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The subreddit for Oregon.

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This is for folks in the Portland State University Geology department to chat, post pics, share news and events, and everything else!

2023.06.08 13:07 Jetsurge Why are orange lightsabers so rare?

(Some Jedi Survivor spoilers will be in here).
In Jedi Survivor orange lightsabers were finish added into new canon, they were weilded by a few Bedlam Raider bosses who were gifted lightsabers from their leader Rayvis.
I assume these lightsabers were from High Republic Jedi who Rayvis killed in that era. This leads me to believe that orange kyber crystals are formed from a certain state of mind some Jedi at the time had like yellow crystals except even rarer (I don't believe we have seen orange sabers in any High Republic material yet).
There are also the two villains in the upcoming Ahsoka show who have orange looking lightsabers, however their sabers are a darker blood orange. From an interview from Dave Filoni I believe these are still sabers with bleed crystal as he mentioned that Vader's saber in the OT looked more orange in certain shots. I think it's just a choice to signal to the audience that these characters are different to your normal darksiders. In Jedi Survivor we also see Dagan's red saber is more of a orange redish shade too instead of the traditional red (It looks different to Vader's and the Inquisitors in the game).
Finally I think there's the out of universe explanation that orange is the closest colour to red which might be why they've avoided it.
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2023.06.08 13:07 RamaSchneider It doesn't matter who the Republican Party's nominee for President of the United States is because the policies that will be embraced, enacted and enhanced are the same as those advocated by Donald Trump, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh.

Rush Limbaugh was unfortunately hugely influential in the confluence of radio and politics; and his style spread daily from his talking points out to small time Rush wannabes around our country and even US military bases around the world. The Rush style was in the talking points: find something to screech about and everybody from coast to coast will scream about the same thing until it seems real.
Limbaugh was consistent: the contemporary social order where rich, white, males set and kept the rules was working just fine for the United States, and any efforts to change that system would destroy our children, families, communities and world. Anything that would challenge the rich, white male hegemony had to be met with immediate and harsh resistance and banning whether it's black folks who want police that protect and defend them or immigrants without official documents who just want to be paid and treated humanely or the ugly, untrained masses who only wanted open and easy access to the ballot box.
The gods, guns and gays line was not original to Barack Obama; that was the driving social force within the Republican Party starting as far back as the Reagan years. It was the radical Limbaugh following "ditto heads" who made it possible to force the likes of Sarah Palin as a VP candidate upon John McCain when he ran for prez in 2008. And it was the wild success of Palin within GOP circles that made it possible for her political offspring Donald Trump to run his way to the heights of political power.
And of course Trump has enabled the likes of DeSantis, Abbott, Sanders and others who are making the most radically base social movements the everyday norm whenever and where ever they can. The chain is unbroken and heading in only one direction.
It doesn't matter who the "anchor" is, the chain, the policies, will remain the same.
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2023.06.08 13:03 readmode Switzerland and the EU: united in stubbornness

