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2023.06.08 13:57 ResponsibleFan3414 Back to being confirmed after being built ?

Back to being confirmed after being built ?
Is it normal for it to go back to order confirmed after the truck was built?
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2023.06.08 13:56 camellight123 the woman in the video made a faux pas, and said spread my legs instead of wings. this is how average redditors reacted

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2023.06.08 13:56 K1setsu Trade idea: Lauri Markanen + Jalen Hood-Schifino

Poole + 19 Pick + Ryan Rollins ( + future picks if needed) for Lauri Markanen and Jazz #16 pick (to select Jalen Hood Schifino). This brings us Lauri Markanen from Jazz after his monstrous season to add to our squad for size and solid rim-protection, as well as a rookie point guard to take minutes off Steph if needed, and sort of a replacement for Poole. Before y’all shoot me down, he is one of the most athletic point guard at that range, and he plays amazing defence. Note, CP3 and DBook were having much trouble attacking when defended by him at CP3’s camp, and CP3 even commented that he will be trouble in the league. Throwing in Ryan Rollins and future picks to sweeten the deal and might allow us to get another Jazz player or simply cut down our salary and allow us to sign free agents at greater price. In reality this would be a really solid move, if we sign JTA and Damian Lee back, but not sure if 4 rookies is too much even if they have good potential to slot into the lineups already.
This really boils down to if the warriors can just play hard next year, get top 4 seed and play the rookies more against weaker teams like Rockets to get them some reps and rest our vets.
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2023.06.08 13:56 OpaliteNetwork We are Opalite, a New Expert Network. AMA!

Hello ExpertNetworks!
I am Kartik Mehra, the founder of Opalite. A New Expert Network established in late 2022 and are actively assisting New Age Research and Consulting Firms, Investment Firms (Private and Public), as well as Corporate Strategy Teams all across the globe.
Our Network Size is currently around 5,000 Experts growing strong and we have currently assisted our clients all across the globe. Right from United States to Singapore.
We are based in Mumbai, India with another office in Singapore. I personally have experience working in Expert Networks for over half a decade.
Feel free to AMA!
Also, any suggestions/guidance from your end either as an active client or an expert would be ideal!
PS: If anyone wants to join our platform as an expert, visit: https://www.opalitenetwork.com/expert-register (We couldn't have resisted not plugging this). Also, do support us on LinkedIn!
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2023.06.08 13:56 mallokrano Biden once again getting ratioed by the community notes.

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2023.06.08 13:56 filipe_mdsr [Megathread] Russian Invasion of Ukraine, D+468

Feel free to discuss the ongoing events in Ukraine here. All subreddit rules, including rule 5 and 11, are being enforced. We do understand the anger, but please just do your best to not go too far.
This is not a thunderdome or general discussion thread. Please do not post comments unrelated to the conflict in Ukraine here. Obviously take information with a grain of salt, this is a fast-moving situation.
.ru links are blocked on reddit sitewide and cannot be manually approved by moderators. The same is true of most link shortening sites. To link content from Russian websites, I recommend replacing '.ru' with '.xyzzy', and telling others to replace it with the correct link. Do not use '.com' or other actual domain names, as these may lead to harmful typosquatted sites.

Helpful Links

Want to support Ukraine? Here's a list of charities by subject
Here is a twitter list with helpful OSINT sources
Liveuamap of Ukraine (Frontlines are inaccurate, OSINT is decent though)
Russian equipment losses by oryx
Wikipedia: Russian Invasion of Ukraine
The return of the megathreads will not be a permanent fixture, but we aim to keep them up over the coming days depending on how fast events continue to unfold.
Слава Україні! 🇺🇦
Previous Megathreads: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, Day 9, Day 10, Day 11, Day 12, Day 13, Day 14, Day 198, Day 199, Day 200, Day 201, Day 221, Day 222, Day 223, Day 466, Day 467
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2023.06.08 13:56 TheMemeMkaer And who would benefit from this? The government mandated pity fuckin ain’t gonna occur…

