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Anything and everything related to Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

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Domaining - domain name industry news, guides and resources for domainers.

2023.06.08 13:48 EdJFoulds Sobriety

Hi all,
I'm on day 3 of no weed. I've had 18 years on and off with it. Over 4 years of which were sober. I'm also 3.5 years alcohol free, and apart from an occasional cigar, I haven't smoked tobacco regularly in over 15 years.
Being sober is tricky though. I've had over 20 years with anxiety and depression, 11 years with daily aches and pains which Dr's said are born of stress and low mood. The past year and a half, not being stoned was a "treat" when in reality it should've been the other way around.
The longer I smoked, the less I smoked. Consuming around 3.5g every 6 weeks. So my habit wasn't major, and I also smoked alone. Much like my drinking. Although, unlike alcohol - when I was stoned in social situations my anxiety would usually ramp up, and I'd often have to leave group chat settings when my aches and pains went nuclear.
Seems odd to keep using weed when there was around a 60-70% chance it would make my anxiety and aches/pains worse. But therein describes life as an addict, even when it's taking a lot more from you than it could ever provide, you still struggle to quit, and you continue to maintain a draining and self-destructive habit.
Outside of drugs, other addictions have included people pleasing, comfort eating, gaming, social media, relationships and sex. Thankfully I've reigned in a lot of these too. Diet is improving, I game around 4 or 5 hours a week now instead of 40-50 hours. I dedicate a lot less time to social media, although it's my main form of socialising. But I realised as I got older that less and less people put in as much time and effort into online conversations as I do. And when you have a decades worth of energy bias, going out to friends who rarely reply - it can add to a sense of defeatism.
I've been looking after myself in other ways too. The past year or more I've been getting a regular sleep schedule. I also started 1-to-1 yoga lessons 6 months ago. I've seen 7 therapists since 2012, and I'm currently seeing one at present.
Another big change was cutting off emotionally damaged and draining local friends. Unfortunately this means I no longer have any local friends. Isolation has been a prolonged feeling in my life. It wasn't such an issue in childhood, but it's steadily grown harder as I became an adult.
I'm on the spectrum - so addiction risks, along with mental health co-morbidities are much higher. As is the potential, and reality for social fatigue and struggles.
Ever since a child I struggled to read. Quickly becoming distracted and worn out. In recent years I've been able to finish books, and have built up a good collection of material. I read non-fiction, and since 2012 and experiencing physical symptoms of my mental health struggles, I have sought out knowledge in books, forums, therapy and pursuing various means to improve my quality of life.
Recently, after 19 years stuck in office jobs, I have started a career as a carer. I needed a hands on, and people focused job. Feedback from clients and management in my new job has been outstanding. They all think I'm wonderful, which is nice to hear, but it won't ever convince my inner critic of my self-worth.
Truth is, I feel in life people enjoy my company more than I enjoy theirs. Which sounds conceited, but it just serves to highlight the struggles I encounter with socialising.
I finished all my training for this new job, and now I have nothing to do until Wednesday of next week when I start the job proper. Before that I'd been shadowing other carers, and next week when we do house visits to clients, I will be doubled up with someone until I feel confident enough to go about my rounds on my own.
This lack of things to do has stirred up the old feelings of depression and isolation. Other stresses at present include a van I've been converting into a campervan. But money ran out a while back, and so it just sits outside the house reminding me of this fact. Also, with ADHD - I have a lifetime littered with unfinished projects, and I don't want my future full time home to be one of those things. I'm also 8 months gone since I broke up with my ex, but truthfully, she felt like the one. Since the breakup I'm really struggling, and knowing it was my anxiety and depression that pushed her away is quite a crushing feeling.
Anyway, that's me. I figured I'd share this as perhaps people can relate. Also it's therapeutic for me to write and share.

