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2023.06.08 13:00 marachella Can you overfeed a newborn/baby?

From the nurses and doctors around me and my almost 3 months old I am hearing conflicting information related to overfeeding a baby with formula. Our near 3 months old (2 months and 11 days) is drinking 120ml of formula 8 times a day (total around 940-960ml a day), doesn't throw up, seems genuinely hungry. At his regular checks it seems like his weight is growing too fast (that's what we've been told by one doctor). Some other doctors we have discussed this with say that you can't overfeed a baby and if they drink too much milk they will vomit or have diarrhea. Some say that you can overfeed a baby and you should limit the amount of food despite the hunger cues because these could be cues that indicate that the baby wants soothing versus food. I wanted to hear the opinion of other doctors and also what would be the risks of a baby allegedly overfeeding and gaining weight too fast?
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2023.06.08 13:00 Lxi_Nuuja ChatGPT is not a good DM, but it's actually quite good at being the players

ChatGPT is not a good DM, but it's actually quite good at being the players submitted by Lxi_Nuuja to DungeonsAndDragons [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 12:59 TheJakeBlues Coming for a graduation

I'm coming into town this morning to attend my sons graduation and was wondering if y'all could point me to a marijuana dispensary near my hotel. It's located off Mill Plain Blvd. Between 124th and 136th. I don't drive so something real close by would work best. Any suggestions help. Thank you.
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2023.06.08 12:59 sofkel Intense stomach drop sensations when trying to sleep? As if I’m free falling or on a rollercoaster

I am assuming this is related to anxiety, but this is a new symptom for me, and feels nowhere near like my usual anxiety symptoms. Basically, for the last couple weeks or so, when I go to bed and close my eyes, I will randomly get this drop sensation that starts in my head and goes all the way down to my stomach. It lasts for like 2 seconds each time, and makes me dizzy, startled and obviously just super uncomfortable.
The most annoying part is that I kind of bring it on myself? I don’t know how to describe it but it’s like when I think about the sensation it triggers it, and when I try not to think about it my «intrusive thoughts» trick me into thinking about it and therefore triggering it.
Just to clarify, it’s not like when you almost fall asleep and you jerk awake - I am completely awake when this happens, trying to settle.
I don’t know why I’m posting abt it but I guess I’m wondering if anyone has the same thing? And if you have any coping mechanisms?
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2023.06.08 12:59 CasparLee1006 Stat2011 Final

I just took the STAT2011 exam and it was absolutely hellish. Nearly half of the examination content focused on material covered in the final two weeks, while the distributions that were emphasized in the tutorials were barely touched upon. Shockingly, 70% of the marks came from proof problems, and they provided fewer formulas the longer they were, only offering a simple formula for the Poisson distribution. I chose this course because friends from previous years had told me it was easy to score 80+ or even 90, and I scored 36/40 on my assignments, but I'm still worried about whether I can pass. Does anyone else have any thoughts or feelings about this course final?
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2023.06.08 12:59 TheEpicMedic Day 3: Crossplay Wanted!

Who here also plays on gamepass? I know there are a few of us, I've seen some comments on other threads, as well as my own posts, about being a gamepass user. Drops a comment to talk about it. We need to let FS know that we 100% need crossplay soon.

Zalm, Preacher

Journal Entry 3. Today was harrowing. Not a single successful mission. Nothing has gone my way today, and I would like to blame the heretics, but it feels more like I'm being sabotaged from within the warband. I do not know if Rannick sends troops, Morrow, or Grendyl himself, but I am unable to fufill my missions even in the slightest so long as I keep getting rejects or recruits. It is an endless spiral of defeat and they seem to rather enjoy the idea of missions being incomplete. I ponder such musings as Grendyl being a heretic himself.
I would go over my missions in more detail, but my frustration is tantamount to heresy, and I must self flagellate to remind me of my true, higher purpose in being here, on Atoma. May the Emperor preserve me this day, for shame and anger fills me, and I am disgusted by my own shortcomings.