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2023.06.08 13:55 NiftyKoala Top 10 most profitable Nigerian companies in 2022

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2023.06.08 13:54 Gigolo_Service_India Play boy job in Pune: Find Exciting Opportunities

Play boy job in Pune: Find Exciting Opportunities

Get unique work experience through play boy job in Pune and romance with hot ladies. You must get fundamental idea the salary range of a playboy and also know benefits of joining.
While working in a play boy job Pune environment may offer unique experiences, it is essential to maintain professionalism at all times. Reputation within the agency is necessary and female clients must trust open Playboy and high-profile women must be interesting to get numerous services.
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2023.06.08 13:54 Gangiskhan Artist #107 ODESZA

Bio from The Festival Voice
Artist Biography by Daniel Karasek
ODESZA is an EDM duo from Seattle that produces top-tier indie electronica. The group formed in 2012 at Western Washington University in Bellingham. Members Harrison Mills (Catacombkid) and Clayton Knight (Beaches Beaches) met as freshmen in college but didn’t form ODESZA until their senior year. After they graduated, the pair released their debut album Summer’s Gone in 2012. The next year they toured with Pretty Lights. In 2014, ODESZA released their album In Return via Counter Records which topped various online retailers’ electronic album charts. They toured North America to support the album, selling out 28 shows and playing 20 festivals. In 2015, they started the Foreign Family Collective to give exposure to up-and-coming musicians and graphic artists. Two years later ODESZA released A Moment Apart featuring Regina Spektor, Leon Bridges, and Ry X. Their most recent album The Last Goodbye arrived in 2022 featuring Julianna Barwick, Ólafur Arnalds, and Låpsley. ODESZA’s live shows have become world-renowned and will be a treat to see them on the Farm!
Genre: EDM, Indietronica, Cinematic Dance Music
Scheduled: Saturday
Songs & Sets:
ODESZA - Echoes in Time
ODESZA - The Last Goodbye (feat. Bettye LaVette) - Official Visualizer
ODESZA - Full Performance (Live on KEXP 2017)
ODESZA - Light Of Day (feat. Ólafur Arnalds) - Official Video
ODESZA - Full Performance (Live on KEXP 2013)
ODESZA - Love Letter (feat. The Knocks) - Official Video starring Simone Ashley
Have you seen ODESZA before? Please share your experience and favorite songs.

Days Until Bonnaroo: 7

Remember to drink water and warm up those high fives!
Link to previous AotD post
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2023.06.08 13:54 mounteverest04 I'm torn by the thought of death

Short version: I think about death every single second of my life. And I see everything through the lens of the short amount of time that I have here. What should I do?
Long Version…
My problem
I can't get death out of my mind. Every single event in my life is disrupted by that thought. When good things happen in my life—I can barely enjoy it. Sometimes, I would start laughing and being happy, and all of a sudden, something would tell me “WHY BOTHER—YOU KNOW THIS IS NOT GOING TO LAST, RIGHT”. I feel pity for others when I see them fully enjoy a moment. I'm always like, it makes no sense for you to be that happy.
Sometimes, I would think back to people that lived hundreds of years ago. And I'd be like, they were probably living as if life was worth it. Now, they are gone—and nobody cares.
I'd look at my wife sleeping—thinking about how much I love her, and all of a sudden I'm reminded that we will die one day. I'd talk to my mom—and I'm sad hearing her laughing because I know she will be gone one day. I'm starting to shut people out of my life, so I don't have to endure the pain of possibly losing them.
The thought hasn't paralyzed me totally because I wake up every day and do the things that I love. I feel like I'm the only person in the world like this. I don't think I'm depressed—since I have a perfectly good explanation for thinking this way. But this is eating me alive.
I only work on personal projects now. I don't work for people because I feel like working for someone and having them dictate my day is like “prostituting” my life. I've come to the realization that people don't have time. Life IS time, and selling my time is the same as selling my life.
Weird benefits of this “condition”
I care—but not as much as I used to. I used to be a people-pleaser. Not so much anymore! I left my last job—because I had a rude boss. I thought to myself, “You're just as mortal as I am”. Why would I have to kiss your butt?
I make the most out of my day. And I cherish my time very much—just because I have that clock ticking in my head.
There's a level of despair I can't reach—because I know if things get REALLY bad, death is always there—and it's the worst that could ever happen.
The problem is, I've had more good days than bad ones lately. So the thought of death has been more a disruptor than a resort.
Background (If that helps diagnose me, haha)
--- Values/politics
Sorry if that was a rant. This is me! What should I do about those thoughts? Please help!!!
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2023.06.08 13:53 jobdai From 0 to 3k users in 3 Weeks

