry varieties.
Start indoors: Begin by starting your strawberry seeds indoors in pots or trays. This allows you to control the growing conditions and give the seeds a head start before transplanting them outdoors.
Use quality soil: Fill your seed trays or pots with a well-draining and nutrient-rich soil mix specifically formulated for seed starting.
Sow the seeds shallowly: Strawberry seeds are small, so sow them shallowly on the soil surface. Lightly press them into the soil and cover them with a thin layer of vermiculite or fine soil.
Provide consistent moisture: Keep the soil evenly moist but not waterlogged. Mist the soil surface gently or use a spray bottle to avoid dislodging the tiny seeds.
Maintain temperature and humidity: Strawberry seeds germinate best in warm temperatures between 60-70°F (15-21°C). You can cover the trays with plastic wrap or use a propagator to maintain humidity.
Ensure proper lighting: Place the trays or pots in a location that receives bright but indirect sunlight or use artificial grow lights to provide adequate lighting for seedling growth.
Thin out seedlings: Once the seedlings have sprouted and developed their first true leaves, thin them out to provide adequate space for each plant to grow.
Harden off seedlings: Before transplanting the seedlings outdoors, gradually expose them to outdoor conditions over a period of several days. Start with a few hours of sunlight and gradually increase the time and intensity.
Choose the right planting location: Select a sunny spot in your garden with well-draining soil. Strawberries prefer slightly acidic soil with a pH between 5.5 and 6.5.
Prepare the soil: Prior to planting, amend the soil with organic matter such as compost or well-rotted manure to improve its fertility and drainage.
Transplant carefully: When the seedlings have grown sturdy enough, transplant them into the prepared garden bed, spacing them about 12-18 inches apart.
Provide mulch: Apply a layer of organic mulch, such as straw or wood chips, around the plants to help retain moisture, suppress weeds, and protect the roots.
Water adequately: Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. Water deeply to encourage deep root growth, especially during dry periods.
Monitor for pests and diseases: Regularly inspect your strawberry plants for signs of pests or diseases, such as aphids, slugs, or fungal infections. Take appropriate measures to control and manage any issues that arise.
By following these tips, you can increase your chances of successfully growing strawberries from seed and enjoy a bountiful harvest of delicious, homegrown strawberries.
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2023.06.08 13:59 Accomplished_Dog9773 Alternative reality FPP single player game about spending our time in small city.

So my idea is very not complicated. We wake up in some kind of a place not knowing anything, time passes, we can do whatever we want in some kind of a small city/village (area with around 100 inhabitants and different urban places). Each hour (and in-game time might be 6 times faster) we gain 1 mln $ on our bank account (visible as if it was our score in the corner) and we can't get any $ more than this obligatory income. So during this day (and we wake up at midnight, maybe arrive in the city - we have 4 real hours for playthrough) we can just watch one day of this city "recorded" for game purposes. And we will end game with 24 mln$ balance. Fun.

Now I'll begin some spoilers. But read it if you're actually interested in making. It'll be a groundhog day but without any instruction and purpose, my only intention is to give players incentives to use their money and after perfect playthrough account balance will be round 0$. So each minute will have something different happening inside this city, there'll be lots of places possible to visit, some places will be closed at first - they might open at certain hour, some places might be closed but possible to open and some other places might be hidden - standard idea for doing side quests in many games. But there're some rules in this world.
  1. You can only buy things you really need. So you won't be able to buy a car if you have one, or you won't be able to buy luxury clothing if you don't have luxury job (you can get a job but you won't earn anything).
  2. You can't give people anything they don't really need. So if someone asks you for a beer, you can't buy beer. If someone asks you what time is it, you can't buy a watch unless you don't have one and public watch tower isn't broken. But you can buy something for a person that won't ask you for this, but you'll know that this person needs it.
  3. You can be inprisoned, that's your loss. There're illegal actions that'll make police pursue you but only until midnight.
  4. And you need to watch out, because it's easy to die.

What I want to achieve is this absurd feeling of wanting to give your money to every random person anytime, anywhere and in a serious hurry. But not a must, freedom of playing for anyone, anyhow. And this city might really live, I want to make those 4 hours worthy playing even if someone don't want to be altruistic. There might be adult only activities (but at big time price), there might be some interesting meetings or parties or sport events etc.. I want this city to really represent everything that's interesting. And obviously some climbing, some parkour maybe, some puzzles, some secrets. But all this will be optional, as I want to just let players live this experience as a kind of "experiment".
And finally, perfect playthrough should be really intense. I want to (obviously there'll be pause, map and some markers for places and things we did) make journey to this perfect playthrough really long and requiring many notes, lots of planning, lots of knowledge about shortcuts, fast cars etc.. I want this ultimate playthrough to be a great planning achievement, player will need to know exact hours of some actions, places to reach at exact time, time needed for travel, knowledge etc.. But again - only for those who want to try and I think there shouldn't be direct confirmation in the game that players can spend exactly 24 mln$, not a cent more even if they had it.
I know some games that're very similar, but this project in my imagination shines with perfectly matched mechanism - quality of actions coordination. And it's not a very well thought idea of mine, feel free to do whatever you want with it (even forget ;D).
Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.08 13:45 kelvinh_27 Button holding customization?

