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2023.06.08 14:03 PrimitiveEarthling How to segment data from 2 page variants on the same URL

Hi there. Wondering if someone can help.
I'm running GA4 and GTM.
On a particular page, I'm getting ready to run an AB test using HubSpot's built in AB testing tool. Links and events on the page are already tracked.
Once the AB test is live, there will be no way for GA to differentiate between the variants because they will both have the same URL.
I was thinking I could put a script on each variant that does a datalayer.push('page version') to a custom metric, and thereby be able to segment audiences that saw one version vs another. Or something like this.
But I'm not sure how to set up custom dimensions or metrics, and how to couple that with a custom event in a way that would achieve what I need.
Does anyone have any advice?
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2023.06.08 14:03 Musicjab Yeah, I really love Mukaku's backstory.

The entire thing feels like a ton of revelations that just make sense within the confounds of the story. Mukaku has understandable motivations while also being really good at playing the deceptive and scheming role. A lot of people are going to be disappointed over the fact that he is a charlatan, regardless of how strong he ends up being, but I like that a lot tbh.
Let's talk about the timeline;
Mukaku becomes part of a worm off-shoot that grew tired of being nothing but enforcers and decided to take over the entire operation.
The Connector ends them, although, one manages to survive/is spared.
Surviving member goes to the inside (knowing it started as a giant worm recruiting facility/Gu ritual) and enters hiding while also adopting a new name.
He proceeds to use a forgotten and niche martial art and calls it the Gaoh Style, while also creating a fake backstory for it. On top of that, he meets Kuroki master and exchanges a few techniques with the Kaiwan style of Karate as well as enters the kengan matches as a way to further the tales of the Gaoh style and possibly test new moves for it.
Tries to "unify" the Inside. His true goal being nothing but to mess with the Worm's influence on it as a fuck you to them. To that ends he adopts orphans from the Inside and trains them in the Niko style, an evolution of the Gaoh style.
He picks 7 kids to be Tokita Niko, a fake name he created, with rules based on his old organization. The kids who could not become Niko were forced into a Gu ritual, unfortunately for Gaoh, none of them survived.
Goes to the forest with the 7 Nikos and most of them die due to a conspiracy involving 2 Nikos. In the end, 2 survive and 1 goes missing. Gaoh abandons the surviving Niko after seeing that his creation, the Niko style, got leaked to the worm.
After an undisclosed amount of time, he raids worms cloning facilities, aware that they make clones for the Connector. He finds the latest one and destroys the lab, knowing that the worm is not going to stop, until they can capture Gaoh.
It all works pretty well and if you want to go back, it also makes the parallels in Ryuki vs Naidan better, as both were giving up their lives and their humanity for the sake of someone who could not care less about them.
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2023.06.08 14:02 atupuxi Hoisting in JavaScript: Demystifying the Concept

Hoisting in JavaScript: Demystifying the Concept
When it comes to JavaScript, understanding how variables and functions are declared and initialized is crucial. One concept that often confuses developers is "hoisting." In this blog post, we will dive deep into hoisting in JavaScript and explore its mechanisms, implications, and best practices. By the end, you will have a clear understanding of hoisting and how it affects your code.

Understanding Hoisting in JavaScript

Hoisting is a unique behavior in JavaScript that involves the process of moving variable and function declarations to the top of their respective scopes during the compilation phase. It gives the appearance that these declarations are "hoisted" to the top of the code, allowing them to be accessed before they are actually declared in the code.
a) Definition and Basics of Hoisting: Hoisting refers to the way JavaScript engine handles variable and function declarations in the code. It is important to note that only the declarations are hoisted, not the initializations. This means that the variables and functions are created and made available in memory during the compilation phase but remain uninitialized until their actual declarations are reached in the code.
b) How Hoisting Works: During the compilation phase, the JavaScript engine scans the code and identifies variable and function declarations. It allocates memory for these declarations, allowing them to be accessed before their actual position in the code. This behavior is what gives the impression of hoisting.
c) Hoisting Variables vs. Hoisting Functions: Hoisting affects both variables and functions, but the behavior is slightly different for each.
  • Variable Hoisting: Variable declarations using the var keyword are hoisted, which means that they are moved to the top of their respective scopes. However, the initializations of these variables remain in their original position.
  • Function Hoisting: Function declarations, whether named or anonymous, are fully hoisted. This means that both the declaration and the function implementation are moved to the top of their respective scopes. As a result, functions can be invoked before they are actually declared in the code.
Understanding hoisting in JavaScript is crucial because it can have unexpected consequences if not handled properly. It is important to be aware of how hoisting affects variable and function declarations in order to write clean and predictable code.