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2023.06.08 13:48 Deep_Ad_9889 Is this fraud? What can I do? Ex husband put his account in my name

I live in England.
In 2017 I left my ex husband, I cancelled or changed anything that was in my name, I changed the sky account into his.
Today I have had a letter from a debt collector saying there is an overdue amount from January this year on the sky account. He has changed the sky details back into my name, although he’s using my old married name which I haven’t used since 2020.
I have had to pay off enough debt caused by him, since I left, he’s refused to sign divorce papers when I did have the money for it and he is currently refusing to give me his address so I can re file for divorce as I now have the money to do so.
Am I responsible for a debt from his old address that I have not been at in over 6yrs? How do I report or fox this? Is it fraud??
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2023.06.08 13:47 JaeFinley Advice re: potatoes in compost

Okay, so here’s the deal: I had a bin of nearly finished compost that sprouted volunteer potatoes. A lot of them. Initially, the plan was to let them and harvest them. Now, though, it seems like some animals have been going at them as the plants are trampled and we have seen other signs. If it was just me, I would still wait for them to be ready and harvest them, but my family is not interested. So now my goal has changed I no longer want to harvest. I want to get this bin finished. What’s the best way to do this without more volunteers popping out? Should I pull them, dig around for all of the potatoes, and put them in my fresh bin? I was leaning this way, but I know some potatoes will hide and I’ll have volunteers again down the road. Maybe the best plan is to top the bin off with a bunch of wood chips to cook everything underneath—would that prevent seed potatoes from forming? It will soon be in the 80s regularly. This plan, though, sets that bin of compost back several months.
Anyone encounter this issue? What would you do?
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2023.06.08 13:46 Mahakaal8 How to fix uneven gutter

How to fix uneven gutter
I could use some advice regarding an issue I'm facing in my garden—specifically, an uneven gutter. It's been bothering me for a while now, and I'm eager to find a solution. I figured this would be the perfect place to turn to for some friendly advice and suggestions.
What are option do I have? Are there any tried-and-true methods or creative solutions that have worked for you?
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2023.06.08 13:46 Shit_herewego_AGAIN How to not fuckup your drop year

How to not fuckup your drop year
for the past two months, lot of people have been asking me to make this post after I made that post for "11th wasted", so here it is.
first of all, if anyone is having second thoughts about drop year.. make your mind clear first, having that feeling of doubt is going to hurt your preparation the most Drop year-Pros and Cons, Myths and Lessons by u/mainhoonaa
if anyone is thinking of second drop or that JEE is the only way to success Alternative career choices for JEETards by u/Turbulent-Beyond-781
Now if you are 101% certain that you won't regret it, do your best then only take a drop.
I'm going to divide this post in 4 parts, 3 for different types of students and 4th for general tips ___

1. Started after 12th

for whatever reason you didn't prepared for JEE in 11-12th and decided to take a drop.
  1. JOIN A COACHING. - self-studying only works for those who either have 2-3 years or already prepared for JEE and have complete knowledge about it. - i'd say join a reputed offline coaching (Allen, FIITJEE, Resonance, Narayana etc.), and follow them religiously, you will definitely improve a lot - now for any reason if you can't join a good offline coaching, you WILL HAVE TO join online ones, (PW, Apni Kaksha etc.) and buy/download study material (modules) of offline coachings.
  2. STICK TO COACHING MATERIAL - you barely have 7 months left , there are around 90 chapters in complete PCM syllabus.. it will be very very difficult to even complete the your study material - going after books, even the standard ones (HCV etc.) will be foolish - just complete your study material and revise it over and over, that is more than enough to get a under 10k rank in mains
  3. DO EASY/SHORT CHAPTERS ON YOUR OWN - You can't rely on your coaching for these chapters and leaving them to study during last month is not going to work. Do the following chapters on your own from youtube during weekends and holidays - Maths (BouneBack 1.0): mathematical reasoning, statistics, height and distance - Physics (Eduniti): units and dimensions, errors, e waves, semiconductors, logic gates, communication system - Chemistry (NCERT, BounceBack 1.0): environmental chemistry, chemistry in everyday life, biomolecules, surface chemistry, solutions, solid state, states of matter, metallurgy, salt analysis ___