I got a used 6 Pro a couple months ago and love it. First Pixel since a used Pixel 2 years ago. Came from a OnePlus 5 running Pixel Experience.
The OnePlus had a feature to customize what holding buttons does in certain scenarios. I had it configured to use the power button to toggle my flashlight, and volume buttons to change tracks when the screen was off. Absolutely brilliant feature that I sorely miss.
Is there any way to get similar on my Pixel? Mostly after the flashlight shortcut as I find the back tapping thing literally never works when I need it to. Track seeking would just be a bonus. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 13:39 Jpj626 Pixel 6 restart issue on Beta 3

So the Pixel 6 restart issue plaguing some of us since the first Android 14 beta is still around. I installed the new version on my Pixel 6 and it is now in what I like to call "brick mode" for the next few hours till it decides to restart.
I was on beta 1.1 and I got lucky on a restart and managed to get to beta 2, I left it alone but then I saw this issue https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/278446819 was marked as fixed on Beta 3 and decided to give it a go. Well, the issue is certainly not gone, for anyone experiencing the issue please go and give the issue a comment so Google knows it's not solved for all of us yet.
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2023.06.08 13:32 tdubthatsme Sorting kid pics, dog pics, work pics, and all other pics seperately?

I'm looking at switching to a pixel 7 or 7a here shortly, and one of the things I am looking for is betteautomatic photo searching/album making. I have 4 categories of photos about evenly split on my photo: my kid, my dog, photos I take at work (in one of 3 locations) and all other photos. With Google photo, will it be possible/easy to sort these out? I find myselt scrolling through all types for a work photo I took 6 months ago, etc.
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2023.06.08 13:29 strobelssupplyinc How is Scotch's heavy duty shipping tape adhesive designed to withstand stronger loads?

How is Scotch's heavy duty shipping tape adhesive designed to withstand stronger loads?

Scotch's heavy-duty shipping tape adhesive is specifically engineered to withstand stronger loads by combining innovative design features. The adhesive formula is meticulously formulated to provide exceptional power and durability. In addition, it is composed of high-quality materials that offer superior adhesion.
One key aspect of the adhesive design is its thickness and consistency. Scotch's heavy-duty shipping tape adhesive is thicker than standard tape, allowing it to distribute the load more effectively across the surface. This added thickness enhances its ability to withstand heavy weights and resist peeling or lifting.
Furthermore, the adhesive features a unique cross-linked molecular structure. This structure enhances the tape's tensile strength and shear resistance, making it highly resistant to tearing or breaking under intense pressure.
Scotch's heavy-duty shipping tape adhesive is meticulously designed with a combination of thickness, molecular structure, and cohesive properties to provide exceptional strength and durability, making it the ideal choice for securing shipments with heavier loads.
Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.08 13:28 Dwarfmetalhead Support smartphone

Support smartphone
Hello !
Je suis à la recherche d'un support pour téléphone à fixer sur le vélo dans le même style que le support de gps en image.
Je roule souvent la nuit et j'ai peu de place sur le guidon donc si ça existe j'aimerai un support comme celui de la photo pour fixer une lumière en dessous.
Idéalement j'aimerai bien garder ma coque que j'ai déjà et plutôt avoir une pochette pour mettre le téléphone dedans plutôt qu'un quadlock ou je suis obligé de changer de coque.
Je roule avec un Triban RC520 Gravel et j'ai un Pixel 6 Pro si ça peut être utile comme information.
Merci !
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2023.06.08 13:22 tsmxth Cutting carbs for fat loss

So I’ve been on a cut for a while now. I’m upping the intensity of my training and trying to get my diet a bit more dialled in, as I go on holiday in 6 weeks.
Ideally I’d like to drop around 3kg, so not a huge amount of weight. I have been lowering my carbs for the past few days, I’m feeling less bloated around the mid section, which is great as I’m looking to lose the most size round here (especially the love handle / oblique area!) But I’d be interested to hear about anyone’s experience with low carb diets?
Obviously I know that ultimately a calorie deficit will make my weight drop, but with 6 weeks to improve my physique I gotta work hard and get all the advice possible!
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2023.06.08 13:21 taha_cy This is Urgent.

Last night it was around 1 am, I went to bed didn't have the intention to AP, found myself making fake scenarios etc then in that fake scenario a scene was made by my mind and it was clear, as if my eyes were open so I focused on it then BOOM, Instantly intense vibrations, jet roaring kinda thing in my ears, but then due to lack of knowledge of not knowing what to do next I simply did random things, after the vibrations and the machine/jet engine roaring sound ended I tried thinking of someone I love to pull emotions where it could lead to AP, then I tried imagining myself next to my bed and after that I just did the roll-over method where I physically moved and basically failed. I need someone whose REALLY, REALLY experienced in this subject to tell me what to do when/after the vibrations. I've had vibrations frequently now but ALWAYS failed sadly.
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2023.06.08 13:07 Intrepid-Ambition963 Help with weight gain.