Best Practices for Avoiding Hoisting Pitfalls

Hoisting can sometimes lead to unexpected behavior and bugs in JavaScript code if not handled properly. To avoid these pitfalls and write more reliable and maintainable code, it's important to follow some best practices when working with hoisting JavaScript. Here are some key practices to consider:
  1. Declare Variables at the Beginning of the Scope: To avoid confusion and potential issues caused by hoisting, it is a recommended best practice to declare all variables at the beginning of their respective scopes. This means declaring them before any other statements or expressions. This helps in improving code readability and reduces the chances of variable-related bugs.
  2. Use let and const for Block Scope: Prior to ES6, JavaScript had function scope, which meant that variables were only scoped to the function in which they were defined. With the introduction of let and const in ES6, block scope was introduced, allowing variables to be scoped to the nearest enclosing block, such as loops or conditionals. Using let and const instead of var helps in minimizing hoisting-related issues and provides better control over variable scoping.
  3. Use Strict Mode: Enabling strict mode in JavaScript by adding the "use strict" directive at the beginning of a file or a function helps in avoiding certain types of common mistakes. Strict mode enforces stricter rules and prevents certain JavaScript behaviors that are considered error-prone. It helps catch potential hoisting-related issues and promotes safer coding practices.
  4. Follow a Consistent Coding Style: Consistency in coding style is crucial for maintainability and readability. When it comes to hoisting, it's important to follow a consistent coding style across the project. This includes adhering to conventions for declaring and initializing variables and functions, as well as following the recommended practices for indentation, spacing, and commenting.
By following these best practices, you can minimize the chances of running into hoisting-related issues in your JavaScript code. These practices not only improve the reliability and predictability of your code but also contribute to better collaboration within development teams.
hoisting in javascript

Performance Considerations

While hoisting is a fundamental part of JavaScript's compilation phase, it's important to be aware of its potential impact on code performance. While hoisting itself does not directly affect performance, some considerations can help optimize code execution.
  1. Impact on JavaScript Engine Execution: Hoisting does not introduce any additional computational overhead by itself. However, it's important to understand that the hoisting mechanism adds an additional step to the compilation phase, where the engine identifies and allocates memory for variable and function declarations. In complex codebases with numerous declarations, this can potentially impact the overall execution time.
  2. Code Optimization and Minification: During the development process, it's crucial to optimize and minify your JavaScript code for better performance. Minification involves removing unnecessary characters, including whitespaces, line breaks, and comments, which can reduce the overall file size. By minimizing the size of your code, you can improve the download time and performance of your application.
  3. Avoid Redundant Variable Declarations: Hoisting can lead to unintended consequences if variables are declared multiple times within the same scope. To optimize performance, it's important to avoid redundant variable declarations. Instead, declare variables only when necessary, and reuse them whenever possible. This reduces the overhead of unnecessary variable allocations and improves memory usage.
  4. Use Functional and Block Scoping: Using functional and block scoping can have performance benefits. Functional scope, introduced with the var keyword, limits the visibility of variables to the function in which they are declared. This helps avoid unnecessary variable hoisting across different functions. Similarly, block scoping with let and const helps localize variable declarations to specific blocks, reducing the potential impact of hoisting on performance.
  5. Optimize Heavy Computations: If your code involves heavy computations or operations, consider optimizing those sections to improve performance. Hoisting itself may not significantly impact the performance of heavy computations, but optimizing the code logic can lead to more efficient execution.
In summary, while hoisting is an inherent part of JavaScript, optimizing code performance involves other considerations, such as code optimization, minimizing redundancy, and optimizing heavy computations. By implementing these practices, you can improve the overall performance of your JavaScript applications.