To the point
Helvetic village. Switzerland: a small state with a big identity. But there is a fine line between state sovereignty and provincial isolationism.
Parallels. Switzerland and the EU are not as different as they are often portrayed - neither structurally nor in terms of their internal complexity.
EU scepticism. Anti-EU attitudes have a long tradition in Switzerland, despite close economic ties and acceptance of large parts of the EU regulatory framework.
Risk. In a world in geopolitical upheaval, Switzerland is in danger of losing an opportunity with its vague positioning on the EU.
The similarities are striking: both Switzerland and the European Union did not come into being by chance, but as a result of political will - in each case in opposition to the prevailing mainstream at the time. Here Switzerland, the neutral, federalist, prosperous small state in the heart of Europe. On the other hand, there is the European Union, the continental integration experiment based on peace, prosperity and values.
On the one hand, 26 cantons, on the other 27 states, all equally independent and stubborn political entities. They are held together by a sophisticated structure of common rules and institutions. Each canton, each member state is power-conscious, economically successful, in competition with others, internationally networked.
All special cases with their own unmistakable history and tradition. And all 53 eye with suspicion what comes from the centre, once from Bern, once from Brussels. Neither are real capitals, but they are centres of impulse and control in the finely tuned balance of power and the redistribution of solidarity-based benefits. Nine million inhabitants here, about 50 times as many there. Each with a common currency, but a colourful mix of languages and religions. Four official languages in Switzerland, 24 in the EU. And twice a motto in Latin: "Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno" (one for all, all for one) and "In varietate concordia" (united in diversity). Which belongs to which?
Difficult relationship
Despite all the similarities, Switzerland and the EU find it difficult to build a lasting constructive relationship with each other. This has a lot to do with their respective self-images, but also with the interests of influential individual actors and groups. Yet there is no alternative to close economic networking for both: half of all Swiss exports go to the EU's internal market. Goods and services worth almost one billion francs are exchanged every day. Almost 1.5 million EU citizens work in Switzerland at attractive wages; conversely, almost half a million Swiss citizens are on the EU labour market.
The EU has so far shown a lot of understanding for its difficult neighbour. More than 120 individual bilateral treaties regulate relations between Switzerland and the EU, especially access to the internal market. However, passive membership of third parties in the internal market, the centrepiece of European unification, was never a future model from Brussels' point of view.
Thus, in the 1990s, the European Economic Area (EEA) was created for those Europeans who did not want to join the Community in the foreseeable future. It offered access to the internal market with a common institutional component for settling disputes. Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland joined, the Swiss refused in 1992. Then, as now, the pronounced anti-EU attitude had a name and a face: Christoph Blocher, billionaire, industrialist, media owner, short-term Federal Councillor.
New attempt at a relationship
After the failure of Switzerland's EEA accession, it gradually became clear to both partners how incompatible their ideas for the common future were. 24 years after the application, Switzerland also formally withdrew its membership application in 2016. Switzerland would probably never become an EU member. Or only when it was doing badly economically, according to Christoph Blocher.
In the EU, too, enthusiasm for Switzerland as an extra-complicated partner declined in proportion to the internal pressure from right-wing Eurosceptic parties in its own ranks. Everyone would like to have a tailor-made membership, why should only the Swiss get one?
From then on, the "internal market without nothing" was no longer part of the EU's offer. Instead of further individual treaties, a kind of "umbrella treaty" was needed. At the head of the Commission, a convinced representative of the small states, the Luxembourger Jean-Claude Juncker, took up the mantle. He knew the interests and deep-seated fears of the successful small states better than anyone else.
But this attempt was also a failure. At the end of May 2021, the Swiss government declared the negotiations over. Just like that. Without involving parliament or the people. Remarkable in the model country of direct democracy. In 1992, the EEA issue had been put to the vote of the people and the cantons. Thirty years later, apparently no one was prepared to go to the polls for an agreement that was actually tailor-made, complete with dynamic adoption of law, emergency brake and arbitration court. This would have made Switzerland the only country in the world to adopt EU legislation à la carte.
Where there is (no) will, there is (no) way
Foreign policy is a direct function of domestic policy. The Swiss government got caught up in tactics. The Federal Council made no attempt to explain to its citizens the benefits of a longer-term stabilisation agreement with the EU. No convincing personality in the government unreservedly supported the finalised agreement. Many groups found reasons not to like the agreement. The trade unions in particular successfully climbed the barricades on the issue of wage protection. Their alliance with the right-wing nationalist SVP and its fetishism for sovereignty prevented a majority for the framework agreement.
In addition, there was a lack of willingness to reform in certain business circles and a general unwillingness to let the EU show its cards. In the end, a critical mass of positive arguments was lacking. The status quo seemed preferable to the manageable risk of a pragmatic consolidation.
Blocher's narrative of the indomitable Helvetic village had taken possession of public opinion. "We find ourselves back on field 1 after thirty years of European policy muck," says Peter Ziegler, former editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Der Bund" and remorseful EEA opponent, in view of the fruitless wear and tear on diplomatic and political energies.
What is striking is that the now almost universal practice of "autonomous implementation" - i.e. the direct adoption of EU law - does not seem to bother anyone. Why does sovereignty-conscious Switzerland not want to sit at the table in Brussels? Co-decide? Co-responsible? Has the "special case of Switzerland" even become strategically incapable in the end? In a networked world, sovereignty has long since ceased to be understood as medieval autarky. Especially for small states, whose security is ultimately guaranteed from the outside, it is a matter of optimising possibilities of influence. And about the wise use of multilateral mergers as "sovereignty enhancers" - see the EU and Ireland.
Numbers & Facts
Fortress in the Alps
As a neutral country, Switzerland must be able to defend itself. The Confederation is therefore well equipped, and defence is considered a civic duty in society.
Army people
One often hears: Switzerland does not have an army, it is an army. The army is largely recruited from militia soldiers. All male citizens must enlist at the age of 18. As long as they are physically and mentally fit and are not doing civilian service, recruits regularly take part in exercises after initial training. As a result, Switzerland has around 150,000 active and trained soldiers. Those who do not perform military service must pay three per cent of their annual income as military substitute tax.
High striking power
In a comparison of military capabilities, Switzerland ranks 44th worldwide (Global Firepower Index). But all the countries listed higher - with the exception of Norway - have a larger population than the Swiss; Austria, which is the same size, only comes in 84th in the same ranking. No wonder, Switzerland invests around five billion francs a year in armament. In addition to a well-developed network of defence installations, the army has 148 aircraft, including the F-35, the most modern fighter jets in the world. Despite its many mountains, Switzerland has 380 tanks.
Weapon in the wardrobe
Many a tourist is amazed to see armed citizens in public. Soldiers take their service weapon, the assault rifle 90, home with them. About 100 weapons are lost every year. But they are often found again, as an army spokesman affirmed, for example by the next tenant.
What does Switzerland want?
The Swiss model of "one foot in, one foot out" seems comfortable. As if there really is "the nickel and the dime" (a Helvetic metaphor for a barter deal in which one gets everything and the other nothing) in the long run. It is not for nothing that a Bertelsmann study from 2019 attests that Switzerland benefits the most from the EU's internal market. But the current state of affairs is no good as a model for the future. From the EU's point of view, there will be no new market access agreements without agreement on the institutional dimension.
The erosion of the bilateral treaties will only become noticeable creepingly for the time being - for example, when less or no investment is made in research projects or university start-ups and spin-offs; when energy security in the supply of electricity becomes fragile and help is needed; when locations of the medtech industry are relocated to the EU. But the train keeps moving, and those who do not act in time will be left sitting at the station.
In 2023, elections will be held in Switzerland. Normally, this is not a good time to rely on reason and an overarching perspective. But there is no holiday from history. The brutal Russian attack on neighbour Ukraine is turning old certainties upside down. European security policy is reshaping itself. The migration wave is rolling again. The EU needs every ounce of political energy for itself. Brexit, the Ukraine invasion and increasing geopolitical tensions are causing more unity in the EU and less willingness for special arrangements.
What does Switzerland actually want? Who immediately knows the Swiss line, not only in European policy? In times of forming geopolitical blocs, this lack of legibility can quickly become a serious disadvantage. Even among well-meaning neighbours, perplexity, even resentment, is spreading. Bern bought US fighter planes, not German or French ones. Paris and Berlin are pawing at them. Solidarity with Ukraine is not enough to deliver ammunition produced in Switzerland to Germany. Is Switzerland losing reliability in its dealings with partners?
Putting our money where our mouth is
While Bern dreams of a new framework agreement (Bilaterals III) without even being able to agree internally on a negotiating mandate, the President of the EU Commission leaves the Swiss President out in the cold in Davos in January 2023. No time for a meeting - indignation in the Swiss media. A snub? Or just a thoughtful hint that the indecisive neighbour is slipping in the ranking of EU priorities?
It is time to put our money where our mouth is. The Swiss cross and the European stars do not stand for irreconcilable opposites. Nothing in Switzerland's political genetics makes it an enemy of Europe. And conversely, no neighbour wants to bully Switzerland. Perhaps after thirty years of pause for reflection, Switzerland could throw some mirages overboard and show the world what it really is: European through and through, always has been.
The relationship between Switzerland and the European Union has always been complicated. Admittedly, there are many similarities; both Switzerland and the EU, for example, are characterised by complex institutions that balance a multitude of individual interests. Nevertheless, both sides find it difficult to permanently regulate their relationship. Bern broke off negotiations on a framework treaty with the EU in 2021 without consulting the people. For pragmatic reasons, Switzerland has to adopt large parts of the EU regulations, but is reluctant to have a say in Brussels. Meanwhile, the EU's motivation to deal with the small state is sinking. In a world where geopolitical blocs are forming, a vague Swiss position could be increasingly disadvantageous.
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2023.06.08 13:02 infinitefables2023 Exploring Multiplayer Experiences in Text-Based Games - We Need Your Thoughts!