Quitus, of the Immaculate Mind

I was actually on my way to do a few missions today, but I ran across that lunatic, Zalm. He was seething. Apparently he had a few bad missions, and his whole day had been ruined. He spoke of shortcomings, and rambled on about bad actors, but I could not help but feel more and more sour myself in his presence. It sent my mood into a spiral, and before he even ended his tirade, I too felt unease and disappointment in the day overall. I have, instead, chosen to not undertake any missions. I shall instead share in his brooding, but away from him. I returned to my quarters and shall not participate in anything today. Perhaps its for the best, I am so very tired of carrying children across the finish line.


Yeah, had a bad day. Did like 7 missions on my Zealot, none of them were successful. Didnt get anything done today because, of those 7 missions, 5 were empty, save me. And the other 2 had 3 total players, all of which were under level 20. I have no way to work myself into a strong enough frenzy to carry a whole team through any missions anymore today. I wish the rest of you luck. Emperor Protects.
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2023.06.08 12:59 Aeogeus The Heart of Zeforo: Chapter 24

First Chapter/Previous Chapter
Keoki felt something sting his right flank; it was a sensation he had become familiar with. He would be fine for a minute or so, the heat of the shot having destroyed his nerves, but sooner or later, the laser burn would damage the surrounding skin, and the real pain would begin.
There would be time to wince later as Ha took a shot to his leg, Keoki grabbed him, and they began to retreat. The vo’rul formed the rearguard, relying on their armour to protect them from the laser fire.
A shot struck Melia’s shoulder and nearly stripped all the armour from her suit. Melia realised the Gretsu company had a few plasma weapons in their armoury.
Realising they were horrendously outmatched, Melia threw down a smoke grenade to cover their retreat.
“Let’s just pretend we weren't that stupid,” Keoki said as he shut a bulkhead.
“Are you and Ha ok?” asked Polumnus, inspecting the obed’s injury, amazed the man was still standing and had a leg.
“Yeah, it’s not the first time we’ve been shot; luckily for us, you’re type likes to keep everything on low power,” Keoki replied, trying to ignore the growing pain near his ribs.
Polumnus was not sure how he was supposed to react to that. He, too, had been shot by a laser rifle out of armour, and Polumnus had been floored instantly and needed a new kidney.
“We can’t stand out ground; they’re too many of them; we need to resort to guerrilla tactics,” Melia said.
Then she had an idea. “Keoki can you make more of those bombs you used to blow me up?” she asked.
“Now they’re a sentence I never thought I’d ever say,” Melia thought.
Keoki paused to think as they heard banging on the other side and began to retreat.
“Maybe, it’s doing it soon enough to matter that’s the problem,” Keoki replied.
“What about that laughing gas you used on me? Do you have any more of that?” he asked, his eyes flitting about for anything they could use.
“We do have two bottles left, but I don’t know if they will get through the masks they’re wearing,” Qerik explained.
“We might be able to use it, Qerik; get back to medical and grab those!” Melia ordered, and Qerik did just that.
“We need to slow them down; if they find Tres, Mu or Ka, we’ll be forced into a direct confrontation,” Keoki said, “and that won’t end well for us.”
“Is there another chokepoint we can use?” asked Polumnus.
“No, they can just burn through the door, and we don’t have the time to manufacture one,” Keoki replied after a few seconds of hoping there was something he had overlooked.
“Then we will manage,” Melia said as she noticed a vent in a nearby room.
“Keoki, where does this lead?” she asked, pointing at it.
“Um, it connects to all the other vents on this floor and the ones above,” Keoki explained; he had gained a pretty good mental map of the ship during his time aboard.
“Good, then we use this room, fire some shots off, lock the door and then retreat into the air ducts. The Kireet are too large to use them,” Melia explained.
“It’s about as good as we can expect,” Keoki replied.
“I’ll inform Qerik; tell him to meet us on the floor above,” Polumnus said, contacting the Rating.
“Make it quick, Pompom, we’ve got company,” Keoki said as the locked door was kicked open.
Keoki instructed the obed into the vent while he, Polumnus and Melia fired shots from behind the cover of the door frame.
“What’s Pompom mean?” Polumnus asked as he struck a kireet right between the eyes.
“Do you people have fluffy balls you attach to clothing?” he asked before being grazed on the arm.
Polumnus thought about, as he saw Melia shoot a merc in the leg, “I think the Folriothis Priests wear something like that.”
“In my language, a pompom is one of those, Polumnus, pompom,” Keoki explained.
“Interesting,” Polumnus thought as he removed a frag grenade from his belt and threw it down the corridor.
“Frag out!” he cried as the kireet got as far away as possible, but in the confines of the ship, that was easier said than done.
Three mercenaries were struck, one killed outright, and two badly injured.
Melia, Polumnus and Keoki used the lull in the fighting to retreat into the vent. The Obed had been sent ahead to meet with Qerik.