I'm 27(m) 6"0 170 last week . This week had some events unfold. Havnt ate much in about 4 days. Drank little water. And today I'm 160. Any tips on how to get back to 170 and keep growing? My metabolic calculator says I need about 3100 calories a day. So should I am for 3500 and workout 3-4 days a week high intensity?
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2023.06.08 13:03 Kutlutin99 Does low blood pressure (11/6) after intense cardio exercise mean I have low cortisol?

Thank you in advance for your answers.
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2023.06.08 13:02 Kutlutin99 Does low blood pressure (11/6) after intense cardio exercise mean I have low cortisol?

Thanks in advance for the answers.
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2023.06.08 13:01 Kutlutin99 Does low blood pressure (11/6) after intense cardio exercise mean I have low cortisol?

Thanks in advance for the answers.
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2023.06.08 12:57 -Baris23- My own custom breathing style lol

New breathing style: Star Breathing
Instead of using a Katana, star breathing style users chooses their weapon as Kama, which performs fast and furious attacks but they still lack in defence so you have to be fast to use this breathing style (only 6 forms)
1st form: Shooting Star Performs 1-3 dash attacks (similar to the first form Zenitsu’s breathing style) Also If you can hit your 3rd dash attack to your enemy, they’ll gonna get blind for 3-4 seconds
2nd form: Solar Flare Performs 2 horizantal attacks (similar to Inosuke’s 4th fang) Star breathing style users can generate scorching bursts of flames and unleash searing attacks that leave opponents burned and weakened
3rd form: Eclipse Star breathing style users performs a jump attack Eclipse Form combines both light and darkness, representing the celestial phenomenon of an eclipse Users can alternate between blinding attacks that utilize intense light and shadowy techniques (Left kama presents Dark and Right kama presents Light)
4th form: Celestial Form This form doesn’t perform an attack instead it’s a buff Inspired by the celestial bodies, this form emphasizes graceful and flowing movements. Star breathing users can channel the energy of stars enhancing their speed, agility, and precision in combat
5th form: Quasar Performs spin attacks Quasars are incredibly energetic and distant celestial objects. This form harnesses the power of quasars, allowing users to unleash concentrated beams of energy that pierce through their enemies. They can manifest swirling spirals of energy, generating a gravitational pull that immobilizes opponents before launching devastating attacks
6th Form: Alcyoneus Performs 12 fast attacks Star breathing users can manipulate cosmic energy to create swirling vortexes and unleash waves of stardust, Each strike feels like a collision of celestial bodies
Main user (Hashira): Hikari, The Star Hashira
Hikari power level: Between Muichiro and Obanai
And lemme answer a question that probably alot of people will ask Well galaxy includes both sun and moon shouldn’t that be more powerful than every brething style 🤓🤓🤓
Well lemme tell u a quote i really like
Jack of all trades, master of none.
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2023.06.08 12:54 ShredasaurusX Post/Sludge/Ambient/Doom name?

I have a new project that’s in need of a name. The music is really dynamic with quiet pretty parts, intense technical passages and slow af heavy movements. Our band is a heavy af, and experienced 3 piece group based in Vancouver BC. We’ve been playing with a few working titles.
We’re very inspired by bands like:
These arms are snakes Mastodon (early albums) Year of no light Russian circles Botch LLNN If these trees could talk
So far the names we’ve considered are
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2023.06.08 12:52 Chico237 #NIOCORP~ SCANDIUM OXIDE, GREEN HYDROGEN & BLOOM ENERGY in the news! & more....


June 7, 2023~Bloom Energy, Perenco to Deploy Solid Oxide Fuel Cells in the United Kingdom~

Bloom Energy, Perenco to Deploy Solid Oxide Fuel Cells in the United Kingdom Business Wire
The Bloom Energy Server® platform, to be delivered in late 2023, will be installed at Wytch Farm in Dorset, England, the largest onshore oil field in western Europe, where it will be used to support Perenco’s baseload requirements. (Photo: Business Wire)
SAN JOSE, Calif. & LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bloom Energy (NYSE:BE) has signed an agreement with Perenco to install 2.5 megawatts (MW) of Bloom’s solid oxide fuel cells at a site in England. Perenco is a leading independent hydrocarbon company, producing 500,000 BOE of oil and gas per day from its operations in 14 partner countries.
The Bloom Energy Server® platform, to be delivered in late 2023, will be installed at Wytch Farm in Dorset, England, the largest onshore oil field in western Europe, where it will be used to support Perenco’s baseload requirements. The agreement marks the first deployment of Bloom fuel cell technology in the United Kingdom.
“This is an important step that will demonstrate how our solid oxide fuel cell technology supports the resilience and sustainability goals of our energy-intensive clients,” said Tim Schweikert, Senior Managing Director of International Business Development at Bloom Energy.
“Perenco has always been a pioneer in innovation and long-term investment in the countries where we operate,” said Benoit de la Fouchardiere, Perenco CEO. “Today’s announcement is another important step as we continue to reduce our emissions wherever we work. We look forward to a successful initial deployment at Wytch Farm and to then expanding the use of the technology into other global operations sites.”
The agreement with Perenco is another major step in Bloom’s expansion in Europe, following the recent sales agreement for northern Europe with Elugie, a marketing partnership agreement with Telam for Spain and Portugal, and energy platform sales to Cefla and Ferrari in Italy announced in 2022.
For more information about the Bloom Energy Server, see https://www.bloomenergy.com/technology/.