In conclusion, hoisting is a unique behavior in JavaScript that allows variable and function declarations to be moved to the top of their respective scopes during the compilation phase. While hoisting itself is a fundamental aspect of JavaScript, it's important to understand its behavior and potential implications in order to write reliable and efficient code.
By understanding hoisting, you can make informed decisions when declaring variables and functions in your code. Following best practices, such as declaring variables at the beginning of their scopes and using let and const for block scoping, helps minimize confusion and potential issues caused by hoisting. Additionally, leveraging strict mode and maintaining consistent coding styles contribute to code clarity and maintainability.
Considerations such as performance optimization, including code optimization and minification, avoiding redundant variable declarations, and optimizing heavy computations, are important factors to enhance the overall performance of your JavaScript applications.
When working with hoisting, it's important to remember that hoisting only moves declarations, not initializations. This knowledge helps prevent potential bugs and ensures that variables and functions are properly initialized before accessing them.
If you need assistance with React development or any other JavaScript-related projects, CronJ is a reputable React development company with expertise in building robust and scalable applications. They have a team of experienced developers who can assist you with your project needs.
By following the recommended best practices and staying up-to-date with the latest JavaScript development, you can harness the power of hoisting while writing clean, efficient, and reliable JavaScript code.


  2. [Hoisting in React](\)
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2023.06.08 14:00 sidewinderaw11 Anyone had the Venture show up in Capital One Pre-approval but couldn't get the Venture X?

Quite a few people saying that if the $95AF animal fee C1 Venture shows up on the Capital One Pre-approval tool, getting approved for a VentureX should be a cinch. Anyone experience otherwise, where they couldn't get approved for the VentureX with despite Venture pre-approval?
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2023.06.08 14:00 APlanForLiving Weekly Gratitudes Community Journal - Daily Participation Awards

Welcome to the Weekly Gratitudes Discussion! Please take note of the rules in the sidebar, read the wiki, and remember to stay civil and polite when commenting.
There is no requirement for the number of gratitudes you post per day, or the frequency of your posts but as this study from from Robert A. Emmons and Michael E. McCullough demonstrated, who asked participants to write down five gratitudes, hassles, or events over the past week for ten weeks, the participants who wrote down 5 gratitudes each day over a 10 week period were happier and physically healthier.
That's the intention of the Weekly Gratitudes Discussion and Accompanying Rewards, to encourage the community to achieve a happier and physically healthier life.
Feel free to use this thread to introduce yourself when sharing your daily gratitudes.
This post is in "Contest Mode" Thereby randomizing the order of comments, and hiding the vote scores of the comments. Encouraging quality posts, supporting one another, and keeping your daily streak alive; helping to achieve a happier and physically healthier life, as seen in the study.
Award schedule\*
*Awards can change each month, though once set for the month they are frozen. Each week starts on Sunday @ 8 AM -04.
Please remember to always operate within the Reddit and subreddit rules and be respectful towards each other
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2023.06.08 13:58 Both-Protection8302 Tipping culture is getting out of hand. Normal tip line with a second additional tip area.

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2023.06.08 13:55 Professional-Sink536 [Tech Product] Need Funding 🥲

Hi @mods feel free to delete if this violates rules of the sub.
I'm excited to share an opportunity to invest in an innovative, tech-oriented product I am developing. As an engineer, I've successfully progressed from concept to design phase in a promising niche within the merchandise space. With a design team on board, prototypes prepared, and manufacturing sorted, the product is making right progress.
To effectively launch and grow, an additional investment of $10,000 - $20,000 is required. These funds will primarily be directed towards marketing, promotional efforts, and further development. I am open to various terms, from repayment plans to a percentage of profits, aligning with mutual interests.
I am confident in the product's potential, anticipating a Return on Investment (ROI) within one year. While this may not be a million-dollar idea initially, I am optimistic about generating substantial returns. Having already invested $8,000 of my own savings, I am now looking to raise the remainder of the capital.
Given the confidential nature of the product, I am prepared to share more information after signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). If you have a tech background, your contribution could extend beyond just financial support to valuable insights that further refine my approach.
Should you find this opportunity interesting, please reach out, and I'll be delighted to engage further.
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2023.06.08 13:53 shezadaa What to do with Amex Platinum Travel and SBI SimplyClick?

I currently hold Amex Platinum Travel and SBI SimplyClick as the only 2 cards which are not LTF. My other cards are OneCard, IDFC First Wealth, Regalia and a DCB addon all LTF. DCB is my primary card while OneCard is for backup. Regalia was my first card so it is just holding up my credit for now... but it does have International Lounge via PP so there is some use for it. Wealth has 1+1 on movie tickets which is why it gets used once or twice a month.
My annual cards spends have been 8L for the last 5 years. So I cannot justify in keeping these cards. But I have been getting fee reversal on them so they are technically free, but its a chore.
Additionally, I have some 6K Membership Rewards on the Amex.
Looking for suggestions on wether there is any benefit to holding on to these cards? And what is the best way to use the amex points before closing...
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2023.06.08 13:51 bitoolspreadym What is the difference between planning, budgeting and forecasting for a business?