2. Did Coaching in 11-12th but fucked up

like majority of students, you messed up during your prep and now trying to redeem yourself by taking drop.
  1. COACHING OR NOT? - You probably already have a decent understanding of most topics and JEE as a whole joining coaching mostly depends on how much of syllabus you have left to do - if its a lot, join a offline coaching, not online. why not online? because you already did coaching but messed up by not being consistent, joining online you are going to mess up something again. - if you messed up not your prep but your exam, you may consider self-studying or partial drop, but only do it if you are completely certain that you have a strong grip on all the topics and don't need any kind of external help from teachers/coachings
  2. BOOKS - don't run after books, thats it. you don't have time, neither do you have the luxury of attempting the paper with partial completion of syllabus.
  3. SYLLABUS PLAN - if you are going to self-study or even with coaching, make a rough plan of each month. which chapters you are going to study that month, and which ones you are going to revise. - Don't rely completely on your coaching either, make your own plan. Coachings will try to teach at a pace which suits everyone, not specifically you. - There might be some chapters that you've already done really well like Block-Chemistry which will take up a lot of time to cover at your coaching, you may study something else when such topics are going on in your coaching.

3. Did Well in MAINS, Taking drop for Advanced.

This is for those who already have 95%ile+ in Mains but want to try for advanced once more. I did the same last year, and i'm also sure that most of you already have a great chunk of syllabus covered and are confident in your preparations for Mains.
  1. COACHING - If you haven't done prep for advanced before this, there is no way you can manage it all on your own. Join a coaching, and try to get the dropper batch for advanced aspirants (basically topper batch). follow them religiously, no one can help you better than them - Now if you have prepared for advanced before this and have a decent level of preparation but somehow messed up in these last 10-20 days, you may go for self-study, but beware, this is a difficult path, you will have to plan and do everything on your own. I did it and might get a IIT, but I won't suggest it if you aren't willing to settle for anything other than IITs.
  2. BOOKS/NOTE/MODULES - weak chapters: solve good Advanced level books if you've done coaching modules already. otherwise do modules first - avg chapters: modules, and selected questions from books like Irodov, Pathfinder etc. 1 2 - strong chapters: revise from your notes and do PYQs for mains and Modules for Advanced.
  3. SYLLABUS Ideally you should complete your whole syllabus by end of November, and then shift to mains JAN attempt preparations in remaining time. your first target is to clear mains with something like 98%ile+ so you can start preparing for advanced for next 3-4 months without worrying about colleges.


