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2023.06.08 14:10 Spiritual_Ranger_915 Is there any way around the 50gb data limit?

I have the unlimited plan with 50 gig per month in data. I use roughly double that and my monthly bill is ridiculously high.
Is there any way to buy a second account to use on the same phone that uses the same number so I can just use the second account for data when the first runs out?
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2023.06.08 14:09 DynastyDegenerate66 Brian Burns changes jersey number to 0

It’s a slow part of the news cycle for sure, but I love the 0 on Burns. Who are some of your favorite playejersey number combinations in Panthers history?
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2023.06.08 14:09 Novuake Vertically stacked monitors and brackets

Hey guys. So im a little stuck at the moment and need some advice.
I currently have the following monitors that I need to rearrange for ease of access and some space for a laptop on the side.
My plan was to have a centerline 32inch monitor(either on its own stand or mounted) with a 27 inch curved above it and finally a 24inch vertical one on the left. Laptop to the right.
That said it all works cabling wise but I cant seem to figure out what the best stand or bracket would be for this.
I can't wall mount the top monitor unfortunately so it will have to be a clamp bracket to the desk but all of the articulate arms seem to be too short to have the 32 below and 27 atop.
What am I missing? Are there some helpful dimensions or specs that I should be looking for? Any recommendations?
Unfortunately I live in South Africa so my options for purchasing stuff like this are quite limited.
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2023.06.08 14:09 alrahmahsa Why Are Social Responsibility Projects in Health Required in Modern Times?

Why Are Social Responsibility Projects in Health Required in Modern Times?
Social responsibility is the commitment to behave ethically and contribute to economic and social development while improving the quality of life of individuals and their families as well as the local community and society at large. Currently, we are living in a quite challenging phase of times regarding societal health.
We are still overcoming the aftermaths of a global pandemic and facing lots of other health issues like obesity, mental health, cardiac health and so on. This condition signifies the dire need for social responsibility and charity projects in health. Our society needs ample awareness and training to cope with the deteriorating standard of health of our society.
Top Reasons Why Health-Based Charity Projects Have Become More Important Than Ever
Here are some of the most prominent reasons that have made health one of the most important social responsibilities. Refer to the following points for more details.
  1. All human beings deserve better health status; thus, health is not only a societal but a global agenda. To improve health standards, a more technical and financial focus is required and that can be done through charity projects.
  2. Novel health issues are rising and rapidly increasing more often now than ever. To tackle such problems, well-planned social responsibility projects are required. Proper education and safety guidelines act meticulously on risky health issues.
  3. Healthcare benefits are accessible to a limited number of people for now but it is needed to reach every member of society. Charity projects based on health issues ensure maximum reach up to the bottom of society.
  4. Currently, we have limited health-oriented resources like manpower and technologies. Charity projects transform apt members of society into educated and trained resources, thus, making them strong partners for elevating the health status.
  5. Health issues need permanent attention but resources are finite. So, following the principle of prevention is better than cure, social responsibility projects can make everyone aware of the importance of good health and fitness and avoiding any risks.
  6. We are living in a globalization era and therefore we need sustainable healthcare systems not only for our society but worldwide. We need to improve the quality of life of people by addressing the health risks as soon as they become known to us.
  7. The benefits of a better health system and better health facilities can go beyond health-oriented objectives and contributions to society. A healthy and fit society becomes more stable financially and socially.
Collaborate with Al Rahmah Medical Charitable Society for Charity Projects in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.
If you are seeking a trusted partnership towards making your society a stronger one in terms of health, then collaborate with Al Rahmah Medical. With a brilliant team of healthcare experts, Al Rahmah Medical has successfully delivered numerous health campaigns in the Eastern Province and put its immense experience towards the betterment of society. Get in touch with Al Rahmah Medical now for more details.
Visit the Site :
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2023.06.08 14:09 aaronrjackson Apple Savings Advice