JUNE 6, 2023 ~Westinghouse and Bloom Energy Sign Letter of Intent to Accelerate Zero-Carbon, Large-Scale Hydrogen Production in the Nuclear Industry~

Bloom Energy - Bloom Energy Demonstrates Hydrogen Production with the World’s Largest and Most Efficient Solid Oxide Electrolyzer
CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. & SAN JOSE, Calif. – June 6, 2022 – Westinghouse Electric Company and Bloom Energy Corporation (NYSE:BE) today announced that they have entered into a Letter of Intent to pursue clean hydrogen production in the commercial nuclear power market. The companies are teaming to identify and implement clean hydrogen projects across the nuclear industry.
Westinghouse and Bloom Energy will jointly develop an optimized and large-scale high temperature integrated electrolysis solution for the nuclear industry. With the ability to operate 24/7 and provide high-quality steam input, nuclear plants are well-positioned to utilize electrolyzer technology and produce substantial quantities of clean hydrogen with minimal disruption to current, ongoing operations.
“Through this collaboration, we are committed to delivering an economical solution for large-scale hydrogen production in the nuclear industry, which further supports the path to net zero carbon emissions,” said Pam Cowan, Westinghouse President of Americas Operating Plant Services.
“We are proud Westinghouse has turned to Bloom and our solid oxide technology to supercharge the clean hydrogen economy,” said Rick Beuttel, vice president, hydrogen business, Bloom Energy. “Solid oxide technology is well suited for nuclear applications, efficiently harnessing steam to further improve the economics of hydrogen production. High temperature electrolysis is already garnering attention and accolades as a cost-effective and viable solution to create low-cost, clean hydrogen, which is critical to meeting aggressive decarbonization goals.”
Global demand for hydrogen and its emerging applications is projected to increase tenfold or more by 2050, surpassing the current infrastructure for producing and delivering hydrogen. As hydrogen usage expands from traditional industrial uses to the fuel of a clean future, the need to produce it in larger quantities and from low- and zero-carbon sources is clear.
The hydrogen produced in nuclear plants can be utilized to serve many industries such as renewable fuels production, oil and metals refining, ammonia synthesis, mining operations, and mobility in sectors such as heavy trucks, buses, and even air travel. The companies also are well positioned to support the U.S. Department of Energy’s developing hydrogen hubs.
About WestinghouseWestinghouse Electric Company is shaping the future of carbon-free energy by providing safe, innovative nuclear technologies to utilities globally. Westinghouse supplied the world’s first commercial pressurized water reactor in 1957 and the company’s technology is the basis for nearly one-half of the world’s operating nuclear plants. Over 135 years of innovation makes Westinghouse the preferred partner for advanced technologies covering the complete nuclear energy life cycle. For more information, visit www.westinghousenuclear.com and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
About Bloom EnergyBloom Energy empowers businesses and communities to responsibly take charge of their energy. The company’s leading solid oxide platform for distributed generation of electricity and hydrogen is changing the future of energy. Fortune 100 companies around the world turn to Bloom Energy as a trusted partner to deliver lower carbon energy today and a net-zero future. For more information, visit www.bloomenergy.com.

MAY 7, 2023~World’s largest solid oxide electrolyzer begins producing hydrogen~

World’s largest solid oxide electrolyzer begins producing hydrogen (hydrogentechworld.com)

Bloom Energy has begun generating hydrogen from the world’s largest solid oxide electrolyzer installation at NASA’s Ames Research Center. This high-temperature unit produces 20–25% more hydrogen per MW than commercially demonstrated lower-temperature electrolyzers such as PEM or alkaline

This electrolyzer demonstration showcases the maturity, efficiency and commercial readiness of Bloom’s solid oxide technology for large-scale, clean hydrogen production. The 4 MW Bloom Electrolyzer™, delivering the equivalent of over 2.4 tonnes per day of hydrogen output, was built, installed and operationalized in a span of two months to demonstrate the speed and ease of deployment.
“This demonstration is a major milestone for reaching net-zero goals,” said KR Sridhar, Ph.D., Founder, Chairman and CEO of Bloom Energy. “Hydrogen will be essential for storing intermittent and curtailed energy and for decarbonizing industrial energy use. Commercially viable electrolyzers are the key to unlocking the energy storage puzzle, and solid oxide electrolyzers offer inherently superior technology and economic advantages. Bloom Energy, as the global leader in solid oxide technology, is proud to share this exciting demonstration with the world: our product is ready for prime time.”
The current demonstration expands on Bloom’s recent project on a 100 kW system located at the Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory (INL), which achieved record-breaking electrolyzer efficiency. In the ongoing project, 4,500 hours of full load operations have been completed with a Bloom Electrolyzer™, producing hydrogen more efficiently than any other process – over 25% more efficiently than low-temperature electrolysis.
The INL steam and load simulations replicated nuclear power conditions to validate full capability of technology application at nuclear facilities, and the pilot results revealed the Bloom Electrolyzer producing hydrogen at 37.7 kWh per kg of hydrogen. Dynamic testing conducted at INL included ramping down the system from 100 percent of rated power to 5 percent in less than 10 minutes without adverse system impacts. Even at 5 percent of rated load, the energy efficiency (kWh/kg) was as good or better than other electrolyzer technologies at their 100% rated capacity. These results will be presented at the Department of Energy’s Annual Review Meeting in Washington DC on 7 June 2023.
Dr. Ravi Prasher, CTO of Bloom Energy, said: “The amount of electricity needed by the electrolyzer to make hydrogen will be the most dominant factor in determining hydrogen production cost. For this reason, the efficiency of the electrolyzer, the electricity needed to produce a kilogram of hydrogen becomes the most critical figure of merit. This 4 MW demonstration at the NASA Ames Research Center proves that the energy efficiency of our large-scale electrolyzer is similar to the small-scale system tested at INL highlighting the strength of our modular architecture. The electrolyzer product is leveraging the Bloom platform knowhow of more than 1 GW of solid oxide fuel cells deployed in the field and providing approximately 1 trillion cumulative cell operating hours. The same technology platform that can convert natural gas and hydrogen to electricity can be used reversibly to convert electricity to hydrogen. With Bloom’s high-efficiency, high-temperature solid oxide electrolyzers, we are one step closer to a decarbonized future powered by low-cost clean hydrogen.”