  1. Distraction, kill them, thats the only way to actually get productive Extension and apps to limit distraction by u/Irrational-Gravity List of Apps and Extension for Killing distractions - 2023 by u/IAskManyDumbQuestion List of Apps and Extension for Killing distractions 3.0 by u/AmitBijarnia-ABJ
  2. SHORT NOTES: - 3-4 pages per chapter at max - only note down formulas and important points - without full-length notes, short-notes hold no value. make complete proper full length notes while studying theory during lectures - use a proper separate notebook for each subject. (log sheets/diary mei banate hai ye bolke ki "sath mei rakhuga pure time toh kahi bhee revision ho jayega". aisa kuch nhi hota, ye sab bas bolne ki baate hai) - Asus sir ki video
  3. How to do a chapter: Lectures > NCERT Reading (optional) > Module (mains level) > Mains PYQS > Module (adv. level) > Adv. PYQs > Select questions from Books
  4. Time Management: - check out my 11th-wasted post
  5. Tests: - Give weekly mock tests, or however your coaching does it. NEVER MISS A TEST. NEVER! - take a notebook. in it write the questions you did wrong in the test - under each question write what exactly was your mistake - silly mistake: write exactly what was the mistake, and fix it right there. for example if it was a error in multiplication of 4-digits, do 5 random multiplications of 4-digit numbers - conceptual error: study that concept again from scratch - forgot the concept: revise it from notes and do a few basic questions - doing this short 30-40 min activity after every test your accuracy will surely improve and over the next 7-8 months you will become 100% accurate. - proof: this guy did it and improved a lot just in a week.
  6. Studying Properly: - stay consistent. Consistently studying 6-8 hours a day, every day, for 8 months yields far greater rewards than cramming for 12 hours a day in the final month - how to maintain this? take a stopwatch, start it when you sit to study, pause it when you take a break. that's the actual amount of time you studied. try to improve/maintain that time each day. - make a place specially for studying. doesn't need to be a fancy table or anything, just a fixed place where you can sit for long hours without being disturbed. never use phone for useless stuff on study place, for even taking a rest move to another place. - Don't use phone during breaks between studying. meditate, do rhythmic breath or just talk to someone - only do one-shots for revision or short and easy chapters like stats, units etc.
  7. Revision:
credit: u/TinyResident7128
- check 11th-wasted post for more details
Finally, dismiss the voices of those who seek to demoralize you. If you have made the resolute decision to take a gap year, let not even a mere 1% of doubt infiltrate your spirit. Rest assured, relatives and others may spew discouraging remarks like, 'its waste of a year' or 'You'll fall behind in job opportunities.' Ignore their baseless conjecture, for they possess no real understanding of the path you have chosen.
Release your mind from the burdens of colleges, ranks, percentiles, and all the external pressures. Banish thoughts of making a giant leap from the 70%ile. Such aspirations often prove weak, as a single failure can shatter motivation. This stark reality is precisely why most droppers fail. Instead, set your sights on achieving a remarkable score of 200+ marks in the mains and a solid 50% in the advanced exam. By adopting this approach, with each test, you will witness tangible progress, gradually and consistently
Put forward your utmost efforts, for there is nothing left to lose. I have faith in you. You've got this! ___
thanks to u/Cultural-Decision627, u/Moist-Emphasis9582, for helping me make this post
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2023.06.08 13:46 East-Employee-9885 +91-7357935089 love problem solution without money

love problem solution without money If you are looking for a free astrology consultation on WhatsApp, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about getting a free astrology consultation on WhatsApp. We will also provide you with a list of some of the best astrologers who offer free consultations on WhatsApp.सेकंड-में-वशीकरण/कागज-पर-नाम-लिखकर-जला-द/
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2023.06.08 13:46 HighlightSuperb1542 Question about secondhand sales and GDP.

I'm curious how this works. This is not homework directly, but I am trying to get a better understanding of these concepts.
Okay so, I buy a new car for $30,000.00. That number would obviously be added to GDP because it's a final product. So, I know that second hand sales don't contribute to GDP. If I sell that car for 5k to my friend, no value is added. However, what if I sold my car to a used car dealership for $5,000.00. The dealership then takes the used car and sells it for $10,000.00 (making a 5k profit). Would that be a value added of $5,000.00 (from the dealership, not me)? Would the $5,000.00 the used car dealership makes be counted into gdp?
Does it being second hand completely remove any possibility of the product adding to gdp? I just want to know how this works for clarification. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 13:46 alraknodrog123 On 100mg seroquel, any point in md?

So I ordered a starter kit with scales and mushrooms ect. I ordered before reading how seroquel makes me useless. I'm really disappointed. So I take seroquel at night time purely for sleeping. I'm also a small dose of methadone. And to be honest, was hoping to use MD to eventually come off methadone and even seroquel.
Should I bother starting microdosing or am I just wasting it?
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2023.06.08 13:46 rehabcenterpune How Do You Choose the Right Rehab?