Sorry in advance if this has been posted before, but after spending 4 hours on the phone with about a dozen different people I'm hoping someone here has a solution.
I have been transferring money over to my Apple Savings because, well, 4.15% is a hell of a lot more than .05 which is what my current savings gives me. I'm able to send money from my local bank to the Apple Savings. Yesterday however I wanted to test how easy it would be to send it back. When I went to withdraw it said I had to call customer support to verify my account. No problem I thought. I get on the phone with support, give them my bank's phone number, and that's when it all went south.
My bank wouldn't verify info with the Goldman Sach's rep over the phone. So I called my bank and started the process through them. My bank calls Goldman, I'm on hold for 20 minutes, they both come back on at the same time and are arguing with each other. You see, Goldman Sachs will only accept phone verification on bank accounts on OUTGOING phone calls. My bank will accept a variety of options but when it comes to over the phone they will only accept OUTGOING calls. After laughing at the situation for a good two minutes I simply said "Well I am the account holder and I verify both of you". Surprisingly that didn't work. The Apple savings lady suggested that maybe if one of them were to have the call "drop out" they could call me back thus making both calls outgoing with me merging. Neither of their managers viewed that as a reasonable solution though.
So, to recap TLDR;
I'm in a verification circle from hell where both Apple Savings and my local bank will only accept OUTGOING phone calls for verification status. Since by the very nature of a phone call one person has to be incoming I do not see a way to fix this. Thoughts?
For what it's worth I can simply call my local bank, tell them my account info, and they will withdraw all my money from Apple Savings any time I desire. So my money is not entirely stuck. In 2023 I'd just like to have the option of handling it myself through the app.
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2023.06.08 14:09 morespamsandwiches Struggling to enjoy D4 playing as barb in a team, any tips?

To start with, my first Diablo was D3, which I really enjoyed playing with friends. I wasn’t invested in the lore at all so it was all about the arpg combat and loot for me. I also hadn’t played many arpg games otherwise so I couldn’t appreciate whether D3 was a good arpg from a combat-loot-loop perspective or not – I just know I enjoyed it.
I should also add that with D4, I don’t have as much time as I used to. I don’t have free time to play solo, I’ve got time to sign in and play with my friends for a couple of hours in the evening doing the main quest lines (just played 2 nights so far). That means I’m being a bit rushed through it so I don’t get to appreciate the story that much, but I’m fine with that. I don’t think I knew what was going on in D3 on my first play through.
I’m playing as a barb and set it up similarly to as I remember in D3 just to get going quickly. I’ve got bash, hammer of ancients, leap and stomp as I used to like bouncing in, stunning everything and smashing it, repeat. Don’t care if it’s efficient or not, I just like how that felt in D3. In D4 it’s not working for me, I just feel sort of flat and useless. I can barely tell that I’m doing damage, and I’m not feeling the effect of the stun or the hammer of the ancients hits. I think I used to get a little endorphin hit when I used hota in D3 – it just felt more powerful. I’m not sure why, maybe it just threw up a giant number in my face and made a big noise. At the moment, it feels the same as just using my normal bash.
Generally, in battle, I can’t really see the damage I’m doing – the main thing I can see is “VUNERABLE” notifications flying off everything (I think it’s from abilities from other group members). This is making me uninterested in the gear that drops – If I equip a new weapon or upgrade it at the blacksmith, I just can’t feel the difference in combat. I’ve reached level 19, and I feel just as powerful as I did when I started (in fact maybe less powerful). I might be under-geared but I’m not dying so I don’t think that’s a significant issue.
I just feel a bit useless and it’s starting to get boring. The last boss we did last night I think was the end of act 1. It had the guy in the iron maiden armour helping out. It started well, the boss seemed to have more going on than the others and the telegraphing of the dangers was probably the clearest of all the fights so far. Then it started to drag, I don’t know how long it took in the end but I really felt like I was just waiting for it to finish. I think it all comes down to not feeling like I’m doing any damage. At one point I started to wonder if I should even bother hitting it because it’s easier to stay out of danger at a distance and that’s really not like me. I’m usually the one taking stupid risks and almost dying.
Anyone have any tips? Should I play solo for a few nights? Change spec? Change character? Mess with accessibility options? Just stick with it and it’ll get better? I really just want to enjoy playing it; the game looks great and I like playing with friends.
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2023.06.08 14:09 UnawareTepic391 They work for the government

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2023.06.08 14:08 Striven123 Trying to perform index match match across multiple sheets where the data range are different sizes

I'm trying to look in column A for worksheet name to look into. then to look in column B and and row 5 and find the same in the worksheet im looking in and paste the corresponding value in column G onwards but nothing is pasted and there's no error.