April 5, 2022 ~Scandium emerges from the shadows~

Scandium emerges from the shadows - MMTA


Scandium has long been considered an “if” metal. If only it were available in quantity, it could transform aircraft production and fuel consumption. If only it were available in quantity, it could speed the emerging hydrogen economy. If only it were available in quantity, it could accelerate the rollout of 5G technologies. And so on.

The view has been that scandium could be used in numerous large-volume applications, if only supplies were sufficient to meet the potential demand. Manufacturers regularly cited a lack of sufficient scandium supply as the reason why they did not roll out new uses and products containing scandium.
After a near-mythic role in the 1980s (as a strengthening agent in aluminium alloys deployed in the last generation of Soviet MiG fighter aircraft and even, reputedly, in ballistic missile nosecones), scandium entered the banal in the 1990s, in sporting goods and, bizarrely, hand guns.

Bloom Energy turned the tide starting around 2010, with its introduction of fuel cells based on scandium-stabilised zirconia ceramic electrolytes. Bloom has grown rapidly and now represents perhaps 80% of the world’s annual consumption of SCANDIUM, a paltry 25t or so of oxide in 2021.

And yet, despite these rickety foundations, SCANDIUM consumption is poised to grow dramatically in the next decade, buoyed by new sources of supply and sustained by demand-side innovation.

The supply side

Let’s start with supply. Until about 2018, most scandium was supplied as a by-product in China and Russia, from uranium and titanium processing. Since then, however, much has changed.
First, Sumitomo Metal Mining built and has now commissioned a scandium recovery circuit at its Tagano Bay nickel high pressure acid leach (HPAL) plant in the Philippines. This plant recovers scandium oxalate for processing into oxide (and probably into scandium-zirconium oxide particles destined for Bloom Energy) in Japan. The plant recovers 7-8tpy of scandium oxide and when commissioned increased global supply by around 40%. Capital costs were perhaps US$5M/t of scandium oxide.
Second, the Chinese integrated titanium producer Lomon Billions has established a 20-30tpy scandium oxide facility with the potential to increase to 50tpy. The company estimates up to 100tpy of scandium oxide are available in its titanium plants using the sulphate process.
Third, in 2021, Rio Tinto commenced scandium recovery from its Sorel Tracy plant in Québec, Canada. The pilot plant can supply 3tpy of scandium oxide and cost US$6M. The site has the ability to supply an estimated 50-60tpy of oxide based on current raw material feed.
Finally, UC Rusal has both commissioned a 3tpy pilot scandium oxide plant, recovering scandium oxide from red mud deposits, and also commenced marketing and selling a range of scandium alloys (branded “ScAlution” alloys) that boast enhanced performance at low (typically 0.1%) concentrations of scandium.
Plus, it is not only Rusal that has pioneered low-scandium alloys. In the USA, Eck Industries, a specialist aluminium casting house, is commercialising cerium-based alloys in which scandium, again at low loadings, could provide additional strength as well as much reduced post-cast processing requirements.
Looking further out, there are numerous scandium projects in development, many of which should come into production around the middle of the decade, thanks to two parallel forces.
The main driver for scandium, as for so many minor metals, is vehicle electrification. There are multiple operating and development projects utilising HPAL technology to recover and separate nickel and cobalt in laterite deposits, many of which can in principle recover scandium. While the moral of Tagano Bay is that for existing plants retrofitting can be costly and low yield, there are emerging projects in Australia that are designing scandium recovery into their circuits alongside nickel and cobalt. The potential output of scandium can range from 50-100tpy or more, depending on the project.
The second driver is the heightened concerns over supply chain security for critical metals. In the EU this has led to the “ScaVanger” programme to recover scandium from titanium waste streams. In the USA, red mud scandium recovery as well as by-product scandium stand to benefit.