How Do You Choose the Right Rehab?
Rehab Center In Pune
Rehab is a vital program that helps people struggling with substance abuse overcome their addiction. Choosing a rehab facility may seem challenging, as there are various things that one needs to consider. Regardless of the type of addiction, choosing the right place where a person is comfortable is crucial for successful recovery.
Overview of rehab for addiction treatment
Anyone struggling with abuse or addiction to alcohol or drugs can benefit from a rehab center. It allows personalized treatment plans according to the patient’s needs, which helps identify and overcome the underlying issues associated with addiction.
Benefits of rehab for addiction treatment
The primary motive of every rehab center is to restrict the use of drugs and toxic substances and help patients learn and use tools to build an easy and productive life. It begins with detoxification, which allows a person to get rid of drugs and treat withdrawal symptoms, helps build new and good habits and practices to ease recovery, and helps establish healthy boundaries for a healthy and happy life. People struggling with drug addiction require a drug-free environment that can help them cope with the issue.
Check Out More About : The Benefits of Rehab; Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab
Options for addiction treatment
At Calida Rehab, you can find these treatment options for addiction, including:
Inpatient rehab People suffering from mental and severe medical conditions need inpatient rehab, which has high-intensity treatment. It is offered in specialized rehab centers with both rehabilitation and detox services.
Outpatient rehab In this treatment, the patient attends rehab for around nine hours a week while carrying on life at home.
Medication-assisted treatment
People with physical dependence or addiction to drugs and other substances are offered medication in specialized outpatient treatment, counseling, and other services.
Holistic approaches
Holistic approaches involve rejuvenating activities, including yoga, nutritional counseling, exercise, meditation, therapy sessions, and mindfulness.
● Self-help groups
It is a group where all patients support each other in maintaining and recovering from addiction with the help of different self-management programs.
A Quick Look Out on : How Can Anxiety Counselling Help Me?
Factors to consider when choosing the right rehab
Treatment Approach and Philosophy One must go with the type of treatment and approaches that work for the patient and best fits the needs.
Accreditation and licensing Safety is the foremost thing to consider. Thus, one should go only with a reputable and trustworthy rehab.
Facilities and amenities It is always a good choice to go with the Alcohol De-addiction Rehabilitation Centre in Pune with the most advanced and numerous facilities and amenities, which help the patient’s quick recovery.
Staff qualifications and experience One should look for a rehab with medically trained and qualified staff that help them to get the right treatment without any risk.
Cost and insurance coverage Lastly, it would be best to consider budget-friendly rehab and buy insurance with rehab coverage to escape from the expensive medical bills. You can visit Calida Rehab center in Baner, Pune to get the best treatment approach to fight your addiction.
Questions to ask before entering a rehab program
It would be best to ask the following questions to the treatment facility before enrolling in a rehab program in the Best Rehabilitation Centre in Pune.
● What are the treatment approaches your rehab provides? ● What is the goal of your treatment plans? ● How do you overcome the issue, and how long does the program last? ● Do you offer personalized treatment plans? ● Can I use my health insurance? ● How skilled and qualified are your staff?
More look up on : The Role of the Psychiatrist in Dementia Treatment
Conclusion: Rehab centers help people learn the crucial tools for creating a healthy, productive, and happy life. Still, choosing the right rehab according to one’s needs is also very important. Hopefully, this guide helps you learn how to choose rehab to get through your addiction issues quickly.
The article is originally posted at
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2023.06.08 13:46 AutoModerator [Real] Iman Gadzhi - Copy Paste Agency

If you are interested in Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency contact us at +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
I have Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency.
Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste agency is the latest course by Iman Gadzhi.
Copy Paste Agency is designed for established agency owners, who can use these lessons to scale their business.
In Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency, you will learn:
To get Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency contact us on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116 (Telegram: multistorecourses)
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
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2023.06.08 13:46 e_thereal_mccoy Predictions!