Exploring Multiplayer Experiences in Text-Based Games - We Need Your Thoughts!
Infinite Fables game art
Hello there!
As you may already know, we're currently developing a unique text-based universe powered by AI - Infinite Fables.
As we continue to build this app, we'd love to gather your input on the multiplayer aspect of our adventure games. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so we've listed a few questions below:
  1. Do you find it genuinely enjoyable to engage in online text-adventures with friends?
  2. Do you play with a consistent group of friends, or do you prefer to find a new party for each game?
  3. How important is communication during gameplay? Would you appreciate the option to discuss game strategies with your teammates through audio or chat, similar to Discord or in-game chat systems?
  4. What kind of rewards would motivate you to participate in a text-based RPG with friends?
We highly value your insights and would be grateful if you could share your thoughts in the comments below.
Thank you in advance for your time and input! 🧡
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2023.06.08 13:00 Impossible-Case-9525 SJSU MS in Engineering (interdisciplinary) vs UMCP Software engineering

Hi, I am an international student and I have recently got an admit for MS in Engineering at SJSU. However, I am not able to find much information about this course and students. How old is this course? What are the career prospects? The admit has come at the very end moment and I had already decided to go for University of Maryland, College Park for MEngg in Software Engineering. The fee is almost same for both, UMD has a higher ranking and the course is established. However, SJSU has a location advantage. It’s an interdisciplinary program so I can choose courses from different programs in Engineering as well as business school. I already have over 6 years of experience as a software engineer. I’d really appreciate your response on what is a better choice here. Thank you
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2023.06.08 13:00 Radiant-Basis3745 MGMT-200

I’m planning to apply for an MSA program at Purdue. I need to take a few additional courses to be eligible for the program. Did anybody take MGMT-200 online? If so, was the course self-paced? I work full time and I'm afraid I won't be able to meet at the scheduled hours.
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2023.06.08 12:59 47ryanjones I would appreciate some advice/encouragement

I want to preface this by saying that while got a lot of good stuff going for me, I'm not doing this to brag or anything, I've legitimately hit a mental slump recently and I don't really know what to do to get out of it. Edited for paragraph spacing.

Currently I am here on a government scholarship to get my undergraduate degree at a Japanese university. I had previously come here as a missionary due to familial pressure and at the end of it I came home ready to leave but also cut off from a lot of opportunities for independence because of COVID, toxic family environment, and lack of "adulting" experience in my home country (USA). I didn't see a future for myself there because of said lack of life experience and my parents being unable and unwilling to help me as well. (Large family + High Income = Not much financial assistance being available for me) Taking on debt seemed scary and having to suddenly put an insane amount of work inside and outside of school to someday make my own future also seemed depressing and unfair. I admit that I could have swallowed my pride and put myself through community college or something but I really wasn't doing very good mentally and I needed to get out of my house and on my own so I thought the scholarship would be good.

I applied for the government scholarship cause a full ride obviously seemed like a great deal and there also were legitimately great parts of living here. I loved the multicultural interaction I got to participate in during the missionary experience and I thought I could somehow find a way to make a career related to that. Without really going into how absurd the first "preparatory school" year of the scholarship was, the short of it is I ended up at a pretty "high rank" university (by Japanese standards) outside of Tokyo studying for a Humanities major. I also found an romantic partner and we have been in a semi-long distance relationship. So materially speaking I don't have much to complain about but mentally speaking it’s become rough and I've started to have moments of regret about being here and concern about how it’s all going to turn out.