The demand side

The demand side is a little more complicated but nonetheless extremely positive. Bloom’s power generation business continues to grow and has surely been reinforced by severe power disruptions in the past three years in California and Texas. Moreover, Bloom has now received initial approvals for maritime power generation (IMO regulations are forcing seagoing vessels to reduce dramatically their sulphur emissions, and Bloom can facilitate this change), and Bloom is also developing its technology to run in reverse, so to speak, as a generator of hydrogen. Critically, Bloom in the past five years has managed to bring its system costs and performance under control, removing any technology-related going-concern issues.
Scandium is also a strong candidate for RF antennas able to support 5G frequencies. A typical high-end cell phone may require 100 RF filters, and in the 5G frequency range, scandium aluminium nitride is being used as the active material in these filters (called “bulk acoustic wave,” or “BAW” filters).
Aerospace is a third area of application, and while commercial aviation likely remains years away from broad use of scandium alloys, near-term use in space and autonomous aircraft is an avenue for strong potential growth of scandium alloys. The cost to place 1kg in orbit has dropped dramatically but is still of the order of US$1,000/kg, so any system weight reductions can be extremely valuable.
Electric vehicles (EVs) also offer the potential for large volumes of scandium demand. Weight reduction is the obvious reason. Lux Research has estimated a 1kg weight saving in an EV will be worth US$5 in 2030. But a second consideration is overall product cost. Scandium can reduce or potentially even eliminate the need for post-casting heat treatments, which can in some instances double the cost of an as-cast part. Thus the savings from the use of scandium alloys, especially at low scandium loadings, can be large.
In addition, as EVs shift to heat pumps in their HVAC systems, scandium can support the implementation of aluminium radiators without adding substantial system volume (as discussed by CM Group in its 2018 scandium report).
Naturally, there are other opportunities for scandium. Achieving a robust aluminium alloy able to perform at 300°C could displace large amounts of titanium, and Eck’s alloys are closing in on this goal. Maritime applications, especially in the military arena but also in autonomous vessels and ferries, could embrace scandium thanks to its greatly enhanced anti-corrosion impact in aluminium. Passenger jets are also a market that is likely to happen at some point.

Most important, perhaps, is the fact that well financed firms have entered the market and are able to supply up to about 100tpy each. Supply at this level is all-but-certain to create demand, and in turn this should stimulate new supply. Scandium’s chicken-and-egg problem, in which lack of supply held back demand that in turn held back supply, has been reversed, with growing (and reliable) supply poised to stimulate actual demand, that in turn will pull through new supply, and transform scandium from “if” to “when”.

JANUARY 2023 National Defense Act Calls out NIOBIUM & TITANIUM & SCANDIUM & the need to establish a U.S. Industrial Base for the Supply & Processing of ALL!


SCANDIUM PAGE # 246 Briefing on the Establishment of Domestic Scandium Processing Facilities in the United States

The committee believes the United States industrial base for the supply and processing of the critical mineral scandium has significant vulnerabilities. The committee also believes that the United States should seek to eliminate dependence on Chinese and Russian sources of scandium, with support from allies and partners. Accordingly, public and private sectors should cooperate closely to establish scandium processing facilities in the United States. Therefore, the committee directs the Secretary of Defense, in consultation with the Secretary of Commerce, to provide a briefing to the House Committee on Armed Services not later than May 1, 2023, on public and private sector activities, working with allied nations, to establish scandium processing facilities in the United States, especially facilities based on more efficient, cleaner, and less energy intensive technologies. This briefing will also include how these processing facilities will help the United States reduce dependence on and compete more effectively with China and Russia.

MAY 2023 ~Exploring global supply and demand of scandium oxide in 2030 ~ (NIOCORP is Mentioned!)