From the HMD school of glaringly obvious predictions, I predict Heather will totally mangle the VPR ‘big reveal’ from part 3 of the reunion.
The ‘reveal’ was that Sandoval had schooled Rachel into a couple of big lies. Namely, that they never ever had sex in Tom and Ariana’s house and that Rachel never went to St Louis with Tom. At the end of the reunion, a producer sat Rachel down six days later and had her lying one minute - how Sandoval had coached her - and seconds later, flipping and telling the truth, all while grinning like a psycho and giggling, or shedding some tears ( for herself).
Why is it any kind of big deal, as Alex Baskin, the producer had promised? Probably because the cast and Ariana in particular, may feel a bit betrayed by production and how much they knew and didn’t share. It is a show, as we know, but after 10 years, boundaries become blurred. Also, Rachel looked really unhinged. That’s a snapshot.
Heather is so busy trying desperately to inveigle herself into the lives and events of the cast members (Lala ‘Lauren from Utah’ Kent, Teresa and Louie the Fly) that on top of her inability as a self anointed ‘housewife whisperer - call me! Pick me! I can coach you!!’ - to remember the current casts’ names or the story lines this season, she’s also too desperate to properly analyse and recap the shows we listen to her pod for in the first place.
Another hot take from VPR. If Scandoval hadn’t happened, this season would have focused on what a bully and a hypocrite Lala is. She is VERY lucky this season and her reveling in verbally abusing Rachel was not a good look. No matter what Lala says, she absolutely did know what Randall was and she boasted about it, roll tape, as they did, it’s that simple.
Dumb Heather doesn’t realise that she’s being used by Lala. Heather is so busy simpering and slobbering over the access Lala gives her, she’s blind to the fact that the price is not questioning Lala in any meaningful way. Heather can be relied on to be a superficial simpleton. So my prediction is Heather will mangle the VPR reunion, gloss over Lala behaving like a rabid animal and miss the point of the reveal (except she reads here, so you’re welcome, Heather). It’ll be interesting to hear her tap dance about Teresa and Louie now that they’re St Barts buds. Teresa is possibly dumber than Heather and Louie is a malignant narcissist. Their behaviour is indefensible, so listening to Heather struggle with the moral conundrum of calling it out versus being on Tre’s shit list with everyone else may be amusing. And finally, for the love of god, we’re already enduring wonky lisping and slurring, do we now also have to hear repulsive mouth noises as well? Like she’s got cotton mouth after a big night and no water? This last episode with the MLM guest was awful!!
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2023.06.08 13:45 poopinghorse1 should i ask him if my breath stank?

so for context i (19F) have gone for two dates with this guy (19M) recently and i keep fearing that my breath stinks around him because recently the taste in my mouth has been worsening. i brush my teeth multiple times a day and also use mouthwash. also i have braces that i’m removing tmr so hopefully it improves after that. nobody has ever told or implied that i have bad breath throughout my life.
but i’ve been overthinking so much about the two dates..on the first date he asked if i could smell his breath (he smokes) and i said no, then i briefly mentioned how i think braces make my breath bad someyimes and he immediately handed me water…the next date he took my breath mints (it did say it’s specifically for breath) and asked if it was for bad breath. however he also told me that night that he would’ve kissed me already if only it wasn’t gonna be my first kiss and he wasn’t sure i was ready to kiss 2 dates in. u wouldn’t want to kiss someone with bad breath right?? i can’t really tell if he could smell my breath or not but it’s been driving me insane cuz i’m so self conscious.
since he did ask about his own breath i don’t think it’ll be bad for me to ask about mine too but i’m just anxious to know the truth..he says he’s interested in me and i’d be so embarrassed if he says i have bad breath.
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2023.06.08 13:45 EducatorAccording800 Enmeshed in religion