“Level with me Melia. What are the odds we’ll all get out of this alive?” Keoki asked as he slid from the vent and into a hallway.
Melai considered lying, but it seemed kind of pointless at this point.
“Slim,” she answered.
“That’s good; I was worried I was being pessimistic,” Keoki said.
Qerik was waiting for them and was carrying two glass containers.
“You called this stuff laughing gas; why? What does laughing mean?” Qerik asked as he placed the jars on the ground and stopped the obed from inspecting them
Keoki then recreated that rhythmic noise he had made in the captain's cabin and said, “That’s laughing; humans do it when we’re happy.”
“Or when subjected to Nitrous oxide, I don’t know why; I do know it was used as an anaesthetic, and some people use it as a recreational drug,” he added.
“An anaesthetic, so when we threw the jars in that room with you, all it did was….” Melia said.
“Make it easier for me to tank the explosion, yes,” Keoki said, finishing her sentence.
“Are we sure this will work? They are wearing masks,” Keoki inquired, inspecting the bottle.
“It was your idea,” Qerik said.
“I know; I was relying on your superior knowledge of the local anatomy to fill in the blanks,” Keoki replied.
“It should do; using this stuff if a war crime for a reason,” Polumnus explained, “can be absorbed through the skin.”
“Are you lot sure you’re up for being war criminals?” inquired Keoki
“They’re slavers; you can drown a slaver in their own piss, and it's morally justifiable,” Qerik countered.
Keoki could not really argue with that. He looked down the corridor and asked them, “Do you three think you could hit these jars from two hundred metres away?”
“Yes,” Melia said without hesitation.
“I suggest we put them over there at that T-junction and shoot them with a low-powered shot, zero risk of the rest of us getting doused in the vapour cloud or stray shards of glass,” Keoki explained.
Keoki glanced at the mangled remains of Melia’s shoulder guard and asked, “Are you going to be alright? You took quite the blow there.”
“Yeah, my suit’s not compromised; I just have to make sure I don’t get shot there again,” Melia said.

As they waited for the kireet to arrive, Keoki went over the plan again; admittedly, it was not complicated or lengthy; shoot the jars and then run. He did not want to get caught out again, and after septuple checking his mental map, he was certain the only way the kireet could get through was down this corridor.
Keoki believed they would be doing a lot of waiting before this thing was concluded; he just hoped it ended in their favour.
Polumnus, Melia and Qerik had their rifles squarely aimed at the jars while Keoki and the obed kept watch for the Gretsu Company. Sure, the vo’rul could probably multi-task, but snipers had spotters for a reason, division of labour and all that.
Keoki noticed a face carefully peering around the corner, and he shouted, “Now!”
The vo’rul fired immediately, and within two seconds, both jars had been shattered, and Melia ordered a retreat.
The kireet fired at them, but Melia and company were out of sight before any damage could be done. They did not remain to check if it worked; time was of the essence, and they needed to plan their next move.
Though as he and Melia closed the next door and locked it tight, he did not know what more they could do; they were outnumbered, outgunned, and his tricks would only work when the kireet were scattered and terrified.
They were clearly cut from a different cloth than the uren.
That is how it went; for two floors, they picked out a spotted fire for as long as they could before retreating. It was costly Keoki took a couple more shots, one of them getting dangerously close to his neck.
Boh took a hit and, while not fatal, would require medical attention.
A plasma round had also struck Qerik; much like Melia, it had not harmed the boy, but unlike Melia, it had damaged his suit integrity, which meant the bacteria on the ship would soon be getting to work on his body.
The only small comfort Keoki could take was that none of the plasma rounds had been aimed at him or the obed. The Senator must have really wanted them alive.
They were running out of room; soon, they would be forced into the canteen, putting Mu and Ka at risk.
For their trouble, it seemed the nitrous had done some damage, and they had managed to bring down a couple more kireet with weapons fire, but not nearly enough to make a difference.
Polumnus slammed the canteen door shut and locked it as Qerik and Keoki closed the other entrances, preventing a repeat of their last cock up.
Mu poked his head out from the kitchen, the young man had had very little to do as of late, and while the rectangle was impressive, it could not distract forever.
“Mu, rest,” Keoki said in the obed language.
“I help,” Mu replied, stepping into the canteen.
“Others have guns, no help, I no help much,” Keoki explained.
Mu was having none of it though; despite how it may appear to outsiders, Keoki was not in charge of the obed. As a matter of fact, from what Keoki could tell, the obed did not even have a leader, period.
The obed listened to Keoki because he was the most knowledgeable about their current predicament, but they still made their own decision, which meant if Mu truly wanted to fight, then Keoki could do nothing to stop him.
Keoki supposed if he had crashlanded on their homeworld, he would be expected to defer to their judgment.
Slapping his legs, Keoki finally said, “Push tables to door. Others no get in.”
Mu did as he was asked, pleased to have something to do for a change; a break was nice and all, but he was not built to sit idle.
“I’m going to try and get Ka to move,” Keoki told Melia as he vanished into the kitchen.
Melia heard him but did not respond; she was too busy converting the tables into a makeshift fortification.
Qerik came by and picked up the rotten food.
“Hungry?” Melia asked, not deviating from her task.
“No, I thought we could put it on the floor, help make it slippery,” Qerik explained.
Melia did pause at that and said, “Good thinking.”
“Just keep the slime away from the hole in your suit. You’re going to get sick enough as it is,” Melia added.
“Don’t remind me,” Qerik replied.
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2023.06.08 12:59 munkini Urgent help needed