How does an unknown startup with a new product gain early traction and nail its launch? Sebastian, the 25-year-old founder of ChatIQ, may have the answer. In under 3 weeks, ChatIQ has organically acquired over 3,500 customers for their AI chatbot software, all through organic video marketing. How did you come up with the idea for ChatIQ? I was planning out different business ideas/software I could create in a short period of time, (that'd have the skills to build myself) and I was also super interested in OpenAI. I knew it was a huge emerging market but didn't quite know how I could use it (at the time I had no idea id even be able to build an app that uses it). I knew businesses spent huge amounts of time and money working on converting cold traffic into customers, using chatbots, email marketing and all sorts. This is time-consuming and expensive. So wanted to build a solution that would; A) use AI as it was hugely trending and also insanely powerful B) was easy to use and affordable/customisable for businesses. The initial idea was a chatbot for agency businesses (as I’d worked in and on them for a few years and understood the market) but eventually as I developed the chatbot I wanted it to become something everyone and anyone could use and let them decide on the use case. I build the tools to make it easy for users, and they have control. (I’ve spoken to so many people with creative ideas for chatbots because of this move). How did you acquire 3500 users in 3 weeks? Because when I stopped all work back in November 2022 to focus on launching a saas business, I had spent some time building up a youtube channel, I uploaded over 100 videos in just 2 months and got it to 1000 subscribers around January 2023, I had a platform to launch on and get some initial users. However, the youtube channel wasn't really in the correct niche (I probably could have planned that better) So, knowing there was huge explosive potential in short-form content I sat down one night, edited 6 short videos until about 4 am, and then over the next 24 hours posted them. The first 5 were getting a few hundred, maybe 1000 views. I was documenting the process as I was gradually getting a new user, I think I was averaging around 5-10 a day for a couple of days. Then suddenly the 6th TikTok I posted got over 130k views. In a couple of days, I’d gone from 15 users to over 800. The marketing strategy was always to start with organic video content, something id got working before with my photography business years ago, I knew I'd done it once before so could do it again. Then just doubled down on that. Although the numbers are exciting for growth and obviously needed, the focus in my eyes is 100% user satisfaction. It was always a dream to build a successful saas product, it happened faster than I expected but as long as my users are happy with ChatIQ and it can provide them with everything they need from it I'm happy. You can read the rest of the interview here with the details of the product building and user acquisition stages.
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2023.06.08 13:53 Disastrous_Ad_132 To Everyone Making Posts About Their Huge MMR Loss. Please Read For Some Basic Information.

Seeing as nobody has the common sense to LOOK AT THE DAMN SUBREDDIT BEFORE POSTING, I'll try my best to get you guys to see this post before you feel like making an identical post to the geezer before you.
The Doubles Ranked Playlist has had a soft reset.
So, what's a soft reset? A soft reset is where the developers intentionally lower everyones MMR. MMR is the number behind your rank, you gain and lose about 9 MMR per win/loss.
The reason a soft reset has been done is because the 2s ranks were drifting higher and higher on average than the 3s and 1s ranks. So 2s has had a decrease to compensate for this. All other modes have had less aggressive resets, and some have even gone up slightly.
Dropshot, for example, was seeing SSL players in Platinum. Not ideal for a regular modes platinum player wanting to play some Dropshot!
I'm neither For or Against the reset, this is just some basic info for EVERYONE WHO'S POSTING THE SAME DAMN POST. Use your eyes and read the sub before you clog this damn subreddit up with the same post over and over. Hopefully this will stop some of you, and inform some of you the basic reason why you got dropped in MMR.
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2023.06.08 13:53 Zbling1801 How long does it take for employer to credit CPF balance?