University here is just mind numbing, there is the occasional engaging class, but many of them are just sitting for hours listening to your professor ramble about stuff that can be read off the PowerPoint. A lot of classes can be passed by just showing up, sleeping through your lectures, and just turning something for whatever assignment comes up. Actual meaningful discussion is rare, and I have gotten to a point where I am starting to experience anxiety having to sit through these pointless lectures and I have been skipping a lot of them when I can. I did a bit of university online back in the US and you could say it was similar, but I felt like I could make more of a social connection with my teachers and have way more open and meaningful conversations with my classmates. As for my classmates, they are nice people, but they are all the kind of kids that studied hard to get here and have no experience or worldview outside of that. It's hard to describe but it feels suffocating and I find that I spend a lot more time with other international students or calling/visiting my girlfriend than I do with the Japanese students.

A combination of all of this has really taken a toll on my motivation and hope for the future. I am sure I can graduate from university somehow but the idea of working here and possibly contributing to society went from being an interesting adventure to something I am starting to be afraid of. The language is not an issue as I have N1 and I converse at school/work/internships without much issue. With the work culture here and the way you sometimes see foreigners get treated in the news I am worried that there is not going to be a light at the end of the tunnel for me in the form of a decent job and a fulfilling life. They have recently started to worry about the coming labor shortage and have been paying lip service to wanting to be welcome to foreign people and ideas but when I look around me, I just see a place that is ambivalent or sometimes hostile to my existence. It also probably sounds entitled of me, but it just feels depressing to think that there's a chance I won’t be able to achieve the same level of wealth/success as my parents and that I'll be stuck in this country that is doing nothing to stop it's slow spiral of death.
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2023.06.08 12:59 Goldenrice Alchemy Stars 2nd anniversary is live........

And its just more of the same.
Calamity Codex got upgraded so you can get farm(exchange shop currently doesnt reset from what i see) universal 6* dupe for nonlimiteds
Free pulls staggered behind logging in throughout the event
New units Mia and Shwartz are just..........another set of strong units on top of the other strong units that are strong.
I was actually wondering if I would get jebaited into spending, but thankfully the current state of the game does a great job of getting me to throw my money into path to nowhere instead
There's "stuff in the works", but I just dont see how tencent allows this game to survive until "stuff in the works"
Someone high up at tencent must really really want AS to work
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2023.06.08 12:59 texchange07 How the Invention of Cotton Gin Changed the World for Textile Companies

Ever wondered how cotton became the most popular textile in the world? Had it not been for the mechanical cotton gin, this natural fiber would have remained as costly as silk, making it difficult for Indian cotton suppliers to secure profitable deals effortlessly. In 1792, little did Eli Whitney know that his invention would greatly alter the course of the global textile industry. And that his patented machine (1794) would have a greater impact on shaping America’s history economically and politically, to a degree, the Civil War. In ancient times, cotton was harvested by hand – the cotton seeds had to be picked out of the cotton bolls by hand, making the process slow and laborious. It took eight to twelve hours just to clean the husks and separate the seeds from one kg of cotton fiber, let alone a whole field of cotton. While the process was painful and taxing, it was necessary to ensure the harvesters got pure cotton. Farmers andtextile companies in Indiafollowed this process for centuries until Eli Whitney invented the revolutionary mechanical Cotton Gin.

What is Whitney’s Cotton Gin? How it Grew the Industry?

Like modern cotton gins, Whitney’s mechanical Greige fabric gin processed the cotton through hooks and combs that separated the fiber from the seeds and husks. This sped up the process by several hours, encouraging farmers to plant more cotton fields. Whitney’s cotton gin changed how cotton was processed, leading to a significant rise in the cotton industry. Among all the inventions of the American Industrial Revolution, the invention of the cotton gin had the biggest impact on the American economy, especially in the South. In addition, this helped other inventions in the Industrial Revolution to rise to the occasion as well. For instance, Steamboats coincided with Cotton Gins, making shipping cotton overseas faster. By the mid-1800s, the United States was the largest producer and exporter of cotton, contributing 75% of the world’s cotton production and distribution. Cotton gins today are much different from Eli’s – while they are based on the same concept, modern cotton gins are much larger, more efficient, and automated. Nowadays, cotton bundles are hauled to the cotton mills in trucks and are processed quickly without human intervention. The processed cotton bales are sent to the yarn manufacturers. Today, cotton suppliers can buy and sell cotton fabric material online in a jiffy. But until the 18thcentury, it took months of hard work to exchange cotton through trading routes. Note: Meanwhile, if you are looking for affordable cotton fabric online in India, log onto TEXchange Global and post your inquiry. The platform is designed to cater to the needs of B2B textile businesses and offers several free tools and functions that make trading easy. But, if you want to trade cotton the conventional way via an expert trader, connect withDamodar Menon International, India’s oldest and largest textile trading company with 60+ years of experience in buying and selling cotton worldwide.

How Did Eli Whitney Invent the Cotton Gin?

Eli Whiney, born on December 8, 1765, was a farmer’s son. His father was an inventor himself and a well-recognized mechanic of his time. Eli moved to Georgia after completing his studies at Yale University in 1972 and started living on a plantation named Mulberry Grove near Savannah. It belonged to Catherine Greene, the widow of an American Revolutionary War general. While staying there, he realized the hardships cotton suppliers faced while cultivating and farming cotton. Even though the cotton crop was easier to grow than food crops, separating the seeds and husks from the very soft fiber was a ridiculously strenuous process. It took an entire day for a single worker to pick the seeds from only one pound of cotton per day. This task was not only labor-intensive but also unprofitable. To address the problem, Whitney built the first mechanical Cotton Gin, which could easily remove seeds from fifty pounds of cotton (roughly 23 kilograms) daily.