I'm a hodler of NEAR PROTOCOL since long. But due to this SEC vs BINANCE fights, my liquidation is coming near.
1️⃣ Can you help me with technical analysis, what are below strong support points?
2️⃣ What would happen to NEAR PROTOCOL as this is considered as security by SEC?
3️⃣ What the 2024 NEAR PREDICTION?
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2023.06.08 12:58 Inside-Patience-3339 POSSUM REMOVAL IN BRISBANE.

Description: Possum can be very crafty animals. Residents of Brisbane City often need the assistance of possum removal experts to get rid of them from their homes. For this you can contact https: . we have been helpful with our services to control and removal of possums.
KEYWORDS: Possum Removal In Brisbane, Possum removal near me.
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2023.06.08 12:57 Pazerniusz I forgot how dark was SG1 it would not be possible in current television. This show is truly a gem.

I recently started re-watching SG1 and hit me that the show was for 12+. I frankly forgot that few years a ago only way to get 18+ was to include implicit sexual content. There is high mortality in nearly every episode, to be frank, it is hard to find an episode when somebody does not die. They also have quite accurate portraits of some cultures, which people in the current political climate would consider unsavoury. They pock a lot of very hard and grim moral dilemmas. Every one of those things flows so naturally in shows. I think that a show like this would not be possibly made in current state media.
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2023.06.08 12:57 Choice-Program9865 Taylor Rays GC8 popped up for sale near me.

Taylor Rays GC8 popped up for sale near me. submitted by Choice-Program9865 to HaggardGarage [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 12:56 CalmlyPsychedelic thinking of dropping my engineering degree because of how broken my brain is

school has always been such a massive stressor for me. my last year of high school nearly killed me, now 1.5yrs into an honours bachelor of engineering, i cant fucking take it anymore. i had the worst year last year, rubber-banding between hypomania and depression, but now, still recovering from a psychotic depressive episode 2 months ago, im not sure how much longer i can do this. notoriously, engineering is such a mind fuck and i go to one of the 'best' engineering unis in my country - that only means it's tough as shit. its so fucking stressful man and it's not going to get any better.
my therapist suggested taking a break for the next term or until next year, and im almost ready to pursue it but i have no idea what to do with myself if i do. i love working my 2 jobs which have felt like the only things keeping me going, and one of them will get me pretty far if i commit hard enough.
my parents are/will not be happy with me deferring from what they believe is my best path, but listening to them nearly got me killed so i dont care what they think right now.
it just feels like all my passions of being a sexy engineer making robots to go to other galaxies and imbuing them with ai written by me have been slashed by how broke my brain is. i havent gotten my meds right, i sleep way too much, i cant pull myself thru enough for this huge degree, and i feel so lost.
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2023.06.08 12:55 Ferhog Suletta/Guel Shipping just really rubs me the wrong way