Exploring global supply and demand of scandium oxide in 2030 - ScienceDirect

Incorporation of scandium in materials has environmental benefits across multiple industrial sectors, particularly in decarbonization of energy. One pathway to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions is to generate electricity using hydrogen or synthetic liquid fuels, which are more efficient than combustion engines and easily used in co-generation of electricity and heat (IEA, 2019). The functional technology is a fuel cell. A solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) produces electricity by oxidizing an energy carrier. The standard SOFCs produced by Bloom Energy are refrigerator-sized and input liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons (methane or biogas) to produce 100 kW of power. These cells process natural gas, biogas, or hydrogen to generate electricity with higher efficiency; up to two times higher compared to a gas-fired power station with efficiency of only 33–48% (Deepika et al., 2018). They are typically used to produce electricity and heat on-site for large buildings (Bloom Energy, 2021a). Currently, SOFC producers (e.g., Bloom Energy) utilize yttrium-stabilized zirconia and a scandia-stabilized zirconia in electrolytes; however, there are benefits of utilizing scandium over yttrium. Use of scandia-stabilized zirconia increases electro-conductivity and decreases operation temperature, resulting in higher efficiency and reliability (Deepika et al., 2018; Laguna-Bercero et al., 2009). Spurred by carbon reduction and global renewable energy initiatives, Bloom Energy is expanding its partnership worldwide (Bloom Energy, 2020, 2021b), resulting in increased demand in the SOFC market and scandium oxide required to produce SOFC boxes (Weinstein et al., 2018).
Scandium also has potential for light-weighting (alloys), which is important for improving fuel economy as it requires less energy to transport lighter materials. Currently, transportation contributes 27% to total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions and 14% globally (EPA, 2022; IEA, 2022b). The Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards require vehicle manufacturers to continuously increase fuel efficiency (NHTSA, 2022). One approach is through light-weighting by replacing conventional aluminum alloy parts in vehicles with scandium alloys, potentially reducing 10% of vehicle mass and thus 6–8% of emissions (Joost, 2012). Given that the United States passenger vehicle emissions were 3.2 gigatonnes in 2020, this would translate to 0.2–0.3 gigatonnes of reduction (IEA, 2022a). In the United States, the Build Back Better agenda mandates 50% of new vehicles in 2030 must be EVs (The White House, 2021). To push emission reductions further than electric vehicle adoption, light-weighting should be considered. If legislation mandated regulation like Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards for EVs, there will be further reductions in energy demand. Lighter scandium alloys serve to reduce energy demand from transportation, which directly aids to mitigate climate change induced by automobiles.
Another example of light-weighting is for commercial airplanes. The bionic partition structure is a wall partition between crew members and passengers, which also serves as an emergency stretcher and foldable seating for crew members (Airbus, 2016). Current commercial airplane's partition structures are bulky and heavy, weighing approximately 63 kg (Lau, 2016). Airbus and AutoDesk collaborated and successfully produced a 30 kg bionic partition structure using Scalmalloy®, a proprietary aluminum-magnesium-scandium alloy (APWORKS GmbH, 2015; Rhodes, 2015). Replacement of 4 conventional partition structures per A320 plane in commercial aircraft with Scalmalloy® structures could save up to 465,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year (Airbus, 2016).
Despite scandium's potential role in meeting future sustainability goals, historically and currently, scandium is under-utilized because of its low supply and high cost due to its nature as a by-product. Prices of scandium oxide ranged from $3,800–5,000 per kg from 2013 to 2020 (Gambogi, 2017, 2020, 2021), placing scandium among the most expensive elements in production. High prices and low supply are due in part to its production as a co-product - production is dependent on the demand of other primary metals it is mined with. For example, when there is an increase in scandium demand and price, supply does not respond instantaneously because producers need to increase production of the primary products. This leads to price volatility. Scandium oxide is produced as a co-product due to its sparse concentration in ore, which makes it uneconomical to mine alone. It has been extracted as a co-product with iron ore, other rare earths, titanium, and zirconium in China; uranium in Kazakhstan and Ukraine; apatite (phosphorus) and uranium in Russia; and nickel in the Philippines (Gambogi, 2021). The global production of scandium oxide was 14–23 tonnes (15–25 tons) per year in 2020 (Gambogi, 2021), which was small in comparison to 220,000 tonnes (240,000 tons) of global rare earths oxide per year (Cordier, 2022) and 68 million tonnes (75 million tons) of aluminum per year (Lee Bray, 2022).
Scandium appears to continue as a co-product in the future, for the most part. Mining companies expect scandium to be a minor co-product from mining other metals such as nickel, cobalt, titanium, niobium, etc. (Clean TeQ Holdings Limited, 2018; NioCorp Superalloy Materials, 2019; Platina Resource Limited, 2021; Wang et al., 2020). There is one exception in New South Wales, Australia by Scandium International Mining Corporation, whose primary product is scandium oxide (Scandium International Mining Corp, 2020). For consumption, SOFCs by Bloom Energy are the main scandium oxide consumer with 74% of total global consumption (CM Group, 2018). A typical Bloom Energy server box of 100 MW contains 13–15 kg of scandium oxide and costs $700,000–800,000 in 2010 (Ecclestone, 2020; Jenkins, 2010). Before subsidies, Bloom Energy servers cost approximately $0.14 per kilowatt-hour of electricity compared to $0.10 per kilowatt-hour of retail power price on the U.S. national grid (Helman, 2020). Although sufficient and reliable supply play an important role in other sectors (e.g., SOFCs, commercial aerospace), price is crucial in adoption in other sectors (e.g., sporting goods, beverage cans). Abstract continues....

NIOCORP MANAGEMENT ON Jan. 31st, 2023, ~What were they doing in D.C. for 4-Days?~ "Working with White House officials on critical minerals issues. This Administration is working hard to help support environmentally responsible critical minerals projects like NioCorp’s Elk Creek Project in the great State of Nebraska. "~

MAY 25th 2023 ~NioCorp Demonstrates Higher Niobium Recovery Rates New Processing Approach Demonstrates the Ability to Make More Niobium per Tonne of Ore, Produce a Higher Purity Product, and Potentially Address New Markets with Different Niobium Products