Sub CopyDataBasedOnCriteria() Dim totalSheet As Worksheet Dim ws As Worksheet Dim totalRow As Long Dim lastRow As Long Dim i As Long Dim totalColumn As Long Dim matchIndex As Variant ' Set the total sheet as the target sheet Set totalSheet = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Total") ' Get the last used row in the "Total" sheet totalRow = totalSheet.Cells(totalSheet.Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row ' Loop through each row in column A of the "Total" sheet For i = 1 To totalRow ' Get the worksheet name from column A wsName = totalSheet.Cells(i, "A").value ' Skip the "company1" worksheet If wsName <> "company1" Then ' Set the worksheet based on the name On Error Resume Next Set ws = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(wsName) On Error GoTo 0 ' Continue if the worksheet is found If Not ws Is Nothing Then ' Find the matching column in row 5 of the worksheet matchIndex = Application.Match(totalSheet.Cells(i, "B").value, ws.Rows(5), 0) ' Check if a match is found If Not IsError(matchIndex) Then ' Get the corresponding column number totalColumn = matchIndex ' Find the last used row in column D of the worksheet lastRow = ws.Cells(ws.Rows.Count, "D").End(xlUp).Row ' Copy the values from column D and row 5 onwards to the "Total" sheet ws.Range(ws.Cells(5, totalColumn), ws.Cells(lastRow, totalColumn)).Copy totalSheet.Cells(i, "G") End If End If End If Next i End Sub 
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2023.06.08 14:08 dontclickmyprofile Should I sue my ex-boyfriend for emotional distress?

I (20F) became pregnant by my then-boyfriend (21M) a little over a year ago. I want to mention that we’re both college students attending the same university, which is essentially how we met. The pregnancy, of course, was an accident. When I found out I was pregnant, I had previously broken off contact with him due to him borderline cheating on me. I had to reach back out to him to get into contact and plan our next steps.
When we first got back into contact, I had told him I was unsure if I wanted an abortion or not. He told me that whatever I chose, he would be there to support me. After about a week or so of thinking it over, I had decided I wanted to keep the baby. At first, my ex had accepted my decision, but he soon began to change as the anxiety of becoming a father started to get to him.
All throughout my pregnancy, he began to constantly harass me in an attempt to get me to have an abortion. I had really bad symptoms, severe migraines, bad nausea, extreme fatigue. I was going through so much and he essentially decided to stop supporting me because he decided he didn’t want me to have this kid by any means necessary. I started to see him less frequently and he admitted to avoiding me when questioned about it. He took me to one doctors appointment over the course of 3 months and constantly held it over my head to say he was “helping” me. The appointment in question was just to confirm I was pregnant and was not a real appointment about my health or the baby’s health. Every other day I was bombarded by a string of texts or phone calls telling me why I was a horrible person for choosing this and why I would be a bad mother. In addition to this, his family was asking for a police officer to be present during my doctors appointments (which I feel like was to intimidate me). They also threatened to take me to court to win full custody of the child. This was the lowest point in my life. I was physically unwell, powerless, depressed, and suicidal. I felt like I had no real support and no options.
Eventually I caved. I got tired of the constant harassment and threats and I got an abortion unwillingly. I just wanted his family to leave me alone. Following the abortion, I had an incredibly difficult time finding a job. I was out of work due to my physical state while I was pregnant. It took me about 6 months to find a job, so my finances were extremely strained because of it. I couldn’t even pay my car insurance during that time, it was so bad. I was severely depressed for a long time after and grieved for months. To make matters worse, my ex decided to tell people about my abortion and spun the story around to make himself seem like the victim. A lot of people were gossiping about me, snickering when they’d see me, and just full-blown hated me because they assumed I was a horrible person. I had a hard time making friends during this time, and I felt extremely isolated and alone. I got on antidepressants not long after to treat symptoms of anxiety, depression, and ptsd. I also got an official order sent to him from the school to get him to stop talking about the abortion.
Is this enough to build a case of emotional distress? Is it worth it?
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2023.06.08 14:08 Bufonga Faster voice typing now available - after 6 months?

So yesterday when I went to text someone on the suggestion bar on Gboard it brought up "faster voice typing now available". I've had this feature enabled since day 1 on P7 and never felt like it worked or made a difference and in general was very disappointed in the phones voice typing. After this message it certainly does make a big difference.
Anyone else have this pop up over past few days?
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2023.06.08 14:08 LavishnessNo5410 My agent lied to me. What do I do?