Guel's crush on Suletta is a really endearing part of his character, but I feel like people who actually want to see them get together are ignoring Suletta's own side of things. Between the end of his arc as an antagonist in the first 3 episodes and his return to Asticassia in season 2 I believe they spoke to each other a grand total of three times. She's had a profound impact on him but she herself has no reason to like him back.
So when people express support for the pairing and ESPECIALLY when the pairing is competing with (And on some weeks somehow SURPASSING) Sulemio in Animetrending's couple polls it just feels like certain people are just looking at Suletta as a prize for Guel to win rather than her own character.
At the risk of being controversial it also just feels very motivated by heteronormativity. The yuri and yaoi genres may exist but a same-sex lead romance in a mainstream anime is incredibly rare and wanting to see a straight pairing over that feels very anti-progressive.
That last point could also be made for Suletta/El4n but that pairing doesn't bother me nearly as much because at least there was a mutual connection there and it doesn't feel like Suletta is seen purely as the love-interest.
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2023.06.08 12:55 Popular_Argument_138 My (30F) husband (35M) might be having an emotional affair

This is probably gonna be lengthy because it’s been going on for awhile.
My (30F) husband (35M) has a relationship with a coworker that just makes my spidey-sense tingle.
For context, we've been together for almost 5 years and got in engaged in February 2020, right before Covid hit. And my husband started the job he is at now back in September 2020. He instantly clicked with one of the girls (he’s the only man in the office), let’s call her Molly, and couldn’t stand anyone else. At first, I had no issues towards her, not even when she mentioned to him that she was gonna “creep” my facebook. Or when she would just always compliment my eyebrows, only my eyebrows, asking whether I got them done, or I do them myself.
Flash forward to May 2021, and we were on vacation with my sister and her fiancé, starting to plan our destination wedding. The whole time we were out planning, he would be snap chatting her, and at one point he snapped a picture of my sister (we look nothing alike), and she asked him if it was his fiancé or her sister, which I thought was kinda weird for someone who said they were gonna creep someone’s social media, or just for the fact that I knew he showed her a picture of me before (our engagement photos) But it wasn’t weird enough I really thought anything of it.
In August 2021, I found out I was unexpectedly pregnant, so we decided to have our wedding a whole year early. In September 2021, I was hospitalized for 4 days, with an infection that if the antibiotics didn’t work and I ended up needing surgery, I would lose the pregnancy. 4 days I sat in the hospital by myself, even though he was off of work. My husband (then fiancé) only came to visit one of the days I was there, for a couple of hours, and the whole time he snap chatted Molly, and was asking me about my eyebrows, again. Didn’t even try to comfort me about the fact I had to turn my phone off because my family was bombarding me with messages of my dad’s infidelity.
We got married in October 2021, and it was a beautiful, last minute ceremony (I planned it all by myself without any input from him), that he really wanted to do before the baby came. Toward the end of October, we went to see a professional hockey game since my boss offered us tickets right on the ice by the team. As we were there, he was telling me one of his friends was also there, and he showed me a Snapchat his friend sent him. Once that Snapchat finished, it went back to his inbox of messages and I seen his coworker wrote him. He didn’t open it while I was looking, and I as turned my attention back to the game, out of the corner of my eye I seen him turn his phone away from my view and start typing. I didn’t say anything until a couple days later and I asked if this was something I should worry about and he assured me it was nothing, and that she was even trying to convince her boyfriend to have a baby so I literally had nothing to worry about. I expressed it was weird that she was had to “convince” her long time boyfriend to have a baby, especially at the time I was pregnant. But, I let it go thinking it was just my hormones.
After this, I noticed he would be texting her or snapping her, even more outside of work. He gets out at 4:30, and would sometimes be texting her until 8:30-9:30pm. Eventually in late November, we traveled to see his favorite football team,. I got him super good seats, that were expensive, for his birthday, booked a hotel, and we made a weekend of it. This time when I seen his Snapchat, I noticed they were best friends on there. And that was just a huge red flag for me.
The following night, after we got home, I asked him about her being his best friend on Snapchat and expressed how uncomfortable it made me, and expressed that I’ve had this feeling in the past and brushed it off and I was actually right about the situation. He told me I couldn’t take my past out on him. That he would never cheat on me. I asked him to delete her off Snapchat and only converse with her where the messages could be recorded (text message and g-chat at work). He said he would just delete his whole Snapchat account. Now, my husband is super outgoing and really likes his social media so this felt weird to me, and I told him it was strange he’d to go to such an extent for a coworker. I also told him I didn’t want him bringing her up to me at any time (he talked about her a lot). He also posted a picture of me to social media that weekend with a cowboy filter, mentioning “sometimes I’m his wife, sometimes a cowboy, but I’ll always be his baby mama”. Molly commented on the post and emphasized “always be your baby mama” with laughing emojis, which my husband reacted with a laughing emoji too. Even though I expressed in the past how I felt about being called his baby mama (I don’t like it), and one of the reasons he pushed to get married before the baby was born was because he promised his grandma he wouldn’t have a kid before marriage. I’m not only the mother of his child, but his wife, and by calling me his baby mama, he’s down playing my role in his life.