Potential New Forms of Niobium Products and Potential Markets
NioCorp’s new process approach, which incorporates a chlorination step to improve niobium and titanium separation and purification, also has demonstrated NioCorp’s ability to potentially produce three different niobium products: (1) ferroniobium; (2) niobium chloride; and (3) niobium oxide.NioCorp had previously planned to make ferroniobium, which is used by the steel industry to produce high-strength low-alloy steel alloys. Those alloys are used in the construction, automotive and transport, aerospace and defense, oil and gas, and other industries. Niobium is a $3.3 billion per year global market but is currently served by only three major niobium producers in two countries.Niobium chloride would likely be converted by NioCorp into niobium oxide, but niobium chloride is also used in glass and ceramic manufacturing.Niobium oxide is critical to multiple applications, including niobium-lithium-ion batteries, superalloys, superconducting applications, capacitors, specialized optics, and many others. Its use in niobium-lithium-ion batteries is considered by current niobium producers as one of the fastest growing prospective global niobium markets


MAY 26th 2023~NioCorp Demonstrates the Ability to Potentially Double Projected Titanium Recovery Rates for the Elk Creek Project


Demonstration Plant Shows New Recovery Process May Double NioCorp’s Titanium Production per Tonne of Ore as well as Produce a Higher Purity Product that May Command Higher Market Prices
CENTENNIAL, Colo. (May 26, 2023) – NioCorp Developments Ltd. (“NioCorp” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ:NB) (TSX:NB) is pleased to announce that it has successfully demonstrated an ability to potentially double the recovery of titanium from each tonne of ore the Company expects to mine at its Nebraska-based Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project (the “Project”), once project financing is obtained and the commercial plant is constructed. The new process is expected to produce a purer form of titanium that may command a higher price than is assumed in NioCorp’s June 2022 feasibility study for the Project (the “Feasibility Study”). NioCorp’s demonstration plant in Trois Rivieres, Quebec, has shown that the Company’s new and improved recovery process can likely achieve an 83.7% rate of overall titanium recovery to final product. This compares to a 40.3% titanium recovery rate in NioCorp’s previous process approach. This new result points to a potentially large increase in the amount of titanium that NioCorp can potentially produce at currently planned rates of mining

MAY 29th 2023~NioCorp Launches Phased Approach to Commercial Production of Made-in-America Aluminum-Scandium Master Alloy


NioCorp Partnering with Nanoscale Powders LLC to Explore the Possibility of Establishing the First US-Based Mine-to-Master-Alloy Vertically Integrated Production of the High-Performance MaterialNioCorp’s Potential Commercial Production of Al-Sc Master Alloy Could Launch Prior to the Company’s Planned Production of >100 Tonnes/Year of Scandium Oxide at its Proposed Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project in Nebraska and Would Use Scandium Produced at the Elk Creek Facility as well as From Other SourcesChina Now Dominates the Scandium World, but North America is Now Positioned to Emerge as a “Leading Scandium Producer,” says NioCorp CEO

MAY 29th 2023~ Jim/NIOCORP respond to question on recent Scandium News Release above:What comes to mind right off the bat is:

*A)"How is this Scandium AlSc master Alloy different than what Niocorp produced with IBC & AMES laboratory???"*Response:

"It is a different process that will be utilized. "

*B) Will this be a Patentable approach now moving forward? in conjunction with Nanoscale???*Response:

" Yes and yes. But we do not discuss the details of intellectual property matters except as required by law"

(\****This is very interesting indeed because a few years back Niocorp was not interested in patenting any such materials!)*
*C) IS NIOCORP still engaged with IBC, AMES & OTHER ENTITIES in regards to Scandium Alloy production & uses moving forward? and with the New Niobium & Titanium oxides as well!!!!

"We are focusing on our partnership with Nanoscale on the production of AlSc master alloy, but we engaged with a number of parties on various elements of our scandium-aluminum master alloy business development. We are not working with IBC on niobium or titanium product development efforts."




(Please Scroll down to see earlier Reddit POST ON GREEN HYDROGEN!)


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2023.06.08 12:49 Wide_Leadership_2126 zombie mode

suggestion 1, bot upgrade: add more bots, this time the bots will be less conservative making more frequent attacks however with less troops. the bots will also attack the strongest zombie next to them, and if they are landlocked completely, the bots will donate to another bot instead of an actual human because a bot cannot tell the difference between a fullsender and a good player
suggestion 2, zombie downgrade: zombies will forcibly attack a player who uses more than 50% first instead of another person to get them out of the game, however they are leaving more smarter players left who will later destroy all the bots due to the bots being distracted or the bots preventing the expansion of the dumbest crown player ever.
suggestion 3, player upgrade: players will get 2x interest and will expand faster, also a cap that prevents players from using more than 50% of their troops. however to compensate, there will be less bots, meaning less actual smart robots that are better at expanding than 70% of players
suggestion 4, land upgrade: allied forces such as players and bots will gain over 250 troops from each pixel rather than 150, also the interest of every allied player will be about 1.5x faster to fill up the amount of troops faster, providing a better advantage against bots
suggestion 5, ocean upgrade: zombies have to wait around 10 seconds after boating, this is to make it easier for players to expand. another thing is to ban everyone who fullsends make zombies have half of their usual interest if a zombie gets around 10,000 land. Players will lose less resources on a boat allowing their boats to travel more efficiently and more further out to sea, this could potentially allow powerful players in particular to get to the mainland
suggestion 6, attack upgrade: when allied players (or bots) attack zombies, their attacks will use up less troops to capture land than usual, making it more easy and efficient to expand through zombie territory (Please do not think that 2 troops will take over 100,000 pixels)
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