Planning, budgeting and forecasting for a business are three distinct financial management tools used in business, each serving a different purpose.

Key differences between planning, budgeting and forecasting for a business

Here are key difference between planning, budgeting and forecasting for a business.

Financial planning

A plan is a strategic document that outlines the goals, objectives, and actions required to achieve a desired outcome. It is a comprehensive roadmap that provides guidance on how an organization intends to allocate its resources and accomplish its mission. A plan typically covers a longer time horizon, such as three to five years, and encompasses various aspects of the business, including sales, marketing, operations, and human resources. It helps in aligning the efforts of different departments or teams towards a common vision and allows for coordinated decision-making.


A budget is a financial plan that quantifies the expected income and expenses for a specific period, usually one year. It provides a detailed breakdown of projected revenues, costs, and expenses based on the goals and objectives outlined in the plan. Budgets are commonly used for financial control and resource allocation purposes. They enable organizations to monitor and control their spending, make informed decisions about resource allocation, and evaluate performance against the planned targets. Budgets are often updated and revised annually to reflect changing circumstances and priorities.


A forecast is an estimate or prediction of future financial outcomes based on historical data, trends, and relevant factors. It is a tool used to anticipate the financial performance of a business or a specific project. Forecasts can be short-term or long-term and are usually based on assumptions about factors like market conditions, customer behavior, economic trends, and internal capabilities. They help organizations anticipate potential risks, identify opportunities, and make informed decisions about resource allocation and strategic planning. Forecasts are often updated regularly to reflect new information or changing circumstances.
In summary, a plan provides a strategic direction and outlines the actions required to achieve goals, a budget quantifies the expected income and expenses for a specific period, and a forecast predicts future financial outcomes based on historical data and assumptions. While they are related and interconnected, each tool serves a different purpose in financial management.

Financial planning for a business

Financial planning for a business involves the process of assessing and determining the financial goals, strategies, and actions necessary to achieve those goals. It involves analyzing the current financial situation, identifying financial needs and resources, and developing a roadmap to guide the business's financial activities.
Financial planning for a business typically includes the following steps:
Financial planning for a business is crucial for achieving financial stability, maximizing profitability, and making informed decisions about resource allocation. It provides a framework for managing finances effectively, mitigating risks, and guiding the business towards long-term success.

Budgeting for a business

Budgeting is the process of creating a detailed financial plan that outlines the expected income and expenses over a specific period. It involves estimating and allocating financial resources to various categories and tracking actual income and expenses against the planned amounts. Budgeting is an essential tool for financial management and helps individuals and organizations control spending, achieve financial goals, and make informed decisions about resource allocation.
Here are the key steps involved in budgeting:
Budgeting provides numerous benefits, including:
By practicing effective budgeting, individuals and organizations can gain better control over their finances, make progress towards their financial goals, and make more informed financial decisions.

Financial forecasting for a business

Financial forecasting is the process of estimating or predicting future financial outcomes based on historical data, trends, and relevant factors. It involves analyzing past financial performance and using that information to project future revenues, expenses, cash flows, and other financial metrics.
Financial forecasting serves several purposes, including:
The process of financial forecasting typically involves the following steps:
Financial forecasting is a valuable tool for organizations to anticipate and plan for future financial outcomes. It helps in strategic decision-making, resource allocation, and risk management, ultimately contributing to improved financial performance and stability.
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2023.06.08 13:49 WhatCoreySaw Article This Morning - FX Street (AI writer, I believe)

You might not want to use the link, but here it is L FX Street-Mullen No surprise, it's not posiitve.

Mullen Automotive Stock News: MULN still bottomless, slide reaches $0.50

NEWS 06/08/2023 11:03:14 GMTShare:Share on TwitterShare on FacebookCopy to clipboard
Mullen Automotive (MULN) stock is trading at $0.5050 on Thursday pre-market trading at the time of writing, which would set a new all-time when Wall Street opens its session. The NASDAQ 100, alongside all major indexes, experienced a notable sell-off on Wednesday after the surprise interest rate hike triggered by the Bank of Canada. The MULN stock continued sell-off this week is likely caused by another round of dilution. On Monday, Mullen filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) about a recent issuance of common stock and warrants to Acuitas Capital.