We got into an argument about it all and didnt talk for a few days. We work opposite schedules, so instead of going to stay with my parents and having to answer questions, I would avoid the times we would be at home together because I needed some space. Eventually he texted me to apologize, and said that I need to trust him. That he would never cheat on me. I told him no one thinks they’re gonna cheat, and he don’t know how he would react when put into that situation, but I would like him to avoid even being put into that situation where it’s a possibility since our bodies do have physiological reactions, and I have experienced that before personally. He told me he would delete her off Snapchat and only talk to her through text or g-chat so if I wanted to read the messages I could. That he never meant to make me feel like he was prioritizing her, and didn’t stop to think how he’d feel if the roles were reversed.
I never asked if he deleted her off Snapchat, I figured I should at least trust him to do what he says. But I have gone through his messages with her and most of it is innocent. There was one message where she took a screenshot of her conversation with one of the techs where she asked him to take her for a ride in his corvette, and she sent it to my husband and said “look who asked me out”. My husband asked her “isn’t he married”, and she responded “don’t tell anyone though”.
My husband knows I have gone through his phone, like he told me I could, but has made indirect comments about how nobody should go through their SO phone. Relationships are all about trust, etc. he also snap chatted me a picture of all the conversations he had going with the office girls on g-chat, and I noticed Molly’s history was turned off. I asked him if he knew this and he said “lol yeah”. After a few months of not bringing her up, and sneaking away to text her back instead of doing it in front me (like going to the bathroom, or stopping in the middle of walking to type), then he started to casually bring her back into our conversations again.
In April 2022 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I had to have an emergency c-section, so once the baby came out, I told my husband to go with her and the nurses. A couple of weeks after, my gut told me to check his messages. I did and I seen he sent a picture of my baby to Molly 10 minutes after she was born, after he sent it in a group chat to his parents and sister. She got a picture before my parents and siblings. She got a picture while I was still cut open on the table and I didn’t even get to see my until 5 minutes after he sent Molly the picture. When I asked why he sent her a picture 10 minutes after she was born, he said “because she asked for one”. My baby was also born late at night. This was the hardest part to swallow. He only knew this girl for a year and half, and she was so important that she got pictures immediately? After the most important people of in his life? He didn’t even send pictures to his best friend that he’s been friends with for over 20 years, until late the next morning.
While I was on maternity leave, his manager asked him to work a half hour later to close on the days his “bff” (what his manager called Molly) had to close. I told him this made me uncomfortable, them being alone for a half hour, and that his manager knew he wouldn’t say no to closing just because it was with her. This entire 1st year of postpartum, I definitely feel like we’ve grown apart in our relationship. Of course we’re navigating being new to parenthood, but it just seems like he’s always angry with me. Making snide remarks. Giving me dirty looks. And still just coming home talking about Molly.
I finally got to meet Molly at his work holiday party, and it was completely awkward. Not only did she barely say hi to me, she almost didn’t even shake my hand i had extended out to her, but her boyfriend treated my husband coldly (he normally makes friend with everyone, anywhere he goes). We put our jackets to sit by them, and went around to mingle some more, and she let someone move them so we couldn’t sit by them, and then they ended up leaving extra early. The vibes were just totally off.
The most recent incidence was he was talking to our daughter, and I was listening and made a comment about something he said and he told my daughter that I’m always eavesdropping and reading. I asked what he meant, and he said “you know, since you read through my messages”, and I told him to ask me the last time I went through his messages, so he did, and I told him that I haven’t since a couple weeks after my baby was born. He said this was shocking and he didn’t know if it was a good thing or not that I trust him.
This also isn’t the first issue we’ve had over a coworker. At his previous job, I seen him messaging a coworker talking stuff about me and how he didn’t think I would be helpful after construction was done in our house. When I confronted him, he cried and begged me not to leave him. He even stopped talking to her. Which makes his reaction with this situation regarding Molly more suspicious to me.
I can’t tell if I’m going crazy, or if my husband has feelings for Molly. He’s also had conversations with her mom (says she calls the office). Writes on her Facebook wall about random things teasing her (which is his love language). I feel like he treats her the way he treats me and he shouldn’t be treating anyone else like he treats me. He even talks to her more than me. And most times we talk, it’s about the care for our daughter. Even when we’re intimate, he seems different than he did before meeting her. I feel like I’ve been going outta my mind the last year trying to make sense of this, holding resentment. And I just don’t feel comfortable to keep bringing it up, and having the same conversation again. So here I am on Reddit, looking for advice on my situation
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2023.06.08 12:55 autotldr Multiple children stabbed in a park in France by a coward waste of sperm