I have recently started working full time during my school holidays and I received my May salary on May 27th. However, there is no recent May credit to my CPF account.
Previously for my part time jobs I always received my CPF contributions in the middle of the following month (around 14th to 17th).
Just curious when do y’all roughly receive your CPF contributions from your employer (whether it’s part time or full time).
Thanks for the feedback 🙏
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2023.06.08 13:52 Charizard_Official What do you want to see out of a character sheet?

Just like the question asks. We all love character sheets but some just don't have the correct spacing or they're missing something vital. We've all seen a character sheet, so what would you do differently? What missing? If you could build your own character sheet for the possibility of any character(s) to come, what would you put on it? How would you design it?
I'm building my own character sheets. I built a character who has a VERY colorful personality but my sheets had little or no room for expression. I want to make one with the express purpose of coloring in the lines and borders. The sheet will allow me to color it so it's as colorful and expressive as my character's personality.
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2023.06.08 13:51 NiftyKoala Top 10 most profitable Nigerian companies in 2022

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2023.06.08 13:51 bitoolspreadym What is the difference between planning, budgeting and forecasting for a business?

Planning, budgeting and forecasting for a business are three distinct financial management tools used in business, each serving a different purpose.

Key differences between planning, budgeting and forecasting for a business

Here are key difference between planning, budgeting and forecasting for a business.

Financial planning

A plan is a strategic document that outlines the goals, objectives, and actions required to achieve a desired outcome. It is a comprehensive roadmap that provides guidance on how an organization intends to allocate its resources and accomplish its mission. A plan typically covers a longer time horizon, such as three to five years, and encompasses various aspects of the business, including sales, marketing, operations, and human resources. It helps in aligning the efforts of different departments or teams towards a common vision and allows for coordinated decision-making.


A budget is a financial plan that quantifies the expected income and expenses for a specific period, usually one year. It provides a detailed breakdown of projected revenues, costs, and expenses based on the goals and objectives outlined in the plan. Budgets are commonly used for financial control and resource allocation purposes. They enable organizations to monitor and control their spending, make informed decisions about resource allocation, and evaluate performance against the planned targets. Budgets are often updated and revised annually to reflect changing circumstances and priorities.


A forecast is an estimate or prediction of future financial outcomes based on historical data, trends, and relevant factors. It is a tool used to anticipate the financial performance of a business or a specific project. Forecasts can be short-term or long-term and are usually based on assumptions about factors like market conditions, customer behavior, economic trends, and internal capabilities. They help organizations anticipate potential risks, identify opportunities, and make informed decisions about resource allocation and strategic planning. Forecasts are often updated regularly to reflect new information or changing circumstances.
In summary, a plan provides a strategic direction and outlines the actions required to achieve goals, a budget quantifies the expected income and expenses for a specific period, and a forecast predicts future financial outcomes based on historical data and assumptions. While they are related and interconnected, each tool serves a different purpose in financial management.

Financial planning for a business

Financial planning for a business involves the process of assessing and determining the financial goals, strategies, and actions necessary to achieve those goals. It involves analyzing the current financial situation, identifying financial needs and resources, and developing a roadmap to guide the business's financial activities.
Financial planning for a business typically includes the following steps:
Financial planning for a business is crucial for achieving financial stability, maximizing profitability, and making informed decisions about resource allocation. It provides a framework for managing finances effectively, mitigating risks, and guiding the business towards long-term success.