How Whitney’s Cotton Gin Significantly Impacted the Industry and the Americans

Whitney’s invention, patented in 1792, revolutionized the cotton industry, particularly in the South. After the gin, processing cotton became simple and easier, providing numerous benefits to textile companies in India and overseas, such as the availability of cheaper fabric in abundance. Cotton became the most important cash crop, earning its esteemed moniker “King Cotton.” However, when Whitney died in 1825, he never thought his invention, one of the greatest in the textile sector, actually contributed to the increase of enslavement, causing significant political and economic upheavals that persisted until the civil war. buy cotton yarn onlineIt turned the fate of American slavery for the worse. Due to the gin’s streamlined process, the number of enslaved people needed by plantation owners to plant, grow, and harvest cotton and run the gin increased, which led to several debates and arguments for continuing enslavement. Fabric Supplier IndiaBetween 1790 and 1860, the number of the United States where slavery was practiced expanded from six to fifteen. During this period and until Congress banned the import of enslaved people in 1808, the Southern states had imported over 80,000 enslaved Africans. By 1860, one of every three people in the Southern states was enslaved. Whitney’s IP was finally validated in 1807 after a decade of legal tug-of-war. While Eli Whitney never profited from the Cotton Gin invention, it has played a significant role in securing the businesses of manycotton suppliers,manufacturers, and textile companies in India. And generational ways, the Cotton Gin remains one of the most significant innovations that altered American history.
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2023.06.08 12:57 marcoantoniof Situationship going too well - SO why am i scared and insecure?

So i've been dating this guy for 2 months, (I'm 23 and he's 24). We met on tinder and we've been going a lot of dates. We text every day, and he's really nice to me, even tho our lives are so different (I am an actor and he's finishing studying medicine, we're really different, which is funny), we have chemistry.
2 weeks ago I hit my lowest EVER and I didn't realize why, if everything was going great why was I so sad and depressed?
All my past situationships ended in ghosting and I never felt like this sad when I actually had reasons to be overthinking. I think i realize now what happened. I guess my brain was trying to protect myself from getting hurt. It was even more exhuasting for me to be with someone really nice to me, because my brain was constantly giving alerts like "don't be delusional,it's really odd that things are going that well, be careful.. he's gonna ghost you or end things, only a matter of time". I tend to make dating a really exhausting thing FOR ME, i kinda start to compare myself to the person, hide my personality (like give less, not being that intense emotionally ,etc), I get really anxious, always overanalazying things and kinda of already grief and listened to revenge songs just to be more in control of what to do in all the worst case scenarios LOL. I started to not believe anything we would tell me, and inside my brain I was always assuming the worst from him.. I was only being toxic to myself, but if kept going i could start to show a little toxic traits to him, and i was scared of that.. Well, I figure that all of that made me lose a sense of self. I kinda forgot my motivations, my goals, everything was really empty for me, i felt like I was burned out, I was mentally TIRED of overthinking and no motivation to exist.
I worked on myself, journaling, meditation is really helping and now that I'm so self aware of all my triggers and that I don't have to buy all my thoughts and believe them, specially because they're not all true, and most of them are not protecting me, are sabotaging. So I'm still recovering and is linear, I don't know if this is some type of anxious attachment style, and I don't know what romantic love feels like, so i don't know what i feel for him now..
He really likes to be with me and I really enjoy our time together. In terms of sex, I am more comfortable being a bottom but with us I really want to be the top, even though I never did it. So we tried, but it didn't work out because I was too anxious of not being a good top or looking ridiculous due to not having that much experience, that I could'nt do it. He was totally okay with that, but i was kinda hard on myself.
I wanted to hear your opinions on this, because its clear to see things when you're seeing from the outside perspective. Iam SO MUCH better now so i'm definitly not in that state anymore of feeling empy and things, and of course my have my downs but I'm healing myself for sure. I am embracing my intensity, I am a giver and I prefer to be rejected from what I am and knowing I gave my all, than to be loved for what I'm not. I just would love a overall and general opinion and perspective of all this. I've never been in a relationship and maybe all this crazy feelings and messed up emotions are because the romantic area is the weakest in my life?! I'm already learning so much and let me tell you: loving youself is so easy when you're single, but when you're dating someone? THAT IS THE CHALLENGE.
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2023.06.08 12:57 DesignHead9206 What is Elder thinking?