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Let’s say I know some Christian fundamentalists. They are happy. They are a very close family. They have Bible meetings twice a week in their home because their sect of Christianity doesn’t believe in churches . There is a lot of togetherness.
Two of the adult children are sweet and kind and genuinely seem to believe they are living this wholesome wonderful life full of gods blessings and that they deserve that . They comply with every extreme dictate of their father and their beliefs willingly and cooperatively.
Now …one of the adult children was a little rebellious and has some mental health issues. Could potentially be gay (my belief) but hasn’t realized it yet. Was doing some drinking . Became severely depressed and was kicked out of the home because this person was considered a sinner against their religion and needed to “get right with god” or something like that . Was no longer allowed any family contact until this person decided to follow all of the rules of the religion again .
But the ones that are still home …sweet, compliant, etc. Can these 2 Also be experiencing religious trauma or at least some type of harm to their psyche? They seem unable and unwilling to express any emotion but pure happiness. Even in the case of witnessing a real wrong done to someone in a health care setting, one of these people said”I can’t be a angry because the bible says anger is a sin”.
Other things that I think can be harmful are truly believing that you can just pray for something and god will bless you because you are “doing it right “. Or that wearing pants is the devils work. Or jewelry. Or that “god is really in charge of it all”.
The abusive book “how to train up a child” was used in this home, in particular the one child that was kicked out because this child had severe adhd and was defiant and challenging. So that child was hit a lot when he/she was little because they didn’t give in easily like the others.
There is way more to the story but I guess what I’m trying to investigate here is whether the two that are left at home can really have so completely and overwhelmingly bought into this belief system that they can never see how wrong it is ? Or can they ever break free and see how oppressive it is if they are so engulfed in believing it and it’s all they’ve ever known and they love their parents (in particular their authoritarian father that rules their lives and won’t even allow dating), their whole social lives revolve around their extended “family “ of these meetings etc..? ESPECIALLY since they seem so content with living their lives in this way.
This is very important to me for a lot of reasons so I can’t just not try to understand as much as possible so I’m looking to hear lots of opinions on this. I’m looking for hope That at some point they will wake up. But it’s confusing seeing them so happy while deep down I feel it’s harmful in about a million ways not the least of which is the arrogance with which they live their lives
Thanks 😊
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2023.06.08 13:45 mkj878d 34 [M4F] #Sydney - Craving a muff diving session!

I haven't posted in a while since things have been a little too hectic on my end. But muff diving cravings are creeping up and I thought I'd give this a go! 😂
Basically looking for a lady who's also craving some fun muff diving goodness!
I genuinely enjoy all things oral and love to use my tongue, lips and mouth to give someone pleasure (or lots of it!)
Open to a one time thing or something ongoing if there's chemistry.
About you: Easy going, clean, hygienic and DD free.
About me: 5'6 average build, single, live alone and can host near the city. Very clean and DD free and tested.
Message or start a chat and let's have some fun 😝
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2023.06.08 13:45 JohnGodoy 15 Tips to Overcome the Fear of public speaking for Good!

Hello fellow Toastmasters!
Are you ready to conquer your fear of public speaking and become a confident communicator and leader?
If so, this video is for you.
After personally experiencing the struggles of public speaking anxiety and learning how to overcome it, I've put together 15 strategies to help you do the same.
This first of three videos includes the following 5 strategies:
1️⃣ Simplify Your Presentation to a Bulleted Outline (0:46)
2️⃣ Model Yourself After Great Speakers (2:50)
3️⃣ Get Practice in Low-Stakes Environments (4:21)
4️⃣ Calm Your Nerves Through Breathing and Movement (6:16)
5️⃣ Create Rapport to Create Connection Before You Speak (9:12)
I will be sharing 2 more videos with additional 5 tips each over the next couple of weeks.
They will include topics like:
- Visualization
- Using images to assist your recall
- Spacing your practice over time to be better and calmer during Q&A.
- Resetting your perspective and thinking
- and more...
I genuinely believe that these strategies when applied consistently over time will help you overcome your public speaking fears, just as they did for me.
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2023.06.08 13:45 AutoModerator Iman Gadhzi's Copy-Paste Agency (here)