Mullen Automotive stock news: Acuitas Capital bought a lot of shares to dump

On June 5, Mullen sent a filing to the SEC explaining its latest funding initiative. Mullen requires lots of cash to meet production targets as it is currently ramping up its assembly line at a factory in Mississippi in order to build the Mullen Three, an electric long-haul truck chassis.
Right now its Mullen One electric delivery van is on the lot, awaiting orders at Randy Marion Automotive Group’s enterprise dealerships nationwide, but automotive production requires heavy investment. The much bigger Lucid Group (LCID), another EV maker in California that differs from Mullen due to its eye on the luxury segment of the market, just sold another $3 billion worth of common stock in order to burnish its production budget.
The June 5 filing shows that Acuitas Capital paid $20 million for 19,493,071 shares of MULN common stock and pre-funded warrants that can be exercised for 8,074,124 shares of common stock. The warrants can be exercised immediately at a price of $0.001 per share. Acuitas may already be exercising these warrants this week, thus causing the share price to drop precipitously.
Mullen separately issued Acuitas 50,999,310 warrants exercisable for common stock at a price of $0.7255 per share. As this price is above the current share price, Acuitas likely will have to wait awhile to exchange them for common shares. Altogether then, the Mullen filing means that the share count could expand by more than 78.5 million shares. Since there were 218 million shares at the end of the first quarter, considering the May 4 1-for-25 reverse stock split, this deal with Acuitas capital would itself dilute shares outstanding by about 36%.

Mullen Automotive FAQs

What is Mullen Automotive?

Who is the team behind Mullen Automotive?

What vehicles does Mullen Automotive currently offer?

Why does MULN stock trade for such a low share price?

Mullen has been diluting its stock since going public in late 2021. This is because the company as of yet currently has little revenue from operations and no profits. The stock has fallen over 99% since the company’s reverse merger in November 2021, and the rapid dilution is mostly to blame. Taking into account Mullen’s 1-for-25 reverse stock split on May 4, 2023, Mullen had 33,338,727 shares outstanding on September 30, 2022, but 126,281,274 shares on March 31, 2023. The company is allowed to sell up to 200 million shares under current authorization.

Mullen stock forecast

Mullen stock has been setting new all-time lows since early March, and there is no reason for it to stop in the near term. Mullen burned about $68 million in the first quarter of this year, and that figure should rise as it begins production of the Mullen Three in July. Expect MULN stock to fall back to its pre-reverse stock split price of $0.06 before entreaties from the NASDAQ exchange cause management to file for another reverse stock split. NASDAQ-listed companies are not allowed to trade below $1 for an extended period of time.
MULN daily chart
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2023.06.08 13:47 AggressiveRabbit6282 Is there any code of conduct behind rping as a canon character?

I’m not all caught up with what’s going on at NRC, but it seems like there’s usually just one account that plays each character. Is it rude to start playing the same character as someone else? Is it any different if I’m doing it for a short time (e.g. a post or two) vs long-term?
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2023.06.08 13:47 Burger82OO Dear WB - for what it’s worth

The Owls will not be participating in this month’s Raid.
Raid is all about pulling your team together to virtually go to war vs other teams with a Discord full of meme’s, jokes, and the same people talking for 20 hours a day. Those favorite moments of mine are being replaced with negativity and calls for action due to how broken everything has been. I am sure all other Alliances are seeing the same thing happen.
I cannot ask my team to throw resources at a game mode that obviously needs some work.
I feel all alliances should take a stand and not use resources on this month’s raid.
Everyone knows I am generally the eternal optimist and I make decisions every month solely based on my love for the game and it’s characters. Even after the issues the other day, I bought the new toons. Next month I will not buy them… no matter how many calls I get from my credit card company doing welfare checks.
I believe in what these characters stand for. I love my alliance. I still really like the game. We need this to get better WB.
The Owls will not participate in this Raid and I think WB should cancel it, take one for the team and give WF Rewards to all.
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2023.06.08 13:42 ultimatevaltryek123 Any good connections for this MU, Asura (Naruto) vs Joyboy (One Piece)

Any good connections for this MU, Asura (Naruto) vs Joyboy (One Piece) submitted by ultimatevaltryek123 to DeathBattleMatchups [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 13:39 CoachB00 Help choosing RAM