Hi, apart for the fact that I don't get why it's called DOD or sometimes DOFD if it means Desperate Fight of Disciples. It should be DFOD or DFD or FOD.
Anyway, Elder participates as a supposed masked teenager. I thought he did it to unmask the baldy impostor (who looks too much like Saitama) and he would drop out afterwards, but he stays and he fights his own disciple and granddaughter. Why on freaking earth!!!??? Of course the mangaka tries to put it like if this is meaningful and useful for their training (see screenshot) but HOW is this useful at all? He had all the time of the freaking universe to train them in the dojo or anywhere he wanted, BEFORE and after the DOD. Here they are already at their limits and all hurt, and they still have to face the most dangerous opponents. Fighting them now makes them just more hurt and exhausted AND exposes more of their techniques and movements to their adversaries. Imo it makes no sense at all.
How do you see it?
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2023.06.08 12:57 Eaglenger Best Free Courses for Thursday, June 8, 2023

Courses for 08 June 2023
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2023.06.08 12:56 diveshraj731 Best Astrologer in Ottawa +91 7737015003

+91 7737015003 Best Astrologer in Ottawa A little quarrel between lovers can destroy every positive energy in the relationship. However, a small disagreement and misunderstanding in love affairs can ruin there. So, have you been in a love relationship status lately? Crying in bed for your boyfriend may not always give you a solution.
You will find the answer to be more powerful mentally. Of course, expert support will help you get rid of the problem in a better way. If you are in Telangana, get a love problem solution in Telangana now. However, one of the important issues is that most people do not know what to do after a breakup. Some sink into a deep depression. Best Astrologer in Ottawa
get your love back
love problem solution in Telangana On the other hand, some people want to take revenge. There are very few people who have lost faith in love. Well, all the wrong ways.
How do love problem specialists help to get love back? Best Astrologer in Ottawa
Vashikaran of black magic is the easiest way to overcome the lost status in the relationship even after the breakup. These magical mantras with deep knowledge of love problem solution baba ji Telangana bring your lost love back in a few days. Also, the process is so smooth that no one (even your lover) can understand that it is the result of your vashikaran. Undoubtedly, this is a regular practice which can be possible with the help of experts or through instructions on love problem solutions in Telangana. Best Astrologer in Ottawa +91 7737015003
With vast knowledge and long years of practice, Vashikaran experts have achieved the position to change your life positively. They are famous for doing miracles, and they give you all the explanations about your partner’s strange behavior. Having free love solutions may not be able to find out every detail of love problem or the exact reason for your breakup. Best Astrologer in Ottawa
free love solutions
On the other hand, get the contact number of a love specialist, and he will help you to find and attract the attention of your loved one. So you can bring your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend back into your life slowly. These mantras are very systematic ways to hypnotize a person with the help of experienced practitioners cum astrologers only. Experts have the ability to produce results on the target person or things. So ask people- I love problem solutions. Best Astrologer in Ottawa
Believe it or not, a love problem solution works like magic in Telangana; You must be lucky to choose a ritual. According to experts, there is no fixed mantra for other love problems. There are a lot of love spells in the vashikaran system which is applied according to the problems of their clients. The solution to the love problem in Telangana is widespread. However, you have to remember that not all astrologers are apt to perform black magic. So be selective in choosing Baba Ji. Best Astrologer in Ottawa
conclusion: +91 7737015003
Problems in a love relationship are prevalent for every lover. Breakup is not the final solution. Also, this is not the end. It is essential to be along the right path which leads you to ultimate happiness. Believe in the system of vashikaran or black magic. You will get your lost love back in your life soon. Best Astrologer in Ottawa
प्रेमियों के बीच थोड़ा सा झगड़ा रिश्ते की हर सकारात्मक ऊर्जा को नष्ट कर सकता है। हालाँकि, प्रेम संबंधों में एक छोटी सी असहमति और गलतफहमी वहाँ बर्बाद कर सकती है। तो, क्या आप हाल ही में प्रेम संबंध की स्थिति में हैं? अपने प्रेमी के लिए बिस्तर पर रोने से आपको हमेशा समाधान नहीं मिल सकता है।
मानसिक रूप से अधिक शक्तिशाली होने के लिए आपको इसका उत्तर मिलेगा। बेशक, विशेषज्ञ का समर्थन आपको समस्या से बेहतर तरीके से छुटकारा पाने में मदद करेगा। यदि आप तेलंगाना में हैं, तो तेलंगाना में प्रेम समस्या समाधान अभी प्राप्त करें। हालांकि, महत्वपूर्ण मुद्दों में से एक यह है कि ज्यादातर लोगों को यह नहीं पता होता है कि ब्रेकअप के बाद क्या करना चाहिए। कुछ गहरे अवसाद में डूब जाते हैं।
अपना प्यार वापस पाएं
तेलंगाना में प्रेम समस्या समाधान +91 7737015003 वहीं दूसरी ओर कुछ लोग बदला लेना चाहते हैं। बहुत कम लोग होते हैं जिनका प्यार पर से विश्वास उठ गया हो। खैर, सब गलत तरीके हैं।
प्रेम समस्या विशेषज्ञ प्यार को वापस पाने में कैसे मदद करते हैं?
काले जादू का वशीकरण ब्रेकअप के बाद भी रिश्ते में खोई हुई स्थिति पर काबू पाने का सबसे आसान तरीका है। प्रेम समस्या समाधान बाबा जी तेलंगाना के गहन ज्ञान के साथ ये जादुई मंत्र आपको कुछ दिनों में खोया हुआ प्यार वापस लाते हैं। साथ ही, प्रक्रिया इतनी सहज है कि कोई भी (यहां तक ​​कि आपका प्रेमी) यह नहीं समझ सकता कि यह आपके वशीकरण का परिणाम है। निस्संदेह, यह एक नियमित अभ्यास है जो विशेषज्ञ की मदद से या तेलंगाना में प्रेम समस्या समाधान के निर्देशों के माध्यम से संभव हो सकता है।
विशाल ज्ञान और लंबे वर्षों के अभ्यास के साथ, वशीकरण विशेषज्ञों ने आपके जीवन को सकारात्मक रूप से बदलने की स्थिति हासिल कर ली है। वे चमत्कारी काम के लिए प्रसिद्ध हैं, और वे आपको अपने साथी के अजीब व्यवहार के बारे में सभी स्पष्टीकरण देते हैं। नि: शुल्क प्रेम समाधान होने से प्रेम समस्या के हर विवरण या आपके ब्रेकअप के सटीक कारण का पता लगाने में सक्षम नहीं हो सकता है।
नि: शुल्क प्रेम समाधान
दूसरी ओर, एक प्रेम विशेषज्ञ के लिए संपर्क नंबर प्राप्त करें, और वह आपको अपने प्रियजन का ध्यान आकर्षित करने और आकर्षित करने में मदद करेगा। इसलिए आप अपनी पूर्व प्रेमिका या प्रेमी को धीरे-धीरे अपने जीवन में वापस ला सकते हैं। किसी व्यक्ति को केवल अनुभवी चिकित्सकों सह ज्योतिषियों की सहायता से सम्मोहित करने के लिए ये मंत्र बहुत व्यवस्थित तरीके हैं। विशेषज्ञों के पास लक्षित व्यक्ति या चीजों पर परिणाम उत्पन्न करने की क्षमता होती है। तो लोगों से पूछो- मेरे पास लव प्रॉब्लम सॉल्यूशन। +91 7737015003
मानो या न मानो, तेलंगाना में प्रेम समस्या समाधान जादू की तरह काम करता है; अनुष्ठान चुनने के लिए आपको भाग्यशाली होना चाहिए। विशेषज्ञों के अनुसार अन्य प्रेम समस्याओं के लिए कोई निश्चित मंत्र नहीं है। वशीकरण प्रणाली में बहुत सारे प्रेम मंत्र हैं जो उनके ग्राहकों की समस्याओं के अनुसार लागू होते हैं। तेलंगाना में प्रेम समस्या का समाधान व्यापक है। हालांकि, आपको यह याद रखना होगा कि सभी ज्योतिषी काला जादू करने के लिए उपयुक्त नहीं होते हैं। इसलिए बाबा जी को चुनने में चयनात्मक रहें।
प्रेम संबंध में समस्याएँ हर प्रेमी के लिए प्रचलित हैं। ब्रेकअप अंतिम समाधान नहीं है। साथ ही, यह अंत नहीं है। सही मार्ग के साथ होना अनिवार्य है जो आपको परम सुख की ओर ले जाता है। वशीकरण या काले जादू की प्रणाली में विश्वास करें। आपको अपना खोया हुआ प्यार जल्द ही आपके जीवन में वापस मिलेगा। +91 7737015003
Best Astrology SERVICES 2
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2023.06.08 12:55 Assessment05 Learn Portuguese