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At least four very young children have been stabbed in a park near Lake Annecy, in France's south-east, the interior minister says.
Reports say the children were aged about three years old and at least two were in a critical condition.
Local officials earlier said six children were injured, but police later revised that number to two children and one adult in a life-threatening condition, and another two children who were injured.
He attacked the children - some in pushchairs - as they visited the park, before fleeing the scene and stabbing an elderly man nearby.
President Emmanuel Macron tweeted that the nation was in "Shock" over the "Act of cowardice", adding that several children and an adult were in a critical condition.
He said he heard people yelling "Run! Run!" and watched as the police chased the alleged attacker down after attacking an elderly man.
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2023.06.08 12:55 pouce42 HELP!! A prong broke and I cant decide how to go about repairing my ring

HELP!! A prong broke and I cant decide how to go about repairing my ring
So the other day I was drying my hands and a prong got tangled up in a tiny little thread and I didn’t notice so I walked away and it YANKED out and broke the prong. Now Im paranoid and feel like I need a more secure setting (Like bezel). Tell me your opinions on which option I should do, or if I should just have the prong repaired and call it a day. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 12:55 Assessment05 Learn Portuguese

In my previous article we discussed the basics of studying overseas languages. To complement your revel in we are able to cross over five greater sensible language mastering pointers that you may follow without difficulty for your every day life. These suggestions are to help you to your already current overseas language learning studies.
Learn Portuguese
  1. CARRY A DICTIONARY: I know that sounds hard to do. I'm not speakme about wearing Webster's collegiate dictionary that could require its personal backpack. You can discover miniature dictionaries which could without problems match for your pocket or handbag. Although it's going to by no means be convenient this is how I found out to talk French fluently. While I became in France every time anybody stated some thing I failed to recognize I may want to instantly look it up, and then use it in my vocabulary. Also, every time there has been a French phrase I desired to mention I could instantly appearance it up. This is so important due to the fact there are so normally when you are out and also you want to understand how to mention some thing however are unable to. Then by the point you get home and may appearance it up you have both forgotten the phrase or forgotten altogether and you've got overlooked out on a amazing possibility to you enhance your language competencies.

* One alternative this is also effective is to hold a pocket notebook wherein you may hold a going for walks listing of phrases you have found out or want to learn.