Hello! I saw a very recent post asking about RAM speed but wasn't exactly what I was looking for so here we are.
Now, I am building a PC were I have ignored the cost and tried to get the most performance I can for gaming (that makes sense).
For anyone interested, here is the full build:
The thing is that I have trouble choosing RAM for this build. I do value good ascetics but I would not want to move away from performance in order to get it. So here is my conundrum:
When researching RAM, I concluded that looking at first word latency is going to reflect overall performance (based this on a LTT video I saw). Although I am unsure how much this will be notable in games.
For instance if I am only looking at pure performance a 6000Mhz kit with CL30 gives 10 first word latency.
This one:
But then looking at something I think look nicer and would go better in my build is a 6200Mhz with CL36 which will produce a first word latency of 11.6.
Just looking at numbers the first kit would be the better one but does anyone know if the diffirence between these would be that great when it comes to gaming performance?
Been trying to figure this out for a long time now and would really appreciate if anyone has some input on making this decision easier.
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2023.06.08 13:38 AutoModerator John Anthony Lifestyle - Platinum Dating (Program)

You can chat + 44 759 388 0762 to get All John Anthony Lifestyle Courses.
I have All John Anthony Lifestyle Products.
The John Anthony Lifestyle Products are one of the best out there if you want to truly understand how to get more girls in today's day and age, by a true and proven professional like John Anthony Lifestyle.
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To get any of the John Anthony Lifestyle courses contact me on:
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2023.06.08 13:38 rawayar microneedling: electric vs manual

hi all I'm just wondering if anyone has any insight to compare electric vs non-electric microneedling:
not talking about derma-rollers.
I have the dermastamp, it's easy for me to just jab my head 100s of times with my hand in a rapid motion. But I've never tried the electric ones. I missing out on something great? better results?
thank you!
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2023.06.08 13:35 PoetryDevil13 I hate this life

I hate that Capitalism forces me to work just so I can study. I hate that it prevents me from learning a skill I actually want to learn because it's too expensive, both in money and energy I need to put into it. Energy that I don't have because I have to work. I hate that this is whats expected. I hate that I can't simply live and enjoy life. The world around me is basically ending, I know I won't get to live anytime soon and by the time I could, the world will be gone. I just want to be able to breathe in peace, watch shows I like, make good food and feed to people I like. I want to bind my own books and tell authors I like how awesome their work is. I want to help fill the shelves of libraries with books and knowledge and humanity. I want to have talks about abstract concepts, philosophy and then still talk about wether the black shirt or the blue one looks better with my jeans. I want to sleep enough. I want to wake up and know the world isn't ending anymore. I hate that to even have a shot at that life I need money. I need a lot of money. And to do that I have to do work. Work that is admittedly quickly learned and shouldn't be this exhausting. I often think about how technology and a UBI could make the job I do absolete today. But it won't because Capitalism. Because it would be cheaper to have me work. Because automation is scary. It's scary because rights now, it would mean no money for the workers who need it. Right now, the fact that I like more artsy stuff has made me feel so sick after signing the job contract that I nearly puked and cried for 2 hours.
I hate this life. I hate that I can't breathe in peace.
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2023.06.08 13:34 rohan_Shine Cloud vs VPS vs Dedicated Server Comparison: which one is better?

Cloud vs VPS vs Dedicated Server Comparison: which one is better? submitted by rohan_Shine to u/rohan_Shine [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 13:33 Microtonicwave Attempt one vs attempt two 💀

Attempt one vs attempt two 💀 submitted by Microtonicwave to drawing [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 13:32 tomatojuice1 As a Pos 5 it seems like it doesn't matter if I'm in the game or not.