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2023.06.08 13:45 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Updated Agency Navigator (Here)

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2023.06.08 13:45 ttleuca I (20M) am worried my insecurities will destroy my relationship with my gf (21F)

Hi, me and my gf have been together since 6 months. It's worth noting that this is my first serious relationship (all of the relationships before weren't really mutual, from both sides).
Depending on how stressful a day is (pretty challenging degree), I get a lot of intrusive thoughts, such as "Why is she so active on social media? Who is she posting for? What guys do view her stories?" and as far as I can tell, these thoughts barely disappear. I'm trying my best not to let them actually destroy my/our mood, but this is something I have never really felt myself in a relationship.
I get it, I'm insecure. My upbringing wasn't the most supportive one, I often doubt myself emotionally, even though I slowly get a better picture of myself.
I'm genuinely afraid of becoming that guy in the relationship that forbids social media use, following other dudes etc. I'm already going to therapy because of my self-worth issues, but I don't know when it will get better.
Any advice from people who used to be insecure in a relationship? What were the things that helped you overcome those fears?
Feel free to ask further questions :)
TLDR: insecure bf afraid of things escalating over time
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2023.06.08 13:45 East-Employee-9885 +91-7357935089 love problem solution in canada

love problem solution in canada Are you struggling with a love problem in Canada? Don’t worry, there is a solution! In this blog article, we will explore some of the top love problem solutions in Canada. Whether you are having trouble finding love, or your relationship is on the rocks, we have a solution for you. So read on to find out more!
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2023.06.08 13:44 DMMEPICSOFYOURBOOBS Long Covid Comorbidities?

Hello Doctors!
I am a 20 year old man from the United Kingdom, and I wanted to get some opinions on a couple of things!
First thing is, how do you feel about patients suggesting conditions? I ask because on the NHS website, I was looking at the page for long COVID and that sort of thing because I was experiencing a symptom that isn’t common (syncope, maybe?).
Whilst perusing the website I saw that the symptoms are common in CFS patients, and whilst looking at the profile for CFS, I noticed that it was similar to a lot of what I was experiencing, even the symptoms that aren’t COVID related such as unrefreshing sleep, persistent tiredness and quick fatigue.
My question to you is how is it likely my doctor would feel if I told him “hey, I was looking on the NHS website and I was wondering if you think maybe I could have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome too?” Because I know that doctors don’t like individuals to try to diagnose themselves, but at the same time, maybe it’s useful to have a patient’s insight?
I’m also curious, is it okay to do the “oh, and while I’m here…” thing? Because that just extends your appointment so signs to me point to that being impolite and inconsiderate? I’m just wondering because I have this kinda dark brown dash-mark on my inner thigh that looks kinda like a mole but flat to my skin? I don’t know if it’s okay to mention that in an appointment scheduled for a different condition or whatnot?
Anyway, thank you all so much for reading and I appreciate your help a lot!
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2023.06.08 13:44 Shinjiro_Aragaki Hello. I have a question regarding secondhand NES Mini I just bought (mismatched serial number)

Hello. I have a question regarding secondhand NES Mini I just bought (mismatched serial number)
Hello minines.
I just got a used console for a good price. It's the USA version.
It works perfectly and looks legit, and is even recognized bu Hackchi, but the console and the box have different serial numbers. The seller told me they got the console legitimately through Amazon in the past and that it's the original box, and I can return it to him and he'll refund me.
Should I be worried it's fkae and return it? please advise.
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2023.06.08 13:44 Ok-Particular-9015 Why no Park Pilot Assist on XC40 Recharge?

Does anyone know a good explanation why Park Pilot Assist was dropped for the 2023 XC40 Recharge? My dealer said that no one used it so they dropped it. I was surprised to see it listed as a feature for the EX30. It’s puzzling to me why it’s not available for the XC40 Recharge.
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