Hi everyone, this might be the wrong place to post this, but I am at a loss here.
I had a different insurance last year and was shopping around for new insurance. Got my roof and siding replaced after a hail storm last year as well.
When I inquired with a particular agent for an insurance company, he told me there is a 20% discount for Class 3 roofing shingles. I have this in writing. I asked my roofer, who said my shingles are class 3, that she spoke with the agent, and that I’d be getting the discount. The discount made the insurance just slightly cheaper than my old one, but without the discount it was an increase. I was issued policy declarations with the discount added. The amount, with the discount, was billed to my mortgage company.
A bit of time later, maybe a couple months, I get a notification from my mortgage company that the insurance company took an extra $600 out of my escrow account. I called the agent, who said that they did that only because the roofer filled out a form for the class 3 shingles but forgot to add the business address and my policy number. Fine. After weeks of hounding, I finally get the roofer to redo it. I ask if the situation is resolved.
They then tell me that I was never going to qualify for the discount in the first place. This is because it’s not about class 3 or class 4, it’s about the brand of shingle appearing on a list of approved ones by the insurance company. Mine does not. This is the first time I’ve heard of that being a requirement.
So now I have an insurance policy I never would have bought in the first place because the agent lied to me about “class 3” being the only criteria for the discount. I am at a loss of what to do.
Would you just cancel the policy and go elsewhere? Would I have any success with the DOI? Thanks for any help.
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2023.06.08 14:07 huzzy_123 D&D War Mechanic - Feedback Appreciated

My players are planning to join in a war effort, and I'm thinking of pulling together a mechanic to deal with mass-battles swiftly, and to engage the players in the strategic planning of the war (I have already mentioned this to the players and they seem interested). I've looked at other supplements, but found them too heavy, and wanted to go for more of a straight forward/simple one. The following is just ideas for now, so any feedback, ways to improve, or general ideas is much appreciated.
The foundation of the mechanic is that whenever the two factions go to battle or siege one another, both sides roll a d100, and have varying modifiers (depending on their army size, resources, influence, regions/areas occupied, which will also reflect the respective strengths of the factions). The faction that rolls the highest wins (or perhaps both sides roll 3 times to reflect the progression and determine the outcome of the battle). During the battle, the players themselves can engage in combat as normal, though this will be primarily goal-focused. E.g. defend the wall/breach the wall, take out the siege weapons/protect the siege weapons, take out high priority targets/defend high priority targets - if they succeed, the opposing faction either gets a negative modifier to their roll or rolls with disadvantage (not sure which).
As for the actual modifiers and how they are gained, I've been thinking of the following:
Army Size 1 per squad in the army (with a squad consisting of 10 people); e.g. an army of 500 people gains +50 to their roll Perhaps the factions gain different bonuses depending on how their army is composed. E.g. the players' faction consists of mainly Wood Elves, so perhaps they gain advantage on rolls if fighting/defending on their favoured terrain (forests). I'm also thinking the size of an army is restricted to the number of settlements owned (i.e. you cannot grow your army larger without a settlement and the resources that come with it).
Watchtowers & Outposts +2 per watchtower occupied +5 per outpost occupied In the region, there are several watchtowers and outposts which I'm thinking can be contested and fought over (are these modifiers too low?)
Settlements +5 for hamlet, +10 for village, +15 for town, +20 for city This is to reflect bases they own, general influence over the region, and the resources/labour gained through occupying a settlement (are these modifiers too low?)
Siege Weapons +2 for simple (requires village), +3 for general (requires town), +4 for expert (requires city) These will come into play when attacking/sieging, and players can try to defend/attack these
Reconnaissance +5/+10/+15 modifier on your next d100 roll depending on the success of the mission Idea is that this cannot stack and perhaps players can assist with these missions
Alliances Players will have the option to set up alliances, to increase their army strength, or perhaps receive certain bonuses/perks. E.g. if setting an alliance with various gangs in the region (the 'underworld' so to speak), perhaps there is a bonus to the Reconnaissance roll.
Miscellaneous I'm thinking players can help secure resources to set up defensive structures, walls, etc around areas occupied, which will give them additional modifiers to their roll (or negatives to the opposing factions roll). E.g. a town being surrounded by a wall gives +20 to the occupier's d100 roll when defending (or a -20 to any faction who attacks it)
Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas!
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2023.06.08 14:07 RevolutionaryPeak725 guys, what is that?🤔 phone on church ?

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2023.06.08 14:07 insignia-college What are the Requirements for Admission to Aviation College in Canada?