In my previous article we discussed the basics of studying overseas languages. To complement your revel in we are able to cross over five greater sensible language mastering pointers that you may follow without difficulty for your every day life. These suggestions are to help you to your already current overseas language learning studies.
Learn Portuguese
  1. CARRY A DICTIONARY: I know that sounds hard to do. I'm not speakme about wearing Webster's collegiate dictionary that could require its personal backpack. You can discover miniature dictionaries which could without problems match for your pocket or handbag. Although it's going to by no means be convenient this is how I found out to talk French fluently. While I became in France every time anybody stated some thing I failed to recognize I may want to instantly look it up, and then use it in my vocabulary. Also, every time there has been a French phrase I desired to mention I could instantly appearance it up. This is so important due to the fact there are so normally when you are out and also you want to understand how to mention some thing however are unable to. Then by the point you get home and may appearance it up you have both forgotten the phrase or forgotten altogether and you've got overlooked out on a amazing possibility to you enhance your language competencies.

* One alternative this is also effective is to hold a pocket notebook wherein you may hold a going for walks listing of phrases you have found out or want to learn.

  1. WATCH MOVIES: The excellent issue approximately English movies is that everyone desires them so meaning all of them get dubbed into a couple of languages. This may additionally best work for French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, or Japanese but remains a wonderful tool. Turn at the dubbing for the language your need to research and experience your movie. Don't activate the subtitles even if you don't understand because you may begin to focus handiest at the subtitles and not advantage something from the experience. Subtitles can be an excellent device for rookies who're already advanced and want to study the precise idiomatic meanings of sayings. This is also a excellent tool to boom your listening comprehension. Start a small phase of the film. Listen cautiously and then replay it time and again till you recognize each word. Secondly, mimic the voices precisely in every segment. This will allow you to examine proper pronunciation and accent.

  1. READ THE NEWSPAPER: There are numerous approaches to get Newspapers, Magazines, and Comics in foreign languages. I point out these styles of print media because they're the most conversational. They will educate you to speak and write like a local does in their natural kingdom, not when they're trying to speak in dramatic or intellectual terms. You can locate these materials at libraries, on-line, or for languages like Spanish and Chinese often times at your nearby newsstand. Most of them are unfastened. I prefer the online assets because they're usually loose and smooth to get. Comic books are super because they're the most conversational print fabric. You can see the human beings in movement and hook up with what they're talking about.

  1. WRITE LETTERS: Even if the letter is fake write a letter about your day. This will pressure you to research new words and to assume within the language. Although you WILL make mistakes, do not worry, it is all apart of the manner. I look back at a number of the things that I wrote after I became beginning and marvel what I was questioning. Even though the writings are harking back to the ramblings of a loopy guy it helped me to refine my competencies. I can see the progress in my writings month through month they enhance drastically. Don't neglect to be aware of your Conjugations.