  1. WATCH MOVIES: The excellent issue approximately English movies is that everyone desires them so meaning all of them get dubbed into a couple of languages. This may additionally best work for French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, or Japanese but remains a wonderful tool. Turn at the dubbing for the language your need to research and experience your movie. Don't activate the subtitles even if you don't understand because you may begin to focus handiest at the subtitles and not advantage something from the experience. Subtitles can be an excellent device for rookies who're already advanced and want to study the precise idiomatic meanings of sayings. This is also a excellent tool to boom your listening comprehension. Start a small phase of the film. Listen cautiously and then replay it time and again till you recognize each word. Secondly, mimic the voices precisely in every segment. This will allow you to examine proper pronunciation and accent.

  1. READ THE NEWSPAPER: There are numerous approaches to get Newspapers, Magazines, and Comics in foreign languages. I point out these styles of print media because they're the most conversational. They will educate you to speak and write like a local does in their natural kingdom, not when they're trying to speak in dramatic or intellectual terms. You can locate these materials at libraries, on-line, or for languages like Spanish and Chinese often times at your nearby newsstand. Most of them are unfastened. I prefer the online assets because they're usually loose and smooth to get. Comic books are super because they're the most conversational print fabric. You can see the human beings in movement and hook up with what they're talking about.

  1. WRITE LETTERS: Even if the letter is fake write a letter about your day. This will pressure you to research new words and to assume within the language. Although you WILL make mistakes, do not worry, it is all apart of the manner. I look back at a number of the things that I wrote after I became beginning and marvel what I was questioning. Even though the writings are harking back to the ramblings of a loopy guy it helped me to refine my competencies. I can see the progress in my writings month through month they enhance drastically. Don't neglect to be aware of your Conjugations.

Five. THINK THE LANGUAGE: Think as lots as viable in the language. When you are wondering at every time for the duration of the day do it as a lot as possible in the overseas language you're mastering. Fill inside the blanks together with your local language but simply maintain wondering inside the language. This is HUGELY essential. One of the biggest troubles while mastering to speak a overseas language is HABIT. If you aren't used to questioning in Spanish then how will you be able to talk Spanish This will prepare you to be secure and assured when confronted with the possibility to talk the language. If you make this a addiction it sooner or later becomes herbal and extemporaneous.

Stay tuned for more articles on improving your language competencies within the near future. If you've got questions or requests feel unfastened to touch the author.
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2023.06.08 12:54 Nathan_V_James I myself was once nearly dumped by a girl because she thought she'd found a picture of me with David Cameron. It was only when she looked again that she realised I was *actually* standing next to a glazed ham at a Toby Carvery.

I myself was once nearly dumped by a girl because she thought she'd found a picture of me with David Cameron. It was only when she looked again that she realised I was *actually* standing next to a glazed ham at a Toby Carvery. submitted by Nathan_V_James to ToriesAreBad [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 12:53 sworn-in-syd not sure what to title.

not sure what to title.
was on twitter and saw a thread from @/rubysnephew about references in the new WHATWHAT video one of them was when they’re around the cauldron w the breaking bad lyrics it broke me when i met Cody in 2016 there was 2 things he loved Suicideboys and Breaking Bad and throughout our relationship they were something i grew to love too. i wish so fucking badly he was still here to see how big they’ve grown and little things like that bc i know he’s just love it and go crazy over it but i guess if you read this far just remember to love everyone you have bc you don’t know when they’ll be gone and enjoy little things.
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2023.06.08 12:52 burlingtoncabservice Looking For Burlington cab near me

Looking For Burlington cab near me
Finding for safe & economical ‘Burlington cab near me’? Now your search is over with No matter what part of Burlington you might be coming from or which airport you need to access, we provide you with the best transportation service that fulfills your needs. And we always maintain our comfortable vehicles clean and sanitized in this pandemic time to provide passengers with the highest quality of service with safety. You can call us anytime on (802)238-4135. Send us mail for more queries: [email protected].
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2023.06.08 12:52 pouce42 HELP!! A prong broke and I cant decide how to go about repairing my ring

HELP!! A prong broke and I cant decide how to go about repairing my ring
So the other day I was drying my hands and a prong got tangled up in a tiny little thread and I didn’t notice so I walked away and it YANKED out and broke the prong. Now Im paranoid and feel like I need a more secure setting (Like bezel). Tell me your opinions on which option I should do, or if I should just have the prong repaired and call it a day. Thanks!
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