To get admission to an aviation college in Canada, One needs to meet certain basic requirements. Although certain requirements can vary in certain aviation schools depending on the specific institution and program. Here are some common requirements that one needs to meet:

Have A Look About The Future OF Aviation Courses In Canada

The future of aviation programs in Canada is promising with a continued focus on technological advancements, pilot training, aerospace engineering, research and development, and industry partnership. Such a wide number of factors will contribute to the growth and success of Canada’s aviation industry and provide exciting opportunities for aspiring aviation professionals.
Insignia College is a reputable institution in Canada that offers aviation programs and provides comprehensive guidance on admission requirements to prospective students.
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2023.06.08 14:06 Responsible-Book-622 Why do they keep your contact details?

So my ex is a serial blocker. She discarded me and tried to keep me as a friend. I then made a few discoveries and found out she cheated on me. I then blocked her on everything. The smears have started exactly one month post breakup on social media. I have stopped looking btw. Furthermore, they posted something about never hearing from them again if you’ve cut them off. But…they have my number saved. I deleted theirs. Why would they keep my number etc despite history with other people?
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2023.06.08 14:06 Actually_Vyror 27 [M4F] What did the cat wearing an owl mask say?

Me-owl! :D I got plenty more jokes where that came from! :D
The names Aaron, it's nice to meet you. I am 27M from Kentucky USA. 2023 is officialy at the half way point (wasnt it just starting?), and my loneliness meter keeps filling up. While I enjoy my alone time, and overall am quite content with my life, I still feel the urge for companionship. To have that special someone I can share things with, or spend time with. Maybe you're reading a book or playing a game, when I suddenly burst through the door cause I found a tiktok of a cute puppy to show you. I want moments like that. I'm not the best at speaking about myself, so I have compiled a small list. (Yay for lists!) Information provided below: -Video Games: this is my primary pass time. If I'm not at work, I'm usually playing video games on PC. I enjoy a wide variety from shooters, strategy, RPG, and MMOs. I an a coward though, so not much horror. Currently been playing lots of WoW and the new Steet Fighter 6. Will probably be checking out the new Diablo at some point too. Also play Apex on occasion even though I'm terrible at it. Reading: I love to read. Both novels and also manga. I'm always finding new stuff to add to my book shelves. I also quite enjoy finding new webtoons on my phone to read. Fantasy and Sci-Fi are my favorites. I also enjoy writing, always got new ideas in my head. Sleep: If left unattended, I can sleep like a sloth. Anime: although I don't watch as much anymore (it's easier to read manga) I'm still a huge anime fan. Some of my favorites are Code Geass, Monster, Steins Gate, FMAB, and Emmience of Shadow. Work: I do work a full time job, night shift. Thanks to that I own my own home and live a simple life. I make enough to pay my bills and buy stupid (but important) things. I swear I needed the treadmill, and those games, and those books on my shelf. Look if it helps I can read some of them to you :D Other: Obviously I enjoy listening to music, really any genre thats not country. I also enjoy memes and tiktoks. I could share tons of stuff that I think would make you smile or laugh! I'm not sure what else to put, but if you've read this far, thank you! If you're at all interested, feel free to message or chat me. And if not, I hope you have a wonderful day :D!
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2023.06.08 14:05 DeFiEscrow Exchanges are huge targets for hackers and are always at risk. When you leave your coins on an exchange, the exchange controls your coins. Remember, not your keys, not your coins.

Exchanges are huge targets for hackers and are always at risk. When you leave your coins on an exchange, the exchange controls your coins. Remember, not your keys, not your coins. submitted by DeFiEscrow to u/DeFiEscrow [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 14:05 Macho-Fantastico Vauxhall Meriva Turbo 2011 - Car stuttering - loss of power.