5 of every 20 games are decided by an AFK team, farming for 45 mins against AM and Medusa, then being surprised when they get steamrolled in the lategame.
10 of those 20 games are decided by other lanes. Offlane will have 15 deaths between them by the end of laning, or mid will lose and call gg at 10 minutes.
4 of those 20 games are normally decided by 1 core who gets an early lead and then steamrolls the whole game.
Maybe 1 in 20 games I feel like I actually have a measurable impact.
Also 19 of those games are spent getting shouted at in various other languages by people with a flimsy grasp of the game flaming you for not being in all 3 lanes simultaneously and not having global spell casting. I've lost count of how often I'm called useless because of stupid shit like our pos 1 solo diving T2 and being greeted by 4 enemy TPs, then getting mad I'm still by the T3 pinging and calling for them to go back, because of course they're going to rotate.
I've tried taking charge and rallying the team, pinging objectives, smoking and calling plays and I either get completely ignored by 2 or 3 players so it doesnt happen, or someone gets instantly mad and starts fight pinging.
I've tried playing more like a 4 and reacting to other lanes, trying to save mid and off but there's only so many TPs I can use, and I'm leaving our 1 isolated every time so it's a huge gamble.
Even the winning games often feel like i'm just a roaming ward, with VS 1 hitting me at the start of every fight or Clinkz and Riki diving me under T3s.
It didn't used to be this way. Even earlier in 7.33 things seemed ok, but I've lost 500 MMR in the last month from back to back games like this. It just seems so one sided, and when games are decided by 10 minutes it's just not enjoyable to play the rest.
Pls help, how do you play Dota (at 4k - 5k).
I know this is a rant post but I would genuinely welcome ideas on how to play 5k Pos 5 in these kind of games.
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2023.06.08 13:31 larsonjewelersonline 3 Myths About Engagement Rings and Weddings Band You Should Ignore

When you think of engagement rings and wedding bands, do you think of platinum, gold, and silver or of womens and mens tungsten rings? For many people, the idea that those rings could be anything other than precious metals may not even occur to them. That rings have to be made from precious metals and set with precious stones is just one of the ring myths that should be dismissed.
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2023.06.08 13:29 Masanori_Akamatsu The Land Forsaken by God - Maps of the Kingdom of Italia in 650 AD

The Land Forsaken by God - Maps of the Kingdom of Italia in 650 AD
Spureni (from Etruscan for 'in the territory of the city', are regions ruled by the original Etruscan city-state governments, but subservient to Italia. These are also elected officials, but have different rules than the methlum based on traditional city-state governance.
Methlum (from Etruscan for 'territory') are the "average" regional governance type; Italian citizens who live in them vote for a governor which answers to the Consul and serves for 5 years. Used for Etruscan areas not in the traditional heartland of Etruria.
Lauchumates (from the root Lauchum, Etruscan for 'king' or 'prince') are regions ruled hereditarily, instead of an elected official like everywhere else, often taken from the local nobility and chiefs from before Rasennan/Italian conquest, and are more autonomous when it comes to taxes or culture from Ravna.
Rasna basically means Etruscan, so all the ones in blue are "Etruscan" by it's broadest definition. Three main groups of subcultures have emerged.- Acilth (from Etruscan for 'make' or 'maker) are those who still live in the Etrurian heartland. There are two theories on why they are referred to as 'makers', either because since this region is more urbanized, they have more developed craftswork than anywhere else in Italia, or because they were the ones who 'made' Etruscan culture. The 'traditional', wealthy area.- Adriates (from an Etruscan settlement near the mouth of the Po, itself named after the nearby branch of the Po, the Adrias) refers to the descendants of settlers from Etruria who settled in the north, also known as the Padanian Etruscans. They are a quickly rising class, now that the capital of Ravna is in their area.- Bodincians (from the Ligurian name of the Po, 'Bodincus') are the descendants of other peoples of the Italian Peninsula, like Gauls, Ligurians, Umbrians, etc. that have assimilated into Etruscan culture and lifestyle, abandoning their old languages in favor of Etruscan.- Karantranski/Slovencians (Slovenians) are the people who fled Slavic Babylon during the Arabian conquest of Mesopotamia. In order to better control the area, the Italian Consul sent these Slavs to a region of Northern Illyria to help dilute the unruly Illyrian population of the region.- Rest of the groups are based off their IRL counterparts.

Shows the average 'affluence' of each region. the heartland of Etruria+Ravna are wealthy for their political prominence, the regions with important cities (Felsina, Ljubljana, Insubria) as well as the gold in Salassia and the Ostrogoth nobles in Gothia make those regions rich. Poor regions tend to be in the periphery and poor soils, less suitable for agriculture.
Most of Italia believes in the Nicene Christianity spread by Carthaginian missionaries. Small pockets, especially on the coast or in the west, believe in the Branchism faith, an attempted standardization of Celtic paganism from Aquitainia. Rescinian is the distinct branch of Christianity originating in Perun, and their migrants into northern Illyria have been allowed to keep their faith.
This is a nation from another person in a discord RP server with me, the link to which is here
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