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2020.07.06 17:37 andyturbro BenzodiazepineStorys

Sharing thoughts,experiences or anything to do with the use of the wide range of benzodiazepines available today. **ALPRAZOLAM 2MG BAR DISCUSSIONS ARE NOT PERMITTED. THIS IS THE REASON FOR MAKING THIS- SEPERATE FROM THE MAIN BENZODIAZEPINE COMMUNITY. UNFORTUNATELY MORE THAN 90% OF POSTS ARE BAR ID OR SHOW AND TELL PICKS** There is an exemption from the above when the posts main reason is not to just do with bars. *Example: Discussion of treatments which may include one or many benzos.

2010.09.27 18:10 rynvndrp Get laptop suggestions from geeks that know

A place for prospective laptop buyers to get suggestions from people who know the intimate details of the hardware. Please use the laptop form while posting a new request:

2023.06.08 13:41 Fulkerguy Stupid question...

I was able to pick up a Blanc, but was unable to get a Noir. Do we know if there is a second chance in the future for limited characters or am I... outta luck?
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2023.06.08 13:41 Jennifer2077 My Psychiatrist told me I don’t have to be sick anymore

I was starving myself, for the past three weeks, feeling malnourished and weak, not being able to concentrate on anything. I saw my psychiatrist today via zoom because I didn’t want her to see my “fat” body. She was stern with me when I jokingly asked if she could “give me EDNOS”. She said that I’ve always been a patient as a child and that as an adult I shouldn’t always fall into the “patient role”.
She was right, I spent the majority of my childhood being treated for my numerous medical conditions by doctors so now as an adult I try to put myself in situations where I need lots of medical intervention. My metabolism is ruined from starving myself and I started gaining weight even though I wasn’t eating anything and it was sending me spiralling into an even deeper depression. I had thoughts of rather being dead than being slightly overweight according to my BMI.
I realised that I was barely eating anything, I would have half a croissant in the morning and a cucumber for lunch and then skip dinner, all the while consuming ED content on youtube, I was going to die had I kept going like that.
I can’t eat that much at the moment because my body still isn’t used to it, but I’m going to slowly start increasing the amount of calories I consume and hopefully my metabolism will repair itself. I don’t know a life outside of being a patient it’s always been my reality, I don’t know what normal is meant to look like but I look forward to learning.
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2023.06.08 13:41 AverageLoud4655 A proud moment

A proud moment
End of an era
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2023.06.08 13:41 wanslushop Feminine and Fashionable: Discover Our Stylish Women's T-Shirt Collection

Upgrade your wardrobe with our trendy women's t-shirts by Wanslu. Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, these shirts offer the perfect blend of comfort and style. From classic designs to contemporary prints, our collection has something for every fashion-forward woman. Embrace effortless elegance and redefine your casual look today.
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2023.06.08 13:40 theeverydaykitchen Top 10 Best Juicer Blenders 2023

Editor’s Choice: Ninja Fit QB3001SS
"This model comes with a pair of 16oz. single-serve cups that allow you to blend drinks on the go. The blades are removable, made of stainless steel, and are very sharp."
Budget Pick: Oster BLSTPB-WBL
"This model comes with high speed and heat-dissipating function. With a motor that is rated 400Watts, it completely breaks down the food you put in it – ice, vegetables, and fruit in 10-20 seconds."
Best Set: NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender
"The RX has a super-high wattage of 1700. At 1700W, you’d hope for the smoothest smoothie ever, with not a chunk in sight. But it can not only blend cold foods, but also pump heat into soups and sauces as it blends."
Best Family-Size Capacity: Breville BBL620 Fresh & Furious Blender
"The container of the BBL 620 has the max liquid capacity of 50 OZ, amount – enough to serve the entire family. The blades are semi-permanently attached and assembled and are stainless steel made and offer longer longevity."
Best Accessories: Vaeqozva Juicer Blender
"This model offers the blend of high-performance and tightly integrated features, one-button blending and cleaning, and the inclusion of three metal straws as well as a cleaning brush."
Best Portable Blender: Hotsch Portable Blender
"One of the portable blenders that you can find in the market. It comes in high capacity battery through the USB interface; the device can easily load through an external battery, a computer, an automobile or other USB devices."
Best Number of Speeds: Blendtec Designer 625 Blender
"This model has 1,560 watts, 3 horsepower motor pulverizes ingredients and blends smoothies, juices, hot soups, ice creams, dips & spreads, whole juice, and more. And it also features a six-speed touch slider and a pulse feature."
Best Smart Blender: JAWZ High Performance Blender
"This tech-friendly unit takes blending to the next level with the touchscreen control panel and industrial-grade horsepower – enjoy ten-speed settings."
Best for On-the-Go Use: Hamilton Beach Personal Blender (Raspberry)
"This is the ideal blender to accompany you where you go, with the blend-and-go design and dishwasher-safe parts."
Best Value: HERRCHEF Personal Blender
"With a simple one-touch operation, the HERRCHEF Blender allows for easy operation, helping users to reach a soft-serve consistency in as little as 10 seconds."
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2023.06.08 13:40 goalin365 Unlock the success formula