Hello everyone,
So I’m writing this on behalf of my father whose having a lot of issues with his 2011 Vauxhall Meriva. I’m no car expert so I apologize in advance for that but we could really do with some help in figuring out what might be wrong here. We’ve already taken it to a trusted garage and they can’t figure the issue out. Basically for the past few months now, the car stutters and loses power when driving, the dashboard cuts out and the power steering also stops functioning with the car sort of spluttering for a few seconds until everything starts up again and it seems okay. Eventually, the issue reoccurs until we have to pull over and restart the car which does seem to fix the issue for a short amount of time. It’s actually quite scary as you can imagine and with the handbrake also being electronic, we’ve even had the car fall back randomly.
We’ve had a number of codes displayed on the dashboard but they don’t really make any sense to us, they are as follows:
Code 60Open and then close the front passenger window. Code 61Open and then close the rear left window. Code 62Open and then close the rear right window.
The garage that we use even connected a high-end diagnosis machine but there were no error codes whatsoever popping up which left them puzzled. They did claim that it might be fuel related and recommended to try using some higher quality fuel (no the supermarket stuff that’s often cheaper) and some Redex which we’ve done. We’ve also had the spark plugs changed for new ones and the coil. We took a look at the battery and checked the connectors too. I’ve looked extensively online for similar issues but had no luck finding a solution. I was wondering if anyone else had a similar experience.
So to give another quick overview of the issues. The car stutters and we lose power when driving and in low revs in particular, which causes the dashboard, all lights, and power steering to stop functioning. it eventually comes back to life but happens again shortly after. It’s not until we restart the car that the issue doesn’t occur as frequently.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, again I’m sorry if I’ve mistaken things here because I’m not too knowledgeable about cars.
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2023.06.08 14:05 amorangi_7 She is gone

Tonight my baby cat was hit by a car. The person who hit her tried to get her to the vet in time but she passed on the way there. The phone call sent me into shock and when I went to collect her, she was still warm and looked like she was sleeping. I sat with her for over an hour at home just cuddling her and waiting for her to wake up. I wrapped her in her blanket and tucked her favourite toy in with her so she wouldn't get cold and she would have something to play with. I can't sleep. All I can think is how she is buried under her favourite tree in the yard and how I'll never get to see her or feel her cuddles or get to cuddle her again. I was her mumma and I was meant to get more time. This is so unfair.
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2023.06.08 14:05 wthtin What should I do? How should I think?

Warning: Very long post (an emotional one)
When I was in preschool, I could remember being subject to corporal punishment by my mother. I was stabbed on the palm with a pencil because I could not spell Wednesday. One time, I accidentally flooded the bathroom of my Tita and my mom called me “tangina bobo mo”. I was only Grade 7 at that time.
On the day of my piano recital, I felt happy with the way I played. On the way home, my mom said my playing sucked and that she wasted her money on my lessons. I stopped playing the piano. Even up to this day she asked why I stopped but I never had the guts to listen.
My childhood consisted mostly of my mom emotionally, verbally and physically harming me. At one point, I said that every child goes through this, it will stop.
I used to be hit with whatever you name it, belt, hanger, heels and shoes and other sorts of items. I was yelled with painful words such as bobo, tanga, tangina mo, wala lang kwenta and others.
Now, I am 22 years old. I always chose to be the bigger person, to never yell back, disrespect and all. She called me today using someone’s phone and asked me how my law school interview was. Of course, I shared it with her. But before I tell you what I told her, I have a habit of ignoring her calls because it’s not healthy to still communicate with her. She would call me in viber to which I would answer late and not answer at all.
I had my interview at a prestigious law school to which I was grilled yesterday. Thankfully, during the interview I didn’t cry and gave my best shot. Even before the interview I prepared alone and with my friends. When I told my mom that there were surprising questions to which I stayed silent because I didn’t know the answer, she kept asking what else was asked. I continued with my story.
In my interview, I did what I could with what I have. After the interview, I cried twice and I was okay. I moved on.
My mother called me lame and accused me of being unprepared. To my defense, I said you didn’t see me prepare so how can you say that. She ended up saying, bahala ka na just go to ****
My dad saw me crying after the conversation ended and mentioned she was under a lot of stress. I said it’s always like this. I do everything for myself and to make them happy. I did my best to get Magna Cum Laude. Thankfully, I did.
One time, my mother compared me to another friend of mine, she said something like, oh look at your friend oh she knows how to clean and you don’t.
Guess what I did after…
I cleaned her CR with a loofah even when I truly did not know how to clean —
I was grade 4 at this time.
I didn’t know how to fold a jacket, she let me sleep outside and left bruises and marks on my arms caused by her.
Recently, my sis had to go home to which my mom wanted to see her. My sis called me and I remember her exact words, ugh I don’t want to see her. Being the kind daughter, I told her it’s just this once.
There were many times she disrespected me. Called me names. I never returned the gesture.
I’m 22 now and I’m sick of this treatment. Am I selfish? Am I bad daughter? I mean I picture a life I don’t have to be in contact with her. I envision a life and my future without her. Am I bad? Ungrateful?
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