Five. THINK THE LANGUAGE: Think as lots as viable in the language. When you are wondering at every time for the duration of the day do it as a lot as possible in the overseas language you're mastering. Fill inside the blanks together with your local language but simply maintain wondering inside the language. This is HUGELY essential. One of the biggest troubles while mastering to speak a overseas language is HABIT. If you aren't used to questioning in Spanish then how will you be able to talk Spanish This will prepare you to be secure and assured when confronted with the possibility to talk the language. If you make this a addiction it sooner or later becomes herbal and extemporaneous.

Stay tuned for more articles on improving your language competencies within the near future. If you've got questions or requests feel unfastened to touch the author.
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2023.06.08 12:53 joan2468 AITA for insisting my friends contribute more to my cab costs back from the airport after they left me in the immigration queue

We got back from a big group holiday together (~8 people total myself included) and it was 11.45pm so getting quite late at night. I had earlier arranged to get a train back into Central London and then share a cab back with a couple of friends to our respective homes (as we lived in the same area).
The trouble started when we got to immigration and the queue for non-EU/non-Brit passports was long. We had only had a small margin in which to get to the train station to catch the next train, after which the next train was a full hour an hour later. In the middle of the queue, my friends (who were all EU/British) rang to tell me they had cleared immigration and wanted to know how long I would be in the queue. I said I couldn’t tell but it was moving slowly so would be a while. They then told me that some of them had to get up early so they wanted to go home first and catch the next train back. I asked for them to at least wait for me to clear immigration then we could explore options to travel back together (including getting a cab back from the airport and splitting it). They initially agreed, but on further waiting eventually told me they were going to leave first and that they would contribute to my cab costs back from the airport.
I was at that point distressed as I had never travelled back from the airport by myself that late as a single woman, as it would’ve been close to 1am by the time I left. I was not happy about it at all but agreed for them to go home first. I cancelled the cab I had booked initially, and eventually cleared immigration about 1am and got into the first black cab I saw at the cab rank instead of ordering an Uber as I had never used this particular airport and was not keen to hang around or hunt down the pickup spot.
The black cab of course ended up costing me an eyewatering sum (£113, compared to an estimated Uber cost of £73). I requested a contribution of £60 for the cab cost as I felt it was fair seeing as how I had burnt money on the train tickets, had to cancel the cab booking I had made for them + the obviously distressing situation I was left in. They instead disputed the sum I requested, stating they had to get home sooner and that I should have gotten an Uber back instead of a cab, and warned them that immigration could take that long (it was my first time at this airport at this time, I didn’t know, and had been assured bu friends that the proposed journey timings I booked were ok).
Reddit, AITA here???
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2023.06.08 12:53 cleaninginqatar Viewers most trusted TellyExpress expand its wings globally

TellyExpress is an online entertainment portal. It has reached globally with a readership of close to 27 million. It also runs Justshowbiz.net and serialgossip.in coexist.
TellyExpress was established in 2011 by Rahul Suthar and Deeba Nehal. The online portal focuses on giving full entertainment to its viewers by providing news, lifestyle, upcoming, interviews and buzzing hot on Television, Bollywood, Hollywood and others.
The updates on TellyExpress come with credibility which is a key factor in the success of the portal. The viewer’s trust the portal because it doesn’t throw fake news or speculatons on them. The news on the site is entertaining plus true. It started covering everything about Hindi daily soap primarily but now it has maximum reach universally too.
There are fewer portals who give spot-on news, TellyExpress is one among them. The journalist associated with the portal is very active in bringing the genuine reports on the desk. The site is fastest provider of the breaking news. The authenticity of TellyExpress makes it shine on top in the list of top trusted news and entertainment portal.
Back in 2022, it hit 26 million viewership impressions, and after that the success graph of TellyExpress is growing rapidly.
TellyExpress has competitors but its vision of providing full on entertainment with sincerity is helping it to gain recognition universally too. Many International and out Asia viewers are searching for the site because of its genuine reports on TV, HollyWood, Bollywood and others.
TellyExpress co-company, Justshowbiz.net and serialgossip.in are one of the trusted portals too. They have also maintained their spot since 2014 for proving only authentic news, latest buzz, spoilers and articles. Famous personalities from entertainment industry trust Justshowbiz.net and cheers up for the site too.
The on-location coverage by Justshowbiz.net is engaging National audience. The insight of the celebs, models, musician, performers and others are entertaining the viewers. Justshowbiz.net Youtube channel is earning separate viewership and counting views.
TellyExpress also had an International victory; famous Thai-actor Mew Suppasit acknowledged the site and connected his fans through the portal.
From 2011 TellyExpress is on a success ride. It is breaking its own record and has become a self-competitor.
Founder Rahul Suthar shared “I feel very fortunate on TellyExpress success. I have seen downfall too but one who dreams never quits. I started the portal to provide full entertainment to the viewers along with 100% reliability. I understand my audience which thoroughly help in the growth of the firm. Today TellyExpress is on a success ride and I give credit to the viewers who have shown their trust on the site and making it popular”. The journey was not easy but today we have achieved the best- concluded Rahul.
Finally, TellyExpress is blue tick on twitter. Its viewership count on twitter is unbelievable too. -Ends
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2023.06.08 12:53 smartybrome Best Free Courses for Thursday, June 8, 2023

Courses for 08 June 2023

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