🌟 Join Our Vibrant Community on Reddit: Unlock the Success Formula! 🚀
Are you searching for a supportive and inspiring community that shares your passion for success, motivation, and personal growth? Look no further! We invite you to join our thriving Reddit community dedicated to exploring the Success Formula through speeches, motivational videos, and captivating stories.
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Hashtags: #SuccessFormula #Motivation #MotivationalStories #Speeches #MotivationalVideos #PersonalGrowth #AchieveSuccess #Community
[email protected]
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2023.06.08 13:40 MagicalIcecorn Needing less sleep on Xaggitin XL

So since forever I have had a problem with over sleeping and just wanting to nap all the time.
Xaggitin is working wonders for me. I can focus and feel calm and quiet brain. Only downside is I have issues scalp picking which I fear it has increased :(
But also I feel no need to over sleep anymore. I can easily wake up in the morning feeling completely rested. Strangely enough I am sleeping about 6 hours a night and feel great. When before I would sleep 9/10/11 hours if I could and still feel groggy.
I have no problems falling asleep I just wake up early and start my day!
Anyone else had this?
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2023.06.08 13:40 Conscious_Sweet_3906 Left shoulder mass + shoulder pain

M22, 145 lbs, 5’10
I may have a malignant soft tissue mass in my left shoulder blade. Around three days ago my left shoulder started aching and hurting, mostly when standing up and in use and not so much when relaxing and sleeping. After a shower today I noticed when I’m raising my arm, there’s this soft mass popping out on the left shoulder blade, when pressing it, it feels like muscle, the right side does not have a mass like that. The mass itself is not achy nor painful, it’s muscle consistency and goes away when putting my hand down.
A hot shower + one gram of paracetamol makes the pain go from a 7/10 to a 1/10. I’m attaching a video below so you can see the mass for yourself:
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2023.06.08 13:40 Playful-Version-4684 Earn by time or by order on “bike”

Looking for some opinions on which way to go. I’ll be dashing via “bike” but I won’t be having to peddle and such so not putting in too much physical labor. I enjoy riding my machine for fun anyway. Since it costs me no gas, it’s not a leg workout, and I’m just starting, I planned on picking up the rejects on earn by order anyway. If I can find a big paying order great! But I’m not concerned with making sure I get $3 a mile or whatever; I don’t have the overhead. What do y’all think is the most profitable model to go with?
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2023.06.08 13:40 pizzacheesemayo Baby wakes up often when breastfed but sleeps for 2 to 3 hours when pumped and fed same breast milk

As the title suggests, my 5 week baby boy (I am a FTM) gets specially fussy in the night and doesn’t sleep well. Baby doesn’t sleep well during the day when breastfed. Today I pumped and fed, and baby slept for 3 hours straight, that too twice. Baby latches fine and we confirmed that he doesn’t have tongue tie. Sometimes he drinks for 30 minutes and sleeps off, and wake up in 30 minutes again. He only drains one breast and wakes up.
My concern is when I pump, he may not be getting enough hind milk.
How can I make sure he breastfeeds and sleeps well during the day?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.08 13:40 raquelmagro01 Foreclosure Specialist In San Fernando

Looking for a foreclosure specialist in San Fernando? Look no further! Raquel Magro is an expert in pinpointing and negotiating the best deals for distressed properties. With its close proximity to Los Angeles and a thriving local economy, San Fernando offers a prime location for real estate investment. Trust Raquel Magro's expertise to guide you through the process and secure a great investment opportunity. Contact Raquel Magro today!
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2023.06.08 13:40 TheHappiestHam Question About Cleaning PC with Compressed Air

I’ve never cleaned my pc with Compressed Air and I don’t really wanna use the leaf blower or large air compressor methods like I did with my older, crappier PC. especially since compressed air is dirt cheap
my question is- will any old can of ‘Compressed Air’ work or do I need to read the list of ingredients/chemicals for any specific thing to avoid?
I’m in Australia so don’t recommend going to Walmart or anything lol. just would like to know if I can pick up literally any can of compressed air I want or if there’s specific chemicals I need to avoid and pick out the ‘best’ ones.
also is there anything else I need to just do a quick clean of the PC? like any attachments or something? or is the air can enough?
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2023.06.08 13:39 TheWanderer67 Portal Bot Farming question

Today I joined a bot farm lobby to unlock the svd, but none of my kills went toward my challenges for it. Did dice prevent all challenges from being completed in portal?
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2023.06.08 13:39 Puzzleheaded-Talk762 BeneKind Diagnostics: Best and reliable Pathology Lab in Noida

BeneKind Diagnostics: Best and reliable Pathology Lab in Noida
Pathology Lab in Noida, the term itself suggests a place where people can get their diseases and ailments diagnosed accurately. If you are looking for such a reliable Pathology lab in Noida , look no further than BeneKind Diagnostics. Their state-of-the-art laboratory is equipped with modern technologies and facilities that ensure accurate diagnoses and timely reports. The team of experienced pathologists at BeneKind Diagnostics is dedicated to providing comprehensive pathology services with precision and care.
From routine blood tests to advanced cancer screenings, they offer an extensive range of diagnostic services at affordable prices. They understand the value of time when it comes to detecting health conditions; hence they work expeditiously to provide results within the shortest possible time frame without sacrificing accuracy or quality standards. With their excellent customer service, attention-to-detail approach, reasonable pricing structure, and commitment towards delivering accurate results every time - BeneKind Diagnostics has established themselves as one of the best pathology labs in Noida today!
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2023.06.08 13:39 ForgottenWell The Newly Elected Governor of South Dakota

He ran a helluva campaign. Selected a lieutenant governor whose wife had terminal cancer (for sympathy votes). He was fighting an uphill battle as a democrat in South Dakota. So to top it all off, he entered a pact with a witch.
Early in the campaign, the witch approached him promising him victory so long as he’d pay her price once governor.
Magic wasn’t real anyway, so he entered the deal.
On election night, despite being down twenty points in the polls, he won. He was the first democrat elected governor in over forty years.
He gave his victory speech, and returned to his office to eliminate a glass of scotch. There was a knock on his door. He knew who it was. “Come in.”
The witch entered. She wore ruby eye shadow and a devilish grin.
“I wondered when you’d show up.” The governor-elect poured himself another glass.
“I’ve come to collect,” the witch said. She tossed a stack of papers on his desk.
The governor-elect looked at the first page, then flipped to the second. “A Pardon?”
“My master who taught me the old magic is serving a life sentence. He must be pardoned so he can return to me. You’ll find the paperwork is all correct, you just need to sign it.”
The governor-elect recognized the name of the prisoner. “Dorian LeRoy? Your master? He’s the biggest serial killer in state history. They found thirty four bodies just in his basement. You want me to pardon a man who gutted dozens of innocent people?”
“How do you think blood magic works? You need blood.”
“I won’t do it.”
“Do you know how much blood I required to win your election? How many spells I had to cast, manipulating weak minded morons to vote for you? Enough blood to fill a cathedral.”
“Let’s not get into an argument, okay? I won’t do it. Honestly, I’m not convinced you did anything. I campaigned my ass off. I reap the fruits of my labor, and you come in here talking about blood magic. It’s nonsense! Magic isn’t real.”
The governor-elect picked up his phone and called security. The two bulky men in suits grabbed the witch's arms to escort her out. She screamed before she left the room, “You idiot! You think you can go back on our deal? I will be reunited with my master–” She continued yelling, but he couldn’t make out the words.
He didn’t let that crazy lady occupy his mind, and took another gulp of scotch.
There was another knock at his door. This time his lieutenant-governor entered.
“Congrats, governor.”
“Scott, how are you? How’s the wife?”
“You’re not going to believe this. The cancer is completely gone.”
“Gone?” He took a swig. “I thought it was terminal?”
“What can I say, it was magic.”
The governor looked up to see a pistol and was dead before he heard the silenced shot. The lieutenant-governor grabbed the stack of pardon papers and quickly left the office.
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2023.06.08 13:39 raisinghellwithtrees Spring updates?

For those of you entering the garden season, how is it going? I'd love to hear your stories!
We are in the midst of an emerging drought, and that has been a challenge as we've had to water a lot, taking time away from planting, weeding, and other projects. But I'm thankful we have a spigot and helping hands to share the work.
We've had amazing success with redistributing donated seedlings this year. I asked after a couple of fundraiser plant sales, as well as asking nurseries to donate their annual seedlings after June 1. One donated a ton of native perennials as well. We've had well over 500 seedlings available for gifting to our community. We're in an inner city neighborhood, and we've had a lot of people turning to gardening with EBT funds being cut drastically recently.
We're getting a second shed built as our programming needs are outgrowing our current storage. Children's programming starts next week and last week was the start of our weekly free farmers markets. The free 300 sf strawberry U-pick has been thriving (with supplemental watering) and our raspberries are just starting to turn color. I've been moving beyond my normal comfort zone in requesting corporate donations, and meeting with potential big funders.
And I'm so tired y'all. I've had two days completely off since May 1, and I'm still spinning plates while running this marathon. But I'm enjoying the heck out of it!
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2023.06.08 13:39 Carscache1 Top Affordable Cars of 2023: Best New Cars Under $15,000

Looking for a new car on a tight budget can be a daunting task. But fear not, because we've got you covered! We've scoured the market to find the best new cars for under 15000 that are both affordable and reliable. These rides may come with an entry-level price tag, but don't let that fool you - they're packed with features and performance capabilities that will surprise even the most skeptical of buyers. So buckle up and get ready to discover our top picks for 2023's best budget-friendly vehicles!
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2023.06.08 13:38 Purple_Clowdboy Jíbaro, a "Love Death Robots" Chapter concept.

Jíbaro, a
Spoilers ahead...

Killer: The Siren
Difficulty: moderate/hard Stature: Average Terror radius: 32m Base speed: 3 m/s
Power: Damsel of the lake
Passive ability: Razor scales

The siren possesses 30 scales on her body, a number of scales will get stuck into a survivor's skin when performing a basic attack on them (2 - 4), the siren will then loose the equivalent number of scales. Surpassing 6 scales will inflict the mangled status effect on the survivor. If the scale counter reaches 12 scales, the survivor is inflicted with the broken status effect. Survivors can take off scales by healing themselves or being healed by others. For every great skillcheck success, a scale will be taken out. Completing any healing interaction will result in -1 scales, if a survivor is picked up, they will loose 2 scales. All survivors will loose 4 scales after being unhooked.
- Escaping the siren's grasp will add 1 scale to the survivors counter, the siren will loose 4 scales in turn.
- Scale counters are personal to each survivor.
Special effect: Siren's treasure
As a survivor, gain 50 bloodpoints for each scale in your counter once you escape the trial.
Main ability: Song of desire
Killer side**:**
Hold M2 to charge " of desire (it takes 2 seconds to fully charge). While charging, your speed is reduced by 45%. By releasing M2 you'll be able to walk backwards at 110% speed and your terror radius is replaced by the song of desire for 15 seconds. You can end the song by performing a or lunge attack.
- While charging "song of desire", all survivors inside the terror radius will hear the faint sound of a waterfall. This sound can still be heard even if the killer is undetectable.
- "Song of desire" can be heard all around the map, but will only affect the survivors that are inside the terror radius.
- Song of desire has a total of 90 sec cooldown, if it hasn't been cancelled before the 15 seconds are over. Song of desire will take an extra 5 seconds to charge when less than 20 meters from a hooked survivor.
Survivor side**:**
All survivors inside the siren's terror radius while song of desire is active, become enchanted and loose control of their movements and actions. Enchanted survivors will start running towards the the siren's location, avoiding any obstacle along their way. Their screen will become slightly distorted to signify this. The enchanted status effect is displayed in the survivor hud to survivors and killer alike.
When less than 20m from the killer while enchanted, a series of fast skill checks will appear. Succeed in 4 of these to resist the call of the siren and become free from her call.
You can avoid being enchanted by becoming deafened. You get the "deafend" status effect for 30 seconds by missing a skill check while song of desire is being charged. While defened, all sounds except for the heartbeat are omited (does not affect visual heart beat).
Special effect: The lake
Releasing M2 will cover the ground area of the killer's terror radius with water. The lake will not follow the siren's terror radius and will stay in place untill "song of desire" becomes active again.
Speciall ability: What lurks beneath
By pressing the action button, you dive into the water and surpress your terror radius. While diving, the siren's head remains partially submerged and can be spotted by survivors. In this state, the siren moves at 170% her speed and can pass through dropped palletes, but is unable to attack, use her ability or interact with objects. If stunned while diving, she is forced out of the water.
- For every 2 seconds spent diving, gain back 3 scales.
- Press the action button again to come out of the water by perfoming a 1 sec animation, you will automatically emerge when exiting the lake's perimetre. You are unable to exit the water while under a dropped pallete.
- The lake will dissappear after hooking a surivor inside the lake's perimeter.
- The lake can be relocated by charging and releasing song of desire outside the lake's perimeter.
Special interaction: Healing blood
The siren will leave small pools of siren blood every time she looses scales or when getting pallette-stunned while inside the lake. Any survivor can perform a 3 second interaction with the pool to fully heal, even if they are broken or affected by deep wounds. Survivors that heal this way will lose all scales from their counter, and their location will be revealed to the siren via killer instinct.
  • Hex: Visage of madness.
Your horrifying aspect is imprinted into the psyche of those who dare get too close.
You start the trial with 4 tokens (1 per survivor).
After a survivor stuns you, a random dull totem ignites, and you lose the token corresponding to that survivor.
While the hex totem is active, all non skill check interactions will now have a 20%/50%/70% chance for a fast skill check to appear. If the survivor misses said skillcheck, they will scream and their location will be reveald to the killer.
  • Swiftness and precission
You are no stranger to the art of killing, and your efficiency is spottless.
Injuring 4 different survivors within 60/90/100 seconds grants up to 4 tokens .For each token, your speed and vault speed increases by 2%. Loose a token after putting a survivor in the dying state.
  • Morbid curiosity
Your monstruos nature weaken's your prey's mind.
Ending a chase with the obsession without hurting them will cause them to become incapacitated and exhausted for 5/10/15 seconds, but they also get the haste status effect for 8 seconds.

Survivor: Jíbaro
  • Self-willed
It is worth taking a risk and abandon all morals in order to survive.
You get up to 4 tokens for every 6/5/4 seconds you spend less than 16 meters from the killer without being chased while another survivor is hooked. For every token, the speed at which you're healed or heal yourself is increased by 2%. You lose all tokens after being fully healed.
  • Thick skin
In order to complete your objectives, you must endure pain. At least for a while.
You don't scream after being injured by a basic attack. Any status effect that would be applied on hit appear after 7/13/16 seconds.
  • Opportunist
You wait patiently till the time is right... You may get something out of the death that surrounds you.
Picking up an item dropped by a dead survivor will make it regain a 30/50/70% of its initial charge. The item will be fully charged if you are the only survivor left in the trial.
Thank you for your attention. This took me a while to make so I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions and criticism. Feel free to comment any changes you'd make to the killer or the perks.
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2023.06.08 13:38 ShiChangming Very disappointed with Upton aircon

I have Called Upton aircon 4 times and every time I get promised a call back the following day, the last call was yesterday and apparently it was going to be marked as urgent for a call back today! Still nothing. Very disappointed as the reviews the company have are all positive.
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2023.06.08 13:38 NoMadicWanderer97 What to do in my situation.

We’ll I just ran into a family problem. For context my siblings and I grew up in foster care. My little sister went with her step mother. Both parents were unfit to care. Step mother has always treated her different from what I hear. It’s been 10 years since being separated from my sister. She’s the youngest one I’m 26 middle of the oldest siblings all male. In those 10 years none of us had contact with our sister because the step mom got full custody of her we were teenagers didn’t know what to do. Although I haven’t seen her I’ve thought about her a lot and how her life is. There was no way of reaching out. Now her step mom is kicking her out saying she doesn’t want her living in her house and sending her to her dad where she goes from dad to her sister (from her dad side). I just found this out and idk what to do. I’m 26 I have a house I have a great career I have a family partner and daughter. I have a house with a spare room I want to help my sister out. I feel like she’s been abandoned and separated from us and she needs us the most right now. I want to take her in but don’t know how to go about it but what to do and what assistance there will be if I take her in. I’m 26 i know it’s going to be hard it’s not like it’s a sleep over but I have to help my sister. The other option is she goes into the system foster care or she lives with her older sisters my fear is she continues on this cycle. Like her older sisters who live off welfare or if she goes into foster care she takes it hard mentally and is hurt. This is a tough decision for being 26 and figuring life out. I have space that’s not an issue. But is it the right choice as a 26 yo to take on a whole life. Where I have to teach her right from wrong teach her how to be a person how to be productive show her I care for her show her she’s loved and cared for feed her dress her have a roof over her head take her to doctor appts. I don’t even know if she’ll want that I haven’t spoken to her in 10 years. But I plan on calling her today and talking to her. I’ve always cared for her always thought of her. She doesn’t know that because she was kept from her siblings. I know she’s hurting being in this situation I went thru the same things being in foster care. What advice to you have for someone in my situation.
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2023.06.08 13:38 TheRealLarryBurt [WTS] Sig Juliet 4 Magnifier, crimson trace laser for keltec at3

Sup gafs, today I’m selling a couple items to recoup some funds. I accept PayPal FF and cash app ABSOLUTELY NO NOTES! Dibs rule applies you have 30 minutes to send payment or I move on to the next person.
Fairly minty Sig Juliet 4 Magnifier. It has seen very little use it has on small paint mark on it pictured in album. Comes with original box and all accessories from sig very nice magnifier but it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. $260 $245 $235 $225 shipped somebody please just buy this fucker so the wife doesn’t cut me for buying new plates. Edit: she’s been sharpening the knife for three four days straight now time is running out.
Crimson trace laser for keltec AT3 works has some salt on it but should affect functionality or attachment. $40 shipped
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2023.06.08 13:38 stalesun "If you think the NHS is underfunded now, we’ve seen nothing compared to what’s coming down the line with an inverted population pyramid."

I've just scrolled past this video where a Tory MP talks about how women should be having babies aged 16-25 because that's when they're most fertile, to avoid population decline in the UK. It made me nauseous to hear her say that when people depict motherhood as a drudgery they're all wrong, that motherhood is great.
What's great is that my SO went off to work for a long day in the office today and I get to have a day of peace and quiet, with the sun shining, and binge watch Succession in the bath later with a bottle of wine.
Also notable that she totally dismisses free childcare, because obviously women have a biological urge to care for children //vomit.
And her justification is that if you don't have babies that will grow up to pay tax, there'll be no money for the NHS (there's no money for the NHS anyway because they're too busy pissing it up the wall and giving it to their mates, but that's a conversation for a different subreddit)!
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