Budgeting for a business

Budgeting is the process of creating a detailed financial plan that outlines the expected income and expenses over a specific period. It involves estimating and allocating financial resources to various categories and tracking actual income and expenses against the planned amounts. Budgeting is an essential tool for financial management and helps individuals and organizations control spending, achieve financial goals, and make informed decisions about resource allocation.
Here are the key steps involved in budgeting:
Budgeting provides numerous benefits, including:
By practicing effective budgeting, individuals and organizations can gain better control over their finances, make progress towards their financial goals, and make more informed financial decisions.

Financial forecasting for a business

Financial forecasting is the process of estimating or predicting future financial outcomes based on historical data, trends, and relevant factors. It involves analyzing past financial performance and using that information to project future revenues, expenses, cash flows, and other financial metrics.
Financial forecasting serves several purposes, including:
The process of financial forecasting typically involves the following steps:
Financial forecasting is a valuable tool for organizations to anticipate and plan for future financial outcomes. It helps in strategic decision-making, resource allocation, and risk management, ultimately contributing to improved financial performance and stability.
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2023.06.08 13:50 OPchainsaw [FBREF] Top 5 players in the European major leagues with the highest 'Dribblers-Tackled' stats

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2023.06.08 13:50 Andradeez Made it to $5.00 club!

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2023.06.08 13:50 LordRemiem First Time Healing - The experience of a fresh new Lv90 Scholar

First Time Healing - The experience of a fresh new Lv90 Scholar
Uh boi, where do I begin
While waiting for 6.4 I did what I enjoy the most - picking up new jobs and leveling them all the way up to 90, and since I never played healer I decided to go for Arcanist, mostly because I was interested in both Scholar and Summoner (and also because my main and best geared job is BLM and thus my lv90 SMN can use the same gear but shhh). Also, I had the chance to complete the last role quests I still had to beat, both in SHB and EW (EW quest spoiler: Fordola needs a big hug).
I was expecting to use mostly SMN and passively level up SCH due to fear but... I actually enjoyed playing as healer. I almost got addicted to the instant queue popups the idea of keeping my party alive and micro managing my toolkit of health recoveries and shields. Being always busy doing something, be it spamming Ruin or Art of War, while quickly switching targets and throwing a heal to the dps who just made an oopsie then tabbing back to the enemy afterwards, doing my best to try keeping the tank alive during a huge pull etc... I loved it, absolutely.
I found it more stressful than the average, tho. Multiple times I panicked and messed up, forgetting about some oGDC abilities I had when the party needed me, or being so desperate for Aether charges I had to Dissipate the fairy, and stuff like that. I still have much to learn and I need to get more confident with my abilities ^^'
Would do it again tho, absolutely. I'll definitely add SCH to my main classes, gear it up decently and try using it more in higher level content. Just for curiosity, I'll add my current hotbar setup (PC):
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2023.06.08 13:50 Fearless_Blueberry52 Salary range as (Nordic) CRA or SSU Specialist in large CRO

I am being interviewed as a possible candidate for two positions, SSU Specialist or CRA, within a large CRO. The job is based in Scandinavia.
I been asked to share my suggested salary range in the upcoming interview, but to be honest, I have no idea what I can ask for the mentioned positions and don't want to sell myself short.
It would be much appreciated is someone could share insights regarding salary. I haven't had any luck with google or the nice spreadsheet in this subreddit. DM are welcome if that is preferred.
For context, I would be transferring from a Senior R&D Scientist role in a pharma company with 8 years of experience. I have a MSc within Medicinal chemistry specialising in pharmacology. This would be my first employment working specifically with clinical trials within a CRO.
Pros/cons, regarding the two roles are also welcome as well as experience with sign-on-bonus, pension schemes, etc.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.08 13:49 Patient-Food-8459 The ATO has named the top 10 highest paid jobs in Australia. Top job - Surgeon: $457,281 average